1. A

    Catalogs Correct Installation of New LR CC/Classic to New Computer

    Operating System: Windows 10 Lightroom Version: New CC/Classic Version Correct Installation Steps Please, Sorry for a lot of questions Hello I have just bought a new laptop as well as downloaded - but not yet installed - the newest version of LR CC/Classic/Photoshop. I have moved my photos to...
  2. RobOK

    Your broader photo ecosystem

    Hello, With the new versions, not sure where to post this. This is an open ended post, not a specific question. LR is the core of my post processing but I am more and more thinking about the whole ecosystem, somewhat inspired by this podcast/blog from Martin Bailey...
  3. JamesStewart

    Export Filenumber Name Prefix Not working

    Operating System: MAC os Sierra Lightroom Version: CC 2015.12 Question or Description of Problem: The problem is when I try to export a batch and rename them with the "File naming -> Rename To -> Custom Settings" option and add "Filenumber Name Prefix" to the name, it simply doesnt show...
  4. J

    Desktop edits don't always sync to ipad

    I'm using LR CC 2017 desktop and ipad 2017 (ios11.02, thought this happened in ios 10 too!) When I edit a dng in LR desktop, drag it to a collection in LR mobile panel and let it sync, the image on ipad doesn't have the edits done on desktop. I tried deleting image and re syncing, but no...
  5. A

    Changing colors in Lightroom mobile.

    How di i change leaf colours from green to dark orange in lightroom mobile. Im able to do this on pc, but not on lightroom mobile.
  6. P

    Lightroom importing photos to wrong year

    Hi guys, thanks in advance for your help. I'm a lightroom 4 user, up to date mac software, and I have a new problem with my Nikon D300 importing - it consistently wants to import the photos into a 2016 folder on my external hard drive (Seagate). Capture time for the photos is otherwise correct...
  7. A

    What imac specs needed to optimize Lightroom?

    I am looking to purchase a new iMac and wondering what specs I need in order to optimize how Lightroom runs and decrease wait time. I am looking at a 27", but wondering what makes sense in terms of upgrades. i7 processor? ssd vs. fusion? what is the min about of memory needed? Which specs are...
  8. John Coveney

    Computer not seeing iPhone image > c. 10 days old

    Over the years, I've regularly imported JPEGs from my iPhone 6 (and previous models) simply by connecting it to a USB3 port on my desktop or laptop with the charging cable. I then imported images as I do from CF and SD cards. This has always worked fine. In the last few months, I've noticed...
  9. Johan Elzenga

    Local HSL adjustments in Lightroom

    One of the most requested features for Lightroom is the ability to apply HSL-correction locally, through the Graduated Filter for example. Unfortunately, that is still not possible. I've just published a Lightroom tutorial that doesn’t completely allow for local HSL-corrections, but it allows...
  10. Patty Hosmer

    Recover LR Catalog from Emptied Trash

    A LR catalog was accidentally trashed and the trash was emptied. There are no backups. Is there any recovery method that would be able to salvage this catalog?
  11. OffbeatBryce

    Lightroom Mobile Flash Won't turn on in DNG mode

    I'm really confused and I'm hoping it's just me and not the app. When I take photos with .jpg the flash can be turned on and it stays on. When I switch to DNG mode the flash turns off and the flash button is not active. I can't even turn it on. Does anyone know how to fix this? It's very...
  12. D

    Moving from LR6 Perpetual to the CC with PS rental package

    Advice please, I use lR6 standalone latest version and am considering the rental package. Presently I do not use lR properly, I have all my images (not a huge amount and not a pro) exported as Original RAW and TIFF (created in LR) to folders on external HDs. They are therefore safe. i.e. I have...
  13. F

    Multiple Logos while export

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there's any chance to add multiple logos to a bunch of pictures while exporting them from lightroom. (In one export I mean)
  14. Krista Aman-Widgren

    Can't transfer photos after buying new computer

    Hi I need help! I purchased a new computer (Dell with Windows 10). My old Lightroom photos are on a Silicon Power external hard drive. I can see the photos on the external, but they don't show up on Lightroom. I have tried numerous times to import or transfer but no joy. I think the problem is...
  15. Sergey

    Which Drive should Lightroom be installed ?

    Hello Friends ! first post here ) I just got my new system from Cyberpower , I have chosen 500Gb M2 solid state drive as fastest drive for the Lightroom and a 2Tb regular Hard drive for storage , also I have 250Gb SSD that came free with a purchase of the 2Tb drive . Cyberpower installed the...
  16. pHneutral

    Different representations of colours between software

    Hi there! I hope someone can help me out, because I'm a bit puzzled. I got two colour calibrated pc's (Datacolor Spyder), and since recently I notice that between different software, photos are rendered with different saturation/contrast levels. So I noticed, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Chrome...
  17. ali k

    LR perviews taking up all internal memeory

    Hello! My problem is that I am using light room on my mac computer and my internal HD is full, to the point where I can't edit anymore. I have deleted everything possible off my computer's HD the only thing that is taking up the internal HD space is the light room program and my LR catalog and...
  18. GingeraMan

    Working with Canon CR2 Files on Mobile?

    Anyone know of any way to handle Canon CR2 files on a mobile? It captures and handles DNG fine, so I'm wondering if something can happen here, even if offloaded via the cloud.... Be nice if there was some CR2 to DNG converter for mobile or something although I know this is pushing even a...
  19. GingeraMan

    Samsung General Discussion (S8, Tab S High End)

    Right... well I got a Samsung S8 and WOW this is a good photographic device... That any my Samsung S2 - both with photographic quality screens and we're good to go.. so I have tethered a Canon EOS70D to the S8 via USB (wifi tethering SUCKS - this is SO much better!) and can do pretty much...
  20. Mike Myers

    Lightroom locking up Apple MacBook Pro

    I have had the latest Lightroom (purchased) on my MacBook Pro for almost a year now. I've updated to Sierra, and never had a glitch. About three or four weeks ago, I added the ON1 software, including the modules that allow Lightroom to access the ON1 program. All seemed well, but I haven't...
  21. R

    Help with LR catalog and an external drive - Houston, we have a problem...

    Howdy to all from Houston, TX. I have copied all my laptop's internal photos to an external drive, adding them to existing folders of images that were being stored off my laptop, because of hard drive limitations. All of my images are now inside one folder on the new external drive. I want LR...
  22. S

    New Build Advice

    I am in the process of building a workstation that will be used for my home office and lightroom. I am an 'amateur' sports photographer. I typically take and review over 2000 images during football season... System performance bottlenecks can be a pain. I shoot with a 5DMKIII in raw and...
  23. oleleclos

    Newbie oldtimer

    Hi everyone. I joined this forum very recently, but have a longish history in photography. I was a commercial photographer in Copenhagen in the 1970s before going into IT and other businesses, and when I picked up a camera for artistic expression later on, the digital revolution had caught up...
  24. Batman

    Work seamless and move photos from MacBook pro to iMac within LR

    I've got a MacBook pro that I always take with me when travelling. At home I've got an iMac connected (thunderbolt) to an external 8GB HD. I'm struggling to move the photos from my MacBook Pro to the iMac (external HD) and keeping all post-processing I've done while being on the road. If I...
  25. R

    Is there anyway I can import photos from my Lightoom-Exported PDF back to Lightroom?

    I wanted to make a photo book for a project at school, I exported it as a pdf and lost the original lightroom file. I now want to edit the pdf and add text/move around photos but I can't do that on Acrobat I need to export it back to Lightroom. Any suggestions on how?