1. W

    Lightroom doesn't recognize my picture drive

    I have all my photos stored on my G: drive (external) and a backup drive for my images on F: (external). I recently updated all of the images on my backup drive (F:). I copy new folders from my G: drive to my F: drive, something I have done for quite a few years and now Lightroom will not...
  2. G

    Jared Platt: Contour Shuttle Pro 2 Settings

    The well-known photographer Jared Platt usually uses two devices (Wacom Tablet Pro and the Contour Shuttle Pro 2) when he is working in Lightroom. For those viewers who are interested in his settings, I got for you his Contour Shuttle Pro 2 Settings (see attachments). Also his "next six images"...
  3. sgandy

    Search the Blog?

    Hi Victoria, I usually love to see your blog entries that are linked in the newsletter but is there a way to search within the whole blog archive? I don't see it if there is one. It might come in handy!
  4. A

    LR Cloud Setup

    I've been reading tons of information and "I think" i have my head wrapped around this somewhat, but please correct me if I am wrong. I have a MacBook pro with LR Classic, iPhone and iPad Pro with LR. I plan to use a card reader with my iPad pro and put my images into the system that way. I...
  5. D

    How to import presets in Lightroom?

    Hi, I just got to know Lightroom from a suggested friend so I'm not familiar with it yet. How to import presets in lightroom? Please help!!
  6. B


    Hi! My Lightroom has been doing slideshows for weeks now, and no problem. Just last week it won’t work. It’s just a black screen. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 photo or 100. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you, Renee’
  7. F

    Does anyone have a LR 6.14 licenec for sale?

    Does anyone who has moved over to the Adobe subscription service have a genuine Lightroom 6.14 Windows licence for sale at a sensible price? A long and embarrassing story has left me with downloaded Lightroom 6.14 installation files but no licence, or having to move to the subscription service...
  8. S

    Will I lose my files if I unsync Lightroom from Dropbox?

    Greetings, I am a new member and want to regain space in my dropbox. My lightroom external hard drive is synced and I'm afraid to make the change, fearing my lightroom files will be misplaced or lost. I am not sure if I have explained myself correctly but hope my inquiry is understood. Can...
  9. A

    Lightroom Classic 10.1 hangs sometimes directly after Start

    Since the latest update to Lightroom 10.1 the program start sometime lasts extremely long (Lightroom first starts normal and the work area is already visible but then seems to hang for quite some time until I can start to work with it). It's the same as described here...
  10. st.neri

    Lightroom to InDesign Workflow

    Anyone want to comment on their workflow from Lightroom to InDesign? I use Lightroom for photography, then once a year use InDesign to create a very big photobook that I upload to Blurb Photobooks. I usually export my images from Lr to my hard drive as JPG, then use that folder of images to...
  11. S

    Canon Camera profile & presetd

    Hi All! Please bear with me.. this maybe a little long & I hope it makes sense. I am well aware VSCO aware providing any support or updates for DESKTOP anymore. I’ve been a Nikon user all my life and updated my VSCO presets for my Nikon files before the shut down. fast for two years and I’ve...
  12. Luc Desaulniers

    Working with RAWs exclusively in the cloud. Possible?

    Good day all. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a 12.9‘’ iPad Pro. I’ve been a Lr Classic for... well... before it was called Classic. I would very much like to switch to the CC plan i.e. get the 1Tb cloud storage and begin using the iOS and CC desktop clients. But. I would like to...
  13. B

    Using Wacom tablet on crop tool with LR Classic

    I'm a keen user of a Wacom tablet with both LR and PS and keep seeing an annoying effect in LR Classic with the crop tool. I can use the pen to move sliders without much issue (you always need to be careful to lift the pen vertically away from the tablet when you have finished the move), but...
  14. P

    Help ! Lightroom Classic makes anything purple

    Hey, for a few weeks now Lightroom classic is shifting the colors of my imported pictures to a purple/warm color. In the libary they are all purple, the preview picture is purple, but when i want to edit it, it seem as the picture looks normal until I click the before/after button. Even if I...
  15. L

    Please help I cant import raw files from new canon 5d mark iv to lightroom

    Please help I cant import raw files from new canon 5d mark iv to lightroom. I normally use a mark 3 so was surprised that my new camera won't read. The pictures are there i just cant get them into lightroom to edit. The first day i used the camera i shot on Large by mistake and they imported...
  16. jjlad

    Plethora of Lightroom Files

    Hi there, I have been cleaning up my drives and noticed I have a bundle of Lightroom files and am not sure I should be keeping all of them, The attached photo will illustrate what I mean. I only use one catalog and it is the 4-2 version so I'm wondering if the -2 and -5 versions should be...
  17. Jay Clulow

    Custom filter on images shot within a few seconds of each other?

    Hi, First of all im not talking about stacks. I want to color images all shot within a few seconds of each other (Based on meta). Then I want to colour these all a particular color so I can review them via a snyc'd collection later. Is there a way or via a third party pluggin such as...
  18. B

    Understanding presets and 'custom' tone curves

    In an effort to understand how my favourite preset works in Lightroom Classic, I copied all of its settings manually and applied them to a virtual copy. The only problem is my photo looks completely different to what it does if I just apply the preset to the photo. The only difference I can...
  19. Jay Clulow

    Exporting to Photoshop from collection (Not syncing back)

    Hi, I've been exporting my images from collections in Lightroom Classic and once the edit is finished it used to re-appear back in Lightroom next to the raw it was exported from. For some reason this has stopped working? It is saving in the same folder as the raw as you can see it when you...
  20. R

    How do I free up Internal space on a Mac Using Lightroom CC

    I am totally confused with how to free up space on my internal hard drive. I am just starting to use the Collections method and most of my pictures (about 17,000) are still in folders. I have attempted a download to an external hard drive, so now what? Thank you for any assistance you can give...
  21. M

    LR Previews unavailable?

    Hello! First post here on the LR Queen! Just looking for a little assistance...I upgraded my camera over the holidays to Canon 6D mark II, and ever since I have had a very hard time getting photo previews to load on the Library screen in LR. I have updated to LR 9.2 version, and previews...
  22. R

    Nikon Tethering Problem

    Is anyone else having a problem tethering their Nikon Z7 camera to Lightroom Classic (Ver 9.2). I am. LR searches for the camera but can't find it. I find that strange because my PC shows the connection to the camera and I can see the files on the storage card in Windows explorer. I spoke to...
  23. R

    Lightroom and Classic minimize disk space

    Laptop with Windows 10, 1TB internal, 2TB external I just made the switch from Lightroom 5.7 to the Lightroom subscription. In order to maximize flexibility I chose to download both Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. I successfully migrated my catalog and had Lightroom store my photos on an...
  24. A

    Lightroom chaos

    I am not sure how to even ask. I have thousands of photos on 2 different external hard drives. It used to be somewhat organized but due to frustrations with ONeDrive it now is very disorganized. It takes me forever to find what I am looking for and sometimes LR cant even locate it. So my...
  25. S


    As a newbie, I don't understand thumbs and why they are filling up my catalogs. Can I safely delete all thumbs?