lightroom catalog

  1. GaryPhotomd

    Lightroom Catalog cannot open - Connect PC external NTFS hard drive to new MAC

    Just got a New iMac desktop . Have been using lightroom on a PC for the last 10 yrs All my images are on an external hard drive formatted to NTFS.. when i connect to the drive to the new mac i get this Lightroom cannot open the catalog named “Lightroom Catalog-2-v10” located on volume “Blue...
  2. DianeHphotos

    Lightroom catalog concern.....

    Can someone help me understand why under the catalog the number of photos is 596615 and in the Main Photos go here 4 Seagate I have 185783 images. I have looked and lots of the images in the catalog are not found. I have attached a screen copy of numbers. Thanks in advance... Diane