lightroom import preset issue

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    Import Importing presets into LR

    I’m really confused about the way to import presets folders/packages with the new LR CC updates. It’s been a while since I’ve imported one. Just did today and I finally went back to the old way of just moving the folder from downloads to the develop preset folder within Lightroom. The new way...
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    Presets Being Added to Import LR Version 5 w/ Canon 5d mark ii but not with Canon T2i. How do I stop

    I have been using Lightroom version 5.0 for about 2 years and within the last 6 months something new has started happening. This problem occurs on RAW import from Canon 5d mark ii, however I also use a Canon t2i and the problem does not occur. I am used to importing RAW files into Lr and after...