lightroom profiles

  1. D

    Develop module Only some .dng files are treated as RAW?

    I've been scratching my head for a rather large handful of hours now trying to get the newer Adobe Raw profiles to work for me. Every raw photo I take with my phone and import into Lightroom Classic CC gets none of the raw-specific features, no special profiles or nothing. Defaults to ''color''...
  2. Speacock110

    Potted Profile Description

    Does anyone know if there is a better description of the Potted profiles, Modern 01 or B&W 01 are next to useless descriptions.
  3. F

    Lightroom CC Black/White Profiles

    I am using the desktop version of Lightroom CC Classic on Mac OS High Sierra. I am trying to understand the new Black/White creative profiles. I see 17 B/W profiles available when I am editing a color photograph that I scanned in color from Silverfast 8 and saved as a TIFF (48 bit)...