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  1. D

    Finding original in Lr classic vs mobile

    Obviously I am confused but here is my question. I use LR classic on a Mac and have for years kept my originals in Dropbox after import to Lr. Then with Lr mobile I sync and when I am on my iPad or iPhone I can use Lr mobile for edit/flagging/etc. Now I have started to upload may pictures (raw...
  2. F

    Sync settings grayed out

    I have changed from eternal LR 6.14 to LR classic for pay. When I develop my pictures now, i notice that "option-command S" syncs some of the development settings but not all and not the ones I want to make identical on a set of highlighted pics. Does this settings sync of old still exist in...
  3. S

    Lightroom Running Away

    I use lightroom to separate keepers from those to delete by scrolling through the filmstrip and hitting the X key to mark those to delete and the forward arrow key to skip to the next photo. Occasionally, as I am doing this LR suddenly starts moving through the remainder of the photos on the...
  4. J

    Migrating from Lr4 (Mac) to LR CC (Win10)

    I've been running Lightroom 4 on a Mac Mini (OSX 10.9.5) for the past 6 years and now have Lr CC on my Dell XPS13 laptop running Windows 10 Pro. What's the best way for me to transfer all of my LIghtroom data (16k+ raw and jpg images) from the old Mac to the new Windows machine? I'm really...
  5. F

    HEIC issues

    Hi! I'm using LR 8.3.1 and am trying to import HEIC pix from my Iphone 7. It will either import as JPG, or if I change a setting on my iphone to transfer pix in their original format, LR doesn't see them at all! UGH! I want to keep the HEIC format-- esp since LR supposedly can do this. What am...
  6. nkawoods

    Lightroom Classic Shows 36 Photos Syncing; Preferences Shows Nothing to Sync

    Lightroom Classic on my MacBook is suddenly perpetually showing that I have 36 images to sync. It doesn’t move off that number. When I go into LR preferences and check for mobile sync activity - it shows nothing to sync. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for how to fix? I...
  7. JeffEllis

    Catalogs Can I move LR Classic catalog off Startup drive?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
  8. J

    Library module Missing photos in collections

    Operating System: Windows 10 - Business Edition Lightroom Classic version 7.1 I have a collection that I've had since 2012, in that collection are 20 sub collections. I went to look into these today because I needed certain images and all but 6 subcollections are empty they have a count of 0...
  9. nkawoods

    Syncing Issues - How Can I Revert Back Safely to Clean Up?

    Operating System: Mac OS Sierra 10.12 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Currently CC 2015.13 Release I already upgraded to Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC, created all kinds of sync issues for myself, and reverted back to 2015.13 hoping that would clear up the issues. It...
  10. nkawoods

    Library module Syncing Issues on LR Classic

    Operating System: MacOS Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic 7.0.1 I use two computers, a desktop and a laptop. I use an external drive that I swap back and forth to keep things in sync. I am having problems with syncing - I want to sync a few collection sets...