light room cc

  1. Steve Palmer

    Catalogs Lightroom CC getting stuck on backup as I exit

    I always backup the catalogue when I exit Lightroom. I have recently started to experience the back-up starting, creating the backup folders but getting stuck before it starts creating the zip file. Is this a known bug or is it an issue with the computer. If I reboot and then go into...
  2. Steve Palmer

    Photos exported from LR to Photoshop showing strange behaviour when re-imported

    I have just upgraded to a MacBook M1. I can export to Photoshop (which I need to run under Rosetta due to the plugins I use). When I save the photo in Photoshop (tiff) it imports fine into LR except that the preview in Grid mode and in the navigator pain in Loupe (but not the main picture)...
  3. J

    Lightroom CC crashing on Windows 10 after updating to v5.0

    Looking for anyone who is having a similar issue, or anyone who knows how to fix it. This update is great on my iPhone, but every time I open Lightroom on my PC on v5.0 it immediately crashes. I've tried all of the basic troubleshooting: Uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom and Adobe CC...
  4. B

    Renamed files after being accidentaly deleted and recovered

    Hi all, Yesterday I accidentally deleted all of my wife's raw pictures from her hard disk. After the initial shock, I bought a recovery tool and I managed to restore all the files. Fe During the process of recovering deleted files, the old file name information is usually lost. This means that...