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lr mobile

  1. C

    Duplicate LR Mobile sync folders

    This is something that's been going on for quite a while. I use LR Mobile and Adobe Cloud to sync photos from my wife's and my iPhones to LR Classic. As one can see from the screenshot below, I have two folders for my iPhone, and two folders for my wife's iPhone. As you can see, all the...
  2. G

    copying photos taken with LR camera to windows explorer

    hello, where are hidden the photos taken with LR camera ? when i connect my pc to my iphone, i see only the standard DCIM folder. is there an application to access these or just LR mobile ? If LR mobile, how can i get dng files and store them in a "photo2019" folder on my pc ? I am a dinosaur...
  3. R

    How to use Photosync to transfer from LR Mobile IOS to Mac

    I have Photosync on my phone and on my Mac. I'm still running High Sierra 10.13.6 not Mojave. Photosync 3.2.7 on Phone. On Mac 3.2.1. I successfully use it to import my photos in Photos app on iPhone to the external hard drive attached to my Mac I use for photos. I initiate the transfer from...
  4. nkawoods

    Lightroom Classic Shows 36 Photos Syncing; Preferences Shows Nothing to Sync

    Lightroom Classic on my MacBook is suddenly perpetually showing that I have 36 images to sync. It doesn’t move off that number. When I go into LR preferences and check for mobile sync activity - it shows nothing to sync. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for how to fix? I...
  5. C

    Sync LR Mobile with 2 computers, 1 catalog?

    I understand that LR Mobile will only sync with a single LR catalog, so I keep LR Mobile paused on my laptop. I only use LR Mobile as a vehicle for getting images from my wife's iPhone into LR Classic CC, so I'm wondering if in my use case I can use LR Mobile on two computers (not...
  6. W

    Sync Downloading photos from LR mobile to LR Classic CC

    Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] License: Creative Cloud Operating system: Windows 7 - Business Edition Version: 6.1.7601 I have photos on my iPad that I want to transfer to my windows PC. I know I can use LR mobile to sync the photos from the iPad to my PC but I want them...
  7. W

    Syncing two or more computers and LR mobile

    Mobile Operating System:Android 7.1.1 Desktop Operating System: Windows 7 - Business Edition Version: 6.1.7601 & Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] License: Creative Cloud I run LR CC Classic on a Windows 7 Pro...
  8. nkawoods

    Library module Syncing Issues on LR Classic

    Operating System: MacOS Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic 7.0.1 I use two computers, a desktop and a laptop. I use an external drive that I swap back and forth to keep things in sync. I am having problems with syncing - I want to sync a few collection sets...
  9. braver

    I've been uploading everything to Lr Mobile already...

    I've been uploading everything to Lr Mobile for years. Essentially my catalog is in the cloud, with the full DNGs locally where I need them. I don't need a second copy of them. How would I migrate to the new CC?
  10. rsynapse


    What is the correct workflow for raw images obtained using Lightroom (LR) Mobile with an iPhone 7 plus? I have had difficulty figuring this out because images captured by my iPhone are synced directly to LR on my desktop Macbook Pro. I do not have direct access to those images on my iPhone...
  11. S

    Deleting photos on mobile device without removing elsewhere

    Trying in vain to figure out how to manage Lightroom Mobile photos on my mobile devices. I’m using the LR camera to take RAW photos and sync to iPad and iMac. My iPad is old so I’d like to free up space and delete LR mobile photos on it. Is it possible to do that and not affect the photos...
  12. C

    Images Imported from Lightroom Mobile not Recognized as Duplicates

    I've been experimenting with Lightroom Mobile as a way to download and save RAW images to an iPad from my Canon & Sony cameras while traveling without a laptop. I use the Apple camera connector kit cord to download images from the camera to the Camera Roll on my iPad. Then I select and copy all...
  13. D

    LR mobile to Facebook very low res. Why?

    Ok, so i love the fact that i can load my raw files on my iPad Pro and use LR to edit them. If i export as a JPG to the Photo app and upload to FB then i see a slight drop in IQ, but If i go from LR direct to FB the IQ is appalling. I know FB gets a lot of blame for everything, but if i can...
  14. A

    "unsynced" photos remain on my IPAD

    I have turned off the sync marker for several collections in my desktop LR (CC). But the photos still remain on my IPAD LR Mobile. The aren't in individual collections, but in the overall "Lightroom Photos" group. I have tried the "clear cache" command with LR mobile on my IPAD, but these old...
  15. C

    Many pics in LR Collection don't upload to Mobile on iPad

    When I click the indicator to sync a Collection with LR Mobile...it seems to be working. But, on my iPad I see many, mostly, blank images (the star ratings show...but no image) What am I doing wrong? Please help. thanks
  16. B

    File Name strangeness from Lightroom mobile and iPhone

    This evening I took some golden hour shots with my iPhone SE. I had Lightroom Mobile on the phone so I imported from the camera roll to LR Mobile. Later my home PC Lightroom CC imported the photos by wifi into the preferences folder on my hard disk. I connected the iPhone with the lightening...
  17. flashpixx

    Searching for real users - LR Mobile on Android Tablet

    Hello In the process of switching from Nikon pro DSLR + lenses (D4s) to Fujifilm X-T bodies and XF lenses. The Fuji Camera remote app works wonderfully importing images from the camera to my Samsung Tab S via WiFi. Hoping to gather some info on LR mobile, and users perspectives. Fuji doesn't...
  18. snapper

    Missing collections and mobile image location

    I've just set up mobile sync to get all my iOS photos into Lightoom (I was using photostream2folder - but it's been broken for a while for me) using Victoria's LR mobile missing FAQ book. It appears to work properly. But when I look on my desktop version, I don't have a Collections from Sync...