1. braver

    Quickly changing the lens for selected images

    I'm shooting my Leica Ms after a break and some of the lenses are uncoded, so I switch to manual, pick a nearest lens, and often forget to switch back to autodetection when returning to the 6-bit coded lenses. As a result I have a few cards where I roughly remember when I switched the lens but...
  2. R

    Common lens Model not found - Nikon Ai 35 mm

    I set the Lens Correction field Make to Nikon but it does not seem to list the famed & fast 35mm Ai lens on there. Any ideas?
  3. Geof Leigh

    Edit Exif data for lens

    I have recently bought a Sony Alpha 7 and am using it with vintage Minolta lenses which are manual (superb results btw). Of course this means lens data is not imported. I have searched the forums and found some posts dealing with this issue but the suggestions all seem messy or complex for a...
  4. mantra

    lens correction question ,lightroom cc 6.10

    hi i have not used lens correction for while , seeing i use a canon 5d mark 3 & 4 and some good lens like the 135L or the 200L and portraits but i have some shots taken with wilde and ultra wilde lenses and nikon gears i have the cc 6.10 and i run under w10 pro but is the lens correction...
  5. P

    lens cleaner that does not leave a film on the lens?

    I used to use Kodak's lens cleaner, which did the job but I could never get rid of the "film" from this cleaner. I know professionals can clean a lens without leaving a film, but I'm not a professional. I need something that works for ordinary mortals. Any suggestions pro/con? Phil