1. M

    World map in CC/cloud version

    Hi everyone, Is it correct that the cloud based Lightroom software does not have a feature to select photos on a world map? I wish to be able to find photos by location by looking at or pointing at a world map. Or am I just not looking at the right place? markus
  2. paulgodard

    How to keep LR title & location metadata when posting on Instagram?

    With your help I have managed to sync images from LR classic to LR mobile. Now I am learning how to post to Instagram & FB. I looked at several tutorials on the subject but I am struggling with the metadata. 1/ It seems that the location metadata are missing in the images synced from LR classic...
  3. R

    Rename storage location for 'Originals'

    Is there a way to rename the storage location for 'Originals' without using the Preferences... option under Edit. This Preferences... option, does provide for setting up a new location (say to a new HDD) but then involves re-syncing photos to the new location using up significant internet...
  4. Laura Smith

    Library module What do you put in the IPTC State/Province field for the UK?

    After some Googling I gather that there is no standard for IPTC State/Province outside of the US. If you're in the UK, do you personally use it for county or for Wales, England etc? My photos with GPS coordinates get populated as Wales but I'm tempted to change them to counties to make them more...
  5. Stephen Powell

    Library module Key words suggestion for location detail

    We have been doing major landscaping at our home. I wanted to have quick access to work in progress to various locations. I divided up our block into a grid. Added a grid reference like A, 2 or G, 6 to the images. Keyword search with Landscaping and Grid location finds all images.
  6. Oliver Vornberger

    How to show just one location on map ?

    Sometimes, I would like to see just one location of a single picture in the map module. However, it looks like, you always get on the map all locations from pictures, that are in the film strip right now. Is there a workaround ?
  7. franklehnen

    Can I change the location of LRCC Originals?

    Hi all you helpful people! I'm sure the information I need is somewhere in these pages already but despite searching I didn't find it. I migrated my Classic library to CC and all went well. I kept my Classic photos on a second drive (well backed up of course), but CC just put them on my first...
  8. JeffEllis

    Catalogs Can I move LR Classic catalog off Startup drive?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
  9. WildVanilla

    Foreign location names: English or native?

    Hi I'm having a good sort out of my LR keywords this weekend. I've noticed I have foreign locations in both English and native language. For instance, I have mixed tags (from different visits) for: Germany > Bavaria > Munich Deutschland > Bayern > München Each keyword has the synonym of the...
  10. WildVanilla

    Locations enter as metadata or as keywords?

    Hi The subject of this post has been bugging me for ages, but I thought I'd finally try and do something about it! Ever since I've used Lightroom I've been tagging locations onto my photos in two different ways: 1. In the metadata / location box, e.g. ISO: GB, Country: United Kingdom, State /...
  11. I

    Saving/finding location in collection

    I use collections (of various types) to organise my photos, and these can be up to 10000 images in size. The problem I have is that as I move through a collection sorting keywording and editing, I might take a break and quickly look at another collection. But when I come back to the first...