local adjustments

  1. Fernando M. I. Carreiro

    Transforms are not correctly applied to Local Adjustments and Filters!

    I’ve discovered some major flaws in Adobe’s implementation of Local Adjustments and Filters (Graduated and Radial) and how they respond to Transforms (and Lens Corrections). I did not test Spot Removal, but they too most probably also suffer similar problems. When applying Transforms, using...
  2. Fernando M. I. Carreiro

    “Erase” brush is actually a normal brush with "Density" set to zero!

    This is not a question but a “For Your Information” post based on my latest experience (and previous ignorance) on how the Local Adjustments are rendered in Lightroom. Since Lightroom is a parametric editor, the more detailed the Local Adjustments are, especially with multiple and intricate...