1. P

    Lightroom CC won´t start

    Hi, I´m owner of cloud-photography. I never had great problems with Lightroom (LR). Suddenly it won´t start. First I uninstalled LR complete and then I installed it again with Creative Cloud module (newest LR version). No change. Starting LR, the taskmanager shows “Lightroom” for only 1-2...
  2. P

    Camera Profile help needed

    Hello, I just purchased a Camera Trax Color Checker. It didn't come with software. I got it off Amazon. I'm trying to get photos with this color checker to make a camera profile from it. I shoot in JPG. Is there a way I can do this or do I need to shoot in Raw? I discovered I need to use a...
  3. H

    Best Spec Machine?

    Hi There I have a cat with over 3.7 million images (cat is 44Gb) and we have previews so we are running at 800mb + We are running it on SSD's and we are about to upgrade machine. Can amyone suugest a spec that would get the best of LR using GPU and which processor we should be looking at. We...
  4. Alicia11

    My black stroke won't paint the areas fully

    Hi all! I'm new in this forum and I hope this is the right place to ask for this matter. I photograph my subject against a black backdrop. Once in LR, I'm painting the background in black (with the brush and Exposure at -4.0 (max) to make it pitch black) with 100 Flow and 100 Density. However...
  5. stones

    Hey Ya'll

    Hey Ya'll! My name is Sara and I'm from Louisiana. I am brand spankin' new to any type of photo software but I'm so ready to learn. I am a freelance Makeup Artist and want to be able to take my own professional quality photos. So, hopefully I will be able to catch on quickly. Any tips or...
  6. Dave Miller

    Stalled Lightroom App on iPad

    I'm running Lightroom CC on a Mac and want to try Lightroom Mobile on my new iPad. I've downloaded the mobile app to my iPad but cannot do anything with it since it is displaying the message "Trial Expired" and it and the app doesn’t work. Lightroom/ Photoshop are working as normal on the Mac...
  7. S

    Black and White coloring issues

    Hi all! I'm fairly new to Lightroom and absolutely love it, but always seem to have trouble with Black and White coloring. I just tried to color a photo and the Saturation is at -100, but the bg still has a green tint (see photos). I want the whole photo bg to be white, but havent been able to...
  8. rob211

    Improving Lr labeling

    I put up a thread on improving the usefulness of Lr labels here:Improving Lightroom labels | Photoshop Family Customer Community Feel free to chime in there. It was prompted by a problem a poor fellow over on had: turns out you can add label names via the Default Metadata Panel...
  9. A

    Landscape picture retouching tutorial

    Hi, Really liked the final picture :)
  10. Brian Scantlebury

    Backup files won't open.

    Hi, I seem to be on a role, a negative one, at the mo. Now I cannot access my backups. When I click on a backup file the little icon show PS, when I double click on that I get nothing, or photoshop opening up, not my backup or an unzip option. Following this; Users\[user...
  11. Brian Scantlebury

    Lost images on LR 6 CC version

    My last thread ended with this, which I haven't had a response to, and am unsure whether it is connected with my problem the subject of this thread: sorry about this, but now that I have re-imports most of my catalog I find I have a swag of these (please see attached file). Not sure if this is a...
  12. B

    Deleted iPhone photos keep reappearing for LR import on iMac

    I import my iPhone photos directly from phone to iMac, then into Lightroom 4.4. After culling and deleting unwanted photos in LR, and removing them in Trash, they somehow reappear on my hard drive to be imported into LR again. iCloud Drive is not activated on my iMac. None of these are...
  13. P

    Photoshop for creating special effects then sending back to Lightroom

    This is my first post. I have been using Lightroom 5 and updating as they occur. My question is since I cannot justify the cost to use the online version of LR & PS simply because I do not shoot regularly. I do wish to buy the software PS however do not know which one? I would like to be able to...
  14. Jackie kramer

    Error Codes Encountered trying to Load Latest CC Version of LR & Ps

    Can anyone advise on this? I'm afraid to delete my existing catalog. This was the error code I received on Lr: U44M1I208 Thank you!! Jackie
  15. D

    Lightroom6.4 => Photoshop CS6 Extended Doomsday Trial?

    I have W-7 Pro and stand-alone, perpetual versions. Is Adobe escalating its attack on non subscription users or are they merely making an innocent mistake? I noticed many LR users have the same problems with LR and Adobe, but this is another big step up. From inside LR I went to CS-6...
  16. S

    Presets Being Added to Import LR Version 5 w/ Canon 5d mark ii but not with Canon T2i. How do I stop

    I have been using Lightroom version 5.0 for about 2 years and within the last 6 months something new has started happening. This problem occurs on RAW import from Canon 5d mark ii, however I also use a Canon t2i and the problem does not occur. I am used to importing RAW files into Lr and after...
  17. WildVanilla

    Lightroom CC won't open - help!

    Hi Since I recently updated Lightroom via the CC desktop app, it won't open. I've tried the solution suggested here: Adobe Creative Cloud applications close immediately after launch but to no avail. Have signed out / rebooted / signed in multiple times. PS launches fine but LR just won't...
  18. Kathy Eyster

    Merge to HDR not working with Recover Edges Plug-in DNGs

    Hello everyone, This is my first post to the forums so please forgive any faux pas on my part! I've had to apply the Recover Edges plug-in to some of my Canon 5D MkIII files because LR "honored" the in-camera crop I set (and did not turn off! ;-). This worked fine to give me back the rest of the...