lightroom 5

  1. K

    Strange lines on lightroom when viewed using an external monitor

    I have lightroom 5.x installed on a windows 10 laptop. When I view it on an external monitor, connected via mini hdmi (LG 29" LG 29UM59-P | 29 Inch LCD Monitor | LG HK), I get these weird white drop shadows everywhere. See the attached image, which shows the white lines on the develop module...
  2. R

    Transitioning from Lightroom 5 to Lightroom 6

    Hi. Thanks in advance for any help that you may provide. I've been using Lightroom 5 for a few years, and have purchased Lightroom 6. I have held off from transitioning so that I can clean up my Lightroom 5 catalog, and properly back things up. My biggest question is this: I have noticed on this...
  3. C

    Develop module Lightroom 5 shuts down- Mac Os High Sierra

    Hello everybody! i'm new here. my problem is that whenever i try to use the color palette n the Develop module my Lightroom 5 shuts down. I have a MacBook Pro, with the operative system : Mac Os Sierra High. I tried for days to resolve this problem by creating a new catalogue, changing the...
  4. K

    Applying non-text watermark in LR 5.x?

    Is there an easy way to apply graphics watermark when exporting photos in LR 5.x? My backup plan is to create a photoshop action for it, but would like to do it in LR if possible.
  5. T

    Standalone - Computer Upgrade

    Hi Folks, hope this isn't a dumb question... I have a standalone version of Lightroom 5. Not at all interested in giving Adobe $300NZD a year for a CC subscription. What I want to know is... Can I still install LR on my new computer, use my license key and not get hooked into paying by...
  6. Ashley G

    Spot removal tool not working (on one specific spot)

    I'm editing a family session from last night and I noticed these "light spots" on the images. They're not in every picture, but most. I thought it could be sun flare but it was overcast so I think it might be dust on my sensor, or lens? "Okay, no biggie. I'll use the spot removal tool and...
  7. K

    Using lightroom to manage 4k videos

    I use lightroom 5 as a library tool to keep track of my photo and video clip collections and perform basic editings (mostly cutting). Most clips are no more than 30 seconds long. I run lightroom on laptop so that I manage my media at home or on the road. So far I am happy with this workflow...
  8. O

    Starting the library over again in LR5

    Hi, I've got my photos into a bit of a mess and unorganised and having read guidance from experts such as yourself Victoria; I want to start over fresh. I haven't done much editing of any of the photos already in the library. What is the best away to reorganize and rename the folders without...