lightroom mobile

  1. Kathy Eyster

    Lightroom mobile quick start

    Hi Victoria, Have you considered updating the posts about a LR mobile workflow with Classic and turning them into a quick start guide? I would definitely be interested in such an e-book.
  2. Gavin Perry

    Make a copy of an image using Lightroom Mobile on an iPad Pro

    I import my images using Lightroom Mobile on my MacBook, then sync to my iPad Pro. I then ‘Store Locally’ essentially making smart previews. All good so far. However, when i start processing my images i sometimes like to make multilevel versions of the same. On the desktop you can make a...
  3. hbwilliams22

    How do you use Lightroom Mobile?

    I am a LrC user and have somehow consumed my 20GB of storage on the Photography Plan which doesn't seem to be very much considering I only have about 7,500 photos stored. I'm wondering how to best utilize Lr Mobile. Right now, all pictures I take on my phone are automatically copied to Lr...
  4. I

    Managing images taken with the Lightroom camera on my iPhone

    I wanted to add to this thread but felt my use case was slightly different so I have started a new thread. I use the Lightroom camera on my iPhone and I have changed the preferences in Lightroom Classic so the originals of these images sync down to my desktop to a folder of my choosing, I use...
  5. L

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating While Using Lightroom

    Hello. I was wondering if anybody had any answers regarding their iPhone overheating while using the camera within Lightroom Mobile. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max running IOS 15. It also overheated running the previous IOS. Thank you for your help!
  6. nkawoods

    Imported Lightroom Mobile Presets Disappeared in Latest Update?

    I imported several presets that I use in Lightroom Classic on my Mac into Lightroom Mobile. Has anyone else had those disappear after the latest update to Lightroom Mobile? I suddenly have a whole new batch of Adobe Lightroom presets but all my imported and user presets are no longer there...
  7. A

    Managing LR Mobile files on iPad/SSD

    Hi, I am new to this forum and really hoping to find some help. I am traveling long term and taking many many raw photos. I am using an iPad mini to import from SD cards direct into LR Mobile which then backs up the files to Creative Cloud storage. I keep smart previews in LR Mobile so that I...
  8. N

    How to share RAW directly from iOS Photos to LR mobile?

    Hello, I had a search and was unable to find any answers to my quandary so am hoping to consult the collective brains here. I’ve even spent a couple hours with Adobe help desk and they were unable to help! I’ve always sent photos FROM my iPhone’s native Photos app to Lightroom mobile: my...
  9. B

    Not able to install new presets to Lightroom mobile

    Hey! Struggling a bit here. Trying to upload new presents to Lightroom mobile but it doesn't seem to want to work. Followed the instructions here Processing Drone Photographs Like A Pro: Adobe Lightroom as they are fairly similar to other sites I have seen. Is this the right way to do it or...
  10. H

    Selecting multiple contiguous images in grid view......

    This is driving me crackers and I’m sure you must be able to do this! I just want to be able to select multiple contiguous images with a gesture rather than having to click on each individual image. This is on an iPad Pro with the current mobile version. All help greatly appreciated! Make me...
  11. Jay Clulow

    My workflow - Will 64GB iPad Pro be enough!

    Okay my needs are quite specific here. If you've followed my previous threads you'll know that I've built a 1TB Lightroom library that is cloud focused first and I sync back to my server via CC and or Classic. I want to add an iPad Pro into my workflow but I'm passing up on a lot of 64gb...
  12. D

    Should I ignore Lightroom Mobile

    I’ve pretty much decided on my LR Classic / LR CC workflow (with much help reading this forum. Classic will be my main stay with LR CC being used to import images when I travel (being synced then deleted on my return) and LR CC also being used to share chosen (Classic) edited images on my...
  13. B

    Hi from Yardley, PA

    I am a fine art photographer and have been using lightroom from day one! I am trying to do sophisticated work on lrm mobile but think I am liking Procreate better. See my work at
  14. J

    Lightroom Mobile on Android, will not upload photos.

    Mobile Operating System: iOS / Android Desktop Operating System: Question or Description of Problem: When taking photos using the Lightroom Mobile app on my Pixel phone, the photos will not upload to the cloud. The app shows “photos pending” and appears to be trying to upload them, but...
  15. R

    Export LR Mobile Collection to Instagram or FB

    It seems like the most basic of uses for LR Mobile, and yet, I can't seem to activate this function. After I edit a photo shoot in LR on my desktop, I create Collections for Facebook and Instagram. What I want to do is go to that synced Collection on my iPhone or iPad and simply export to my...
  16. A

    Changing colors in Lightroom mobile.

    How di i change leaf colours from green to dark orange in lightroom mobile. Im able to do this on pc, but not on lightroom mobile.
  17. R

    LR Mobile Collection to Instagram & Facebook

    It's easy to post a single photo, but Is it possible to post an entire Collection from LR Mobile to Instagram or Facebook? And while I'm at it, when I create a Collection on my desktop and re-arrange the photos in a custom order, I then sync to LR Mobile, but why does LR Mobile not display the...
  18. G

    Viewing Comments in Lightroom Mobile

    Hello. Is there a way to view comments in Lightroom Mobile?
  19. H

    Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

    I am considering a Yoga Tab 3 Plus tablet, with the most demanding app being LR mobile. I have read that there have been issues with readability of the menus and other text due to the 10" screen and the 2560x1600 screen resolution. It uses a Snapdragon 652 processor and runs Marshmallow...
  20. S

    Delete files from LIghtroom Photos on my iPhone

    I regularly use my LR camera, DNG file quality, to capture photos with my iPhone. They end up in my "Lightroom Photos" folder on my iPhone and are automatically synchronized to a designated folder in LR Desktop. Whenever I open LR Desktop, I move my files from the designated folder to their...
  21. I

    Creating correct file name format for synced imports

    When syncing Lightroom mobile photos from iPhone into Lightroom they appear in a separate folder, in my case iPhone-IRW, Imported Photos. I'm happy with this for now, as it keeps then easy to spot. (I am aware of the option to re-direct them straight in to my usual dated folder structure) The...
  22. J

    Default Collection for Imported Photos

    I am using Lightroom CC 2015.8 on a Mac and Lightroom Mobile and would like to have all photos I import from my camera's memory card into my LR desktop catalog be automatically available on my iPad. It already works well when I add the imported photos to a Synchronized Collection, but I cannot...
  23. Jon Busby

    Syncing just a collection only?

    Hi I have a query and I wonder if anyone can help, probably simple to resolve, I just haven't found a way. As a general rule I take a portrait session and load it directly into the desktop then sync that to my iPad Pro for editing. I don't need the full on desktop functionality as I tend to...
  24. Jon Busby

    Lightroom Mobile Collections question

    Having taken my images, uploaded them to an LR Mobile collection they sync to desktop via cc. I'm using Collections created in my iPad when I am in the field. I'd now like to create a desktop folder for them within say one of my existing ones such as '2016' Is there an easy way to do this or...