1. mantra

    is there a way to change temp folder destination?

    Hi i have a ssd and i use only for scratch disk is there a way to change lightroom 6.9cc (2015.9) temp folder? thanks
  2. M

    LR and Ps CC

    Hi all, a quick question. I have recently decided to use the pay monthly option for LR and PS but since doing so my mac has started to run slower than normal. Would it benefit me to uninstall the old version of LR or would it not make a difference? If so how do I do it :-) Thank you Theresa
  3. Nige'

    Tutorials/Tips for Wacom Intuos Pro

    Hey All First post in here ... be gentle! :whistling: I'm pretty new to LR and now new to Wacom Intuous Pro [the latter literally new, out of the box this morning]. I've had a bit of trawl around the interwebs for best set-up for the Wacom [specifically for LR - which might be different to...
  4. George222

    Dark vertical lines on printed photo

    Hi, I am relatively new with lightroom, and have an issue. I imported a Canon Raw image, applied a Black Mamba downloaded preset, basically to make it black and white, and exported as full sized JPEG at 300dpi. I then took it to the printing service, and asked them to print a 40x60 photo...
  5. Mark Brown

    Lightroom Covers

    Hey Guys It's Mark from Editors Keys, we've just launched some new Lightroom covers and I'd love to know what you think: Any improvements you guys would like to see? This is our new one for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. (the older gen is there too) Adobe Lightroom MacBook Pro Touch Bar Cover |...
  6. W

    File renaming on photo import to Lightroom

    I'm trying to import my first batch of photos. According to the Quickstart e-book, if I check the "Rename Files" box there should be a pop-up where you can create a renaming template. I don't see a pop-up. Am I missing something?
  7. K

    Moving Aperture Projects to Lightroom Collections

    Hello! I used the new Aperture import plugin directly in Lightroom to transfer all of my photos to Lightroom. I am new to Adobe, so I am a bit confused as to where to go from here to find all of my projects. I understand that Projects transfer into Collections in LR, but I have a crazy amount of...
  8. C

    app specific Radial Menus for Wacom Intuos Pro?

    I just got a Wacom Intuos Pro and I'm trying to determine if it's possible to setup app specific Radial Menus for LR and Photoshop so when I'm in LR key assignments make sense with LR and when I'm in PS the table uses a different set of key assignmements. I've looked at the Wacom help and...
  9. S

    Develop Module Pixelation Since Recent Update

    Hi, I waited quite a while to do the most recent CC update because I've had trouble with past ones. I updated about a month ago and of course, ever since when I'm in develop module my images pixelate to the point that it's hard to even tell what I'm doing. Here's a mild example of what happens...
  10. G

    Lightroom crashing (Windows version)

    I am running Lightroom CC under Windows 7, 64 bit. My computer is several years old, but should still be good enough to run Lightroom without a problem, even though my catalogue is quite large (about 26 GB). It has, however, been plagued for some considerable time by Lightroom crashing...
  11. artmaltman

    2016 MacBookPro 15" LR slow with dedicated GPU.

    I own a new 2016 15" MacBook Pro with all the CPU and GPU options. Just trying D mode now in a headshot edit that has a lot of pre-existing edits. I was expecting the new GPU (AMD Radeon Pro 460) to elevate this to a new level of speed in D mode. Instead it is utterly unusable, far slower...
  12. ALISHA

    Disappearing Images-HELP!

    Hi I am new to Lightroom 6, (and photography in general), and am having an issue with my images missing after I upload them to lightroom,and then to shootproof for my clients to view. Here (was) my steps in importing/exporting: (very simplified I know for you experts) 1-insert SD card, import...
  13. T

    Need help choosing the right mac for lightroom

    Hi there I'm new to this forum. Initially I was posting this question in a mac forum... but the lightroom part seemed to be too specific for most users there. I really hope that someone here can give me a recommendation. My wife is a photographer and is using an older macbook pro at the...
  14. G

    Lightroom Mobile for Android Crashes Consistently on Samsung Tab S2

    This is such a shame. When it works, it is brilliant, but I can only edit 2 or 3 photos before the image goes black then LightRoom crashes. I am running Android 6.0.1 and Lightroom for Android 2.1.1> I have installed a 256 GB micro SD card and backup my dng photos from my dslr sd cards...
  15. J

    Exporting Milky Way Edit To Web

    Hi everyone, first time poster here! I've been having an issue with exporting my Milky Way edit from Lightroom. When I try to export my image, to me, a beginner, it looks like the contrast of the dark patches of the Milky Way has been boosted a significant amount. I've attached a picture below...
  16. Samoreen

    [SOLUTION] Fix the Open File Security Warning when invoking PS from LR

    Hi, After installing version 10, Windows has started to systematically open the "Open File Security Warning" dialog whenever I tried to Edit in... Photoshop CC from LR. Which is rather annoying since the option allowing to permanently disable the warning for that executable no longer exists. A...
  17. A

    Where has Lightroom gone?

    I've just been looking at the Adobe website because it's time to get accredited. I see that the list of Products Available for Proficiency as an Adobe Credited Expert (ACE) User no longer includes Lightroom. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?
  18. Steph

    Hello I am suddenly having trouble with my uploaded Raw images

    So every time I upload images to light room, they're RAW but they upload black and white, and for some reason they're all incredibly grainy. This never happened before, but now its happening constantly. I am a student, and before my images were so clear and sharp and nice. But for some reason...
  19. B

    Using masking while sharpening within a radial Filter

    Hi, I often only apply any sharpening to a specific part of an image rather than the image as a whole. Usually, I make edits within specific parts of an image using radial filters and I was wondering if there was any way of replicating the masking feature that is available when using the...
  20. A


    hi. I'm fairly new to Lightroom and I've been trying to add watermarks to my images so I can post my work online. I've made my watermark in Photoshop and can add the water mark to photos in Lightroom however when I export my watermarked images, the water mark disappears. Is it suppose to...
  21. M

    Lightroom not exporting a set of photos

    HELP! 290 of my photos (shot by someone else, edited by me) will not export from the latest version of lightroom. It says that they are exporting, but only 3 of the files end up in the place they are instructed to go. I have never experienced this before... this is my fourth try exporting them...
  22. R

    LR iOS and Raw/JPEG pairs

    Now that the iOS 10 beta is no longer crashing on my iPad Pro 12.9" whenever I plug in the SD card reader, I've started to test Raw import and processing. Everything looks decent so far, but one thing has me stumped: how to import the JPEG from a Raw/JPEG pair. So far, with "Photos" and "Raws"...
  23. W

    Is it possible to move the file location for Lightroom Previews?

    My automatic backup software wastes time and space backing up Lightroom Previews which I do not want to back up. What would work best would be to move the Previews and Smart Previews folders to a completely different location on my hard drive and then not include that in my backup. My...
  24. T

    Trouble tracking down personal pictures in LR import. Sifting through icons and gfx

    Full disclosure: I am fairly advanced in many of the adobe CC programs, with Photoshop cc 2015 being by far my comfort zone. For whatever reason, I never spent too much time in lightroom until recently. My problem is this: 1) Trying to track down all my personal pictures. I have about 6...
  25. T

    Anyone would know how to replicate this preset on lightroom?

    @klemenswhite • Instagram photos and videos I stumbled on this instagram profile and really liked the style of it, was wondering if anyone know how to achieve such images. He said that he uses a custom lightroom filter made by him. Thanks!