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  1. B

    LR freezes using some functions after WIN update

    Hi there, after the last WIN 11 Home update (22000.856) Lightroom Classic freezes completely, when I try using the Sync function or importing/saving the presets in the developement modul. Does someone have the same problems or is there something I can do to fix this? I'm not absolutely sure, if...
  2. D

    Lightroom 11.4.1 -> Photoshop 23.4.1 keeps asking for new ACR version

    Even though I installed all the upgrades that came from my Creative Cloud subscription, the Camera Raw upgrade seems to be one version behind. My current ACR version, as indicated in Photoshop, is 14.4. But when I send an image from Lightroom to Photoshop, I get a message about the possibility...
  3. H

    Lightroom web or Lightroom. Classic - Newbie

    Hi New member and newbie to the Lightroom sphere Hope I can get some advice please. So I run a fashion business and do pretty much everything myself. I do regular photoshoots which include photos taken on a regular camera, professional videos and then all photos taken on my my phone , they’re...
  4. franklehnen

    GPS location for photos imported from iPhone are wrong...

    Hi, I transferred several hundred photos from a trip from my iPhone to Lightroom. On the phone the GPS locations are correct, in Lightroom they all appear with the same coordinates but in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE instead of the SOUTHERN. So it seems I travelled to Oman instead of Mauritius...
  5. A

    LrC and LR synching woes

    Great original content, great forum, thank you, Victoria. I feel I have wasted too much time trying to find answers on my own or going to the semi-official Adobe support forum. I see that there is an LrC and an LR subforums. There should be one for "Trying to live in LrC and LR at once and...
  6. S

    Any suggestions for workflow for those who use Apple / Mac Photos to import regularly to Lightroom Classic

    I recently subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription, and started re-learning the latest Lightroom Classic after stopped using Lightroom Classic 6 for a few years. I used Apple / Mac Photos in the past few years because I stopped bringing my dSLR/prosumer digital cameras with me, and...
  7. K

    Lost Keywords during backup and restore

    The full story: My older Windows desktop was dying 2 years ago, so I backed up LRCAT and photo files to external HDD. Re-loaded all that onto internal 2TB SSD of new desktop, and everything seemed to work fine. However, looking through some older files a year or so ago, I realized that while...
  8. nremy1984

    Battery life with MacBook Pro M1 when using Lightroom Classic?

    HI everyone, I am curious to know how long you can work on Lightroom Classic (rating photos, editing RAWs) on the new M1 Macbook Pros? Reasoning of my question: I have kept using my late-2013 MabookPro 15in, with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, a solid configuration at the time. However, I noticed my...
  9. A

    Lightroom and Photos onto a new Computer

    Hello Yes, I messed up making the transition to a new laptop. So, hopefully, I am back to square one and someone can make it idiot-proof for me. I have a new laptop. Lightroom Classic and my Catalog are already installed. I also moved my photos from my old laptop (in one parent folder) to an...
  10. N

    Lightroom Classic dont sync all

    Hi Im using win 10 with the latest lightroom classic and lightroom cc app installed on two computers. First I import my original photos to lightroom classic. Then I put them in a folder that I sync to lightroom cc. I do that so I can work on them from another computer. But almost everytime I...
  11. Webber&Sons

    Export shenanigans

    Hi all, First post on this forum, I tried a search but could not see a similar topic; apologies if this issue has already been addressed. For some time now, not sure exactly how long but I would say for at least the last 6 to 9 months, I have been seeing the following message when exporting...
  12. P

    The Metadata for this photo has been changed

    I am new to this site and forum, so apologies if anything is incorrect! I have the following message on a number of photos I have edited using the Luminar Plugin through Lightroom Classic. "The metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application. Should Lightroom...
  13. C

    LR Classic crashes during import

    Hi Victoria, hi everyone I've just updated LR Classic to the newest version and it seems my first (or second) import after the update crashes repeatedly. I import from a CF Card through a reader into the catalog and this time it started the import, but the porgress bar stopped at the very...
  14. A

    Function 'Edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments' not working correctly

    Hello everyone, since working on a new imac I have an issue with brush/pen tool colours while editing a copy of an image with Lightroom adjustments in Photoshop. A completely separate file created in photoshop is showing true colours (as per the colour code), while a photo opened through...
  15. Light

    LRC and One Drive sync issues

    Hi I started this thread as a question, but after starting to write this I have found a solution that works - so here is the process which I thought I would post as a resource for anyone having similar LRC sync issues. I am running Lightroom Classic on a desktop with very fast broadband (approx...
  16. C

    Camera not recognised

    I've been using lightroom classic on my old canon camera now for a few months, and recently I got myself a Nikon D810. When I plug it into the computer, lightroom doesn't seem to recognise it and I'm not sure why. The USB works because it says so on the camera itself, so I'm honestly pretty...
  17. B

    Way to Allow someone else to add Keywords to Photos

    Hello, I am currently photographing and archiving family photo albums that my mother sent me. There are well over 1000 photos to capture and catalog. I have been trying to research a way to allow my mother to add keywords to photos remotely. I am using LRC and see that Lightroom CC does not...
  18. S

    Color and sharpness changes from LR to photoshop when using "Edit in..." action in LR

    Hi, I am starting to get a bit frustrated. I am editing a .ARW file in lightroom, which I would like to take to PSfor further editing. However, when using the "Edit in..." function, the image seems to change when opening in PS. Anyone, who has an answer to why that is? I am using the same colour...
  19. hsawires

    Catalogs metadata and editing did not exported and imported from my desktop to my laptop

    Hi, I am facing a problem. I have 2000 JPG photos on my desktop Lightroom ver.10 classic, I did some editing, rating and keywording on them. then I started to export them on a new catalog to copy them to my Laptop. I do export the whole catalogue from my desktop and when I tried to open it on...
  20. C

    Lightroom Classic problems with Apple Catalina update

    I've heard the updated Catalina OS on the Mac causes problems with LR Classic (missing photos). Has anyone had problems?
  21. 7

    Workflow for Sharing photos: Masters in Lightroom Classic some synced via Lightroom-CC and published in Portfolio

    Hi All, with a lot of time on my hands I have finally subscribed to Lightroom for the photography collection and I have started to use the full feature set of lightroom classic, previously I only used it as a Catalog. I know some don't like folder structures being used in Lightroom but I have...
  22. nkawoods

    Smart Previews Only in Lightroom CC

    I'm using Lightroom on two computers, Lightroom Classic on one (my primary computer) and Lightroom CC on a smaller computer (which I use for travel). Several of my photos in Lightroom CC indicate that there is only a smart preview available in the cloud. I thought what I needed to do to fix...
  23. R

    Lightroom and Classic minimize disk space

    Laptop with Windows 10, 1TB internal, 2TB external I just made the switch from Lightroom 5.7 to the Lightroom subscription. In order to maximize flexibility I chose to download both Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. I successfully migrated my catalog and had Lightroom store my photos on an...
  24. H

    Difference between Lightroom cloud service and Lightroom classic

    I am new to Lightroom and I am using the cloud service. I was just curious as to what the difference was between the cloud service and Lightroom classic. Which one would you recommend?
  25. L

    Aperture to Lightroom Classic before upgrading to Catalina

    I have not transferred my Aperture library to LR Classic yet and understand that I will need to do this before upgrading to Catalina. What is currently the best procedure to do this?