lr 6.14

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    Lightroom 6.14 shuts down (caused by Creative Cloud Desktop??)

    I was tagging images in LR 6.14 on an old iMac 27" (mid 2010) with El Capitan (10.11.6), when the program suddenly shut down. Every time I try to open it, it immediately shuts down again, sometimes showing the start image for a few seconds, often closing without even showing the start image. I...
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    LR 6.14 issues when Importing video files (NOT HEVC) from iPhone 8

    Hi, This is NOT a question about HEVC. At first I was trying to import HEVC files but I have learned that is not possible so now I save videos on my phone as "Most Compatible Format." The .mov video files are coming from iPhone 8 into LR 6.14 on a Mac 10.13.6 I am able to import a few videos...
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    Upgrading from LR 6 to Adobe CC Photo Plan -a rehash?

    Sorry to have to restart this discussion, but do not find an answer in previous posts. I am confused about a few things. Have followed a suggested easy way to do the upgrading from LR 6.14 to the cloud based photo plan. The files were transferred to what seems to be the new LR Classic catalog...