lightroom 10.0

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    Thumbnails in Grid View are not sorted correctly

    I am using Lightroom Classic 10.3 on a Windows 10 computer. I'm having a problem with incorrect sorting of my thumbnails in Grid View. I am trying to sort in ascending order by capture time. Not sure why, but this problem just started happening today. Before today, files were sorted...
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    Lightroom duplicate troubleshoot, Teekesselchen - Plugin

    Hello all, I'm currently helping a client manually combine and manage two very old aperture libraries into a single Lightroom classic catalog. The combining task is complete. I'm now attempting to find duplicates via Teekesselchen. I've installed Lightroom Classic v10.2 and installed the...
  3. P

    Why can I not see folder names in LR 10.1 on MacOS?

    Hi all. Tearing my hair out here. I have LR 10.1, and my photos are on an external drive. On the drive, they are classed in folders according to what I was actually photographing that day. So, 'Honeymoon', 'Paris_2013', 'Family', 'Grandparents', 'Bicycles' etc. During one of my imports, I...
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    roll back catalog from 10 to 9

    Hello i just use the lightroom 10 and i found this so slow ... i cant pass thought the photos without any lag . My specs are mojave the last version. i turned of the cpu . I made some catalogs in lightroom 10 . How can read a catalog 10 in lightroom 9
  5. TBC

    Lightroom 10 corrupts catalog in conversion

    I upgraded on Windows 10 to the latest LR Classic, v. 10, and my new catalog works just fine. My husband did the same thing, and when he went to open the new catalog (I tell him to always open it from its location the first time after installing an upgrade), he is told that his new catalog is...