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  1. paulgodard

    LR 10.2 not showing full resolution image on loupe on second monitor

    On mac os 10.14.6 lr 10.2, when editing in Develop on the primary monitor, the image shown on loupe on the second monitor does not render the full resolution immediately after the edit. The only work around I found is to move a slider (i.e. the exposure) a bit and come back to the same position...
  2. Steve Palmer

    Picture in Loupe different from Develop

    Hi When I work from Lightroom, export to Photoshop (PSD file), reimport, create smart preview, then re-export same file and work on it in Photoshop, finish this work I find that the Loupe view catches up with Photoshop but the develop view does not. Does anyone know how to overcome this? It's...