1. C

    Lightroom for iPad

    Hi all, I am now looking to get a much more compact system that I can use when traveling or on the go, and I happily discover how good Lr is on the iPad ( I usually do basic editing and use a lot of presets so nothing major) Because of this, I am considering using JUST my iPad for 90% of my...
  2. O

    Smart previews location

    Hi, when a tick is placed in the 'Store a copy of all smart previews locally on 'Macintosh HD' option under the Preference (Cache) Menu, which folder are the previews stored in on the hard disk drive? Thank you in advance.
  3. D

    hardware requirements

    As LR is cloudbased, what are the system requirements for use on a laptop? The adobe site is offering specs for LR classic. Are the requirements less for LR? Also if using LR web, are there no requirements on hardware for a laptop? I was looking at an dell latitude 7390 with an i5 8th gen...
  4. G

    Sync Specific Lightroom Albums?

    Hi all, I've been using Lightroom (cloud) and have uploaded several photo albums there. I would like to start using Lightroom Classic but only sync specific albums that are already in the cloud. Can I sync only certain ones to Lightroom Classic and if so, how do I do that? Thank you, -Greg
  5. J

    Open in Photoshop

    Hi, I am able to Open an image from LR in PS but NOT save the edited version back to LR (CLOUD). Any suggestions. Both programmes are up to date. John
  6. tryonk

    Spring loaded folders

    I'm primarily a Lightroom Classic user, but I sync to Lightroom in the cloud for mobile editing (and because the video editing tools are much better). When dragging photos or albums to folders in the desktop app, I find that the spring-loaded folders are twitchy—if I pause for a half or quarter...
  7. V

    Mixed up smart Previews From Previous Catalogs in the "From Lightroom" section and Online

    My issue is very frustrating. I like to have an LRC catalog for every year. Each year I stop the sync of the old one and sync the new one. I understand that shared collections from the previous year will be downloaded from the cloud into the "From Lightroom" collection set in LRC and are also...
  8. A

    LR 13 does not integrate with Photoshop

    I am having major trouble with LR13 (and LR 13.0.1). I am on a Mac with the latest OS, Sonoma. LR 13 does open Photoshop 2024, but when I save a file in PS it does not go next to the origianl file, which it should, but appears somewhere else on my HD. LR 13 will NOT open such plugin staples...
  9. anotherjoe

    New iPhone 15 Pro - LR Mobile wants to re-import all 65k photos in my iCloud Camera Roll

    It's new iPhone time and I have migrated to a new phone. My usual workflow is to auto import photos I take with the iPhone camera that go to the camera roll into Lightroom Mobile. There is an "Auto Add From Device Photos" toggle to do this in the app. I noticed that on the new phone, it...
  10. B

    Catalog backup error

    I have run into a reoccurring problem in Lightroom Classic when I am making a backup. I manage an older photographer's archive, ~300k film scans and digital images, and I make backups on a daily basis during the week, at the end of every day. Every once in awhile, I run into an issue where...
  11. W

    Smart Collection with persons name

    If I select a metadata keyword and specify Joe Jones how do I prevent it from getting Joe Smith as well?
  12. S

    How to remove video from Cloud only in LR Classic?

    Hi, With any photo in your LR Classic catalog, which has arrived via the cloud, you can use the "Remove from All Synced Photographs" option to remove the photo from the cloud but still retained the file in your local catalog. How to do this with video files? I note that the video files that...
  13. Speacock110

    Volume Control and remote trigger issues with Lightroom Mobile (iPhone) not always working.

    iPhone 14 pro max, (also previous 12 Pro Max) latest IOS and Lightroom. Phone Volume Control, ProGrip or small remote trigger. First of all I have finally narrowed this issue down to Lightroom Mobile. ISSUE - Volume control direct or via Bluetooth does not operate the Lightroom camera shutter...
  14. I

    Tiffs reduce size in lightroom

    Hello i have some photos , make the basic adjustments then i inport some of them in photoshop for retouch. The files i am working in photoshop are tiff . At the end i realized that the file size og the tiff is 3 times bigger than the raw file... is there any way to reduce the the tiffs file sizes ?
  15. JML

    Cropping aspect ratio drop-down not working

    In the latest version of Lightroom (12.4, CR 15.4), the drop-down menu to select a crop aspect ratio (like 4x5 or 16x9) does not work any longer, there is no drop-down menu. I can invoke the manual crop tool, but the words "Aspect ratio" next to it has not function. Restarting LR or the computer...
  16. anotherjoe

    Migrating LRC primary machine (including Lightroom Sync / Adobe Cloud and local files) from a MacBook Pro to a Mac Studio

    I am migrating my main Lightroom Classic collection from a MacBook Pro to a Mac Studio. In preparation I have studied chapter 20 in the Lightroom Queen's "Adobe Lightroom Classic - the missing FAQ". I want to avoid any gotchas with my local files and those that are sitting on Adobe's Cloud via...
  17. A

    Lightroom is behaving badly

    Boy, LR its just behaving badly right now. I imported images today, and had the "eject disk after import" checkbox checked. After the import, I look at Finder, and the disk is still there. If I try to eject the disk from the Finder, both Finder and Lightroom give me spinning beach balls. I have...
  18. H

    Lightroom Classic Input Delay

    I'm getting an incredibly slow performance from lightroom. Switching images in library grid mode. The lag between selecting photos can be 2-5 seconds, and this lag is evident in right-click menu and the operations available there too. Yes, develop mode is also very slow. It seems like...
  19. thomasjohnlynch

    Lightroom 6.14 - Synchronize Folder Aborting "Lightroom has stopped working"

    I am getting this error now very consistently on my established folders and also when I try to import new 'camera roll' photos. I have optimized my library a few times thinking this might 'fix' whatever database or metadata issue it is stumbling upon? Very troubling. I have about 90,000...
  20. M

    LR 6.14 no longer opens

    For some unknown reason Lightroom 6 froze on me while I was about to import some images from my camera and I had to end task (Windows 10 Pro) to come out of it. Since then it will not open, hanging endlessly with the revolving blue arrow circle. I see in the catalogue manager that a lock file...
  21. B

    Book Module with third party Printers?

    Greetings. I am a long time photographer, but new to book printing. I spent some time learning the basics of the layout options, and they seem great. My problem is that this “module” seems to really only work well if you chose to print with a single printer (Blurb). I Have nothing against...
  22. A

    Catalogs Catalog Not Opening in LR 2021

    Hey yall i recently reinstalled LR on my computer and when i went to reopen my last used catalog it did not open itself and took a lot of time. After referring some videos, I removed the .lrcat.lock file. Even after that nothing happened and the same problem persists. This is the message that...
  23. djfetterman2007

    Lightroom Collection in Lightroom Classic

    Hello, I have been using cloud-based Lightroom. I am now thinking that I prefer LIghtroom Classic and find it more useful for my needs. When I open Lightroom Classic, all of the photos that I have already uploaded in desktop-based Lightroom appear as a Collection Set headed "From LIghtroom."...
  24. M

    Printing contact sheets that include the IPTC data "Person Shown", "Event" and "Additional Info"

    I used Lightroom to add Metadata info to some old family photos. So the info I added to the metadata was mostly in the IPTC area. It included the file name, people shown in the photo, additional info, the event (if there was one) and the locations. I found a You Tube video that was excellent in...
  25. T

    Is there a way to use Lightroom Free?

    Hi, I just want to know that, is there any way to use Adobe Lightroom free? If it is possible, then can you please share with me the link, where I can download and install the free version on my desktop? Or if you have any suggestions for me then please do.