1. oliver42

    How to show just one location on map ?

    Sometimes, I would like to see just one location of a single picture in the map module. However, it looks like, you always get on the map all locations from pictures, that are in the film strip right now. Is there a workaround ?
  2. franklehnen

    Can I change the location of LRCC Originals?

    Hi all you helpful people! I'm sure the information I need is somewhere in these pages already but despite searching I didn't find it. I migrated my Classic library to CC and all went well. I kept my Classic photos on a second drive (well backed up of course), but CC just put them on my first...
  3. JeffEllis

    Catalogs Can I move LR Classic catalog off Startup drive?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
  4. WildVanilla

    Foreign location names: English or native?

    Hi I'm having a good sort out of my LR keywords this weekend. I've noticed I have foreign locations in both English and native language. For instance, I have mixed tags (from different visits) for: Germany > Bavaria > Munich Deutschland > Bayern > München Each keyword has the synonym of the...
  5. WildVanilla

    Locations enter as metadata or as keywords?

    Hi The subject of this post has been bugging me for ages, but I thought I'd finally try and do something about it! Ever since I've used Lightroom I've been tagging locations onto my photos in two different ways: 1. In the metadata / location box, e.g. ISO: GB, Country: United Kingdom, State /...
  6. I

    Saving/finding location in collection

    I use collections (of various types) to organise my photos, and these can be up to 10000 images in size. The problem I have is that as I move through a collection sorting keywording and editing, I might take a break and quickly look at another collection. But when I come back to the first...