lr cc classic and mobile lr cc

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    Photo syncing seems to have stoped after migrating LR classic CC to new SS drive on MacBook pro

    I have replaced the HD on a 2011 MacBook Pro with a new 1T SS HD (changed Ram to 16G also). All, files seem to have been migrated and LR works BUT the syncing with LR mobile seems to have stopped at about 3468 photos out of 65,000+. I do have several old catalogs from past versions of LR (6 and...
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    Deleted my mobile catalogue. How do I get it back?

    Can some one direct me to the answer if it's already posted? Heres my problem: I work in LR Classic CC on my laptop and LR CC on my phone and I sync the ones I'm currently working on. Today I accidentally deleted all the photos in one of the mobile catalogues. On the Laptop the shots are still...