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    Scrolling through 'All Photographs' in Grid View - What does good look like?

    Hi, I found that when scrolling through images All Photographs in Grid View I am often faced with blank thumbnails, just for a split second, before the images appear. Is this normal, what does good look like? Is there something that I could do to improve things? Thank you for your help.
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    Importing photos from iPhone camera roll to Lightroom Classic on Mac desktop with OS Monterey

    Hi everyone/anyone I recently upgraded my Mac to one with an M1 processor and installed the latest version of LR Classic on OS Monterey. I've also imported my LR catalogue with no problem. Now I want to directly download photos off my iPhone 11 to free up space on it, but when I connect it to...
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    Turn off Wacom Pen pressure in LrC

    Hi, like many others I have a love hate relationship with my Wacom pen but I persevere and often put my touchpad away to force me to use the pen properly. In PhotoShop there are controls on many of the tools to turn pen pressure off, I want to be able to do the same in Lightroom Classic, is...
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    Lightroom edits disappear on external drive backup

    I use Lightroom Classic 11.0 as well as Photoshop 2022 v 23.0.1 on a MacBook Pro running Big Sur v11.6. When I download NEF images from my Nikon cameras to my Mac following a photoshoot, I go through the images and do some basic edits using Lightroom on those that look good, and grade them...
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    Develop module Masking tool running slowly on fast machine LR11

    Hi, The new LR11 masking tool is a game changer, but I'm running into some issues. 'Select Subject' takes anywhere between 8-10 seconds each image to detect until the red overlay appears. The images aren't difficult as they are just standard engagement/wedding portraits of a couple shot almost...