lr 6 standalone

  1. D

    Lightroom 6.14 functions well on macOS Catalina

    I upgraded to Catalina on a MacBook Pro (2014 edition) 15 inch model, and it seems to work as well as it did before under macOS Mojave. I would like to buy the 19 inch MacBook Pro which comes with Catalina pre-installed, but am concerned that Lightroom may not migrate to the new machine and...
  2. I

    Library module Missing labels and ratings and more

    Hi y'all, I've used Lr for many years without a hitch. Yesterday I installed Lr 6 standalone. Had no issues installing, albeit even with license inserted it originally stayed in trial version until I put in the license number again. It copied the last catalog I was using in Lr 4 no problem or...
  3. Amanda Clowe

    Upgrade to Lightroom 6 standalone

    Hi there ! I'm hoping to upgrade my Lightroom 4 to the standalone LR 6 on my IMac. I have also just bought a MacBook Pro - and want to run LR 6 on there too. I want it to be completely separate from my existing LR contents. Will Adobe give me a code or link when I buy the upgrade option for...