lens correction

  1. Paul_DS256

    Why Lens Profile Availability Varies for RAW vs JPG?

    I have a JPG image from a 3rd party. It was shot with a Canon camera but the only metadata lens details are that the it was a 10-17mm. I'm guessing that this is a Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fish-Eye 10-17mm since this is a popular lens for underwater photography which makes sense since we were on a...
  2. markus_1

    Customize Lens Correction Vendor List and Lens Model List

    Hi! I use several lenses that are not recognized by LR so I have to assign the lens correction profile manually a lot. So I would like to get rid of all those vendors and lenses I do not own or use. Any chance to achieve that? Kind regards Markus
  3. andrew.j.crouch

    Nikon D850 red chromatic line problems with files in Lightroom

    I don't know whether this is a Lightroom fault but I'll ask if anybody has had a similar problem. On certain files but only on a few in certain conditions red chromatic lines are appearing which I can't remove manually. I'm also using high quality Nikon lenses so could this be a lens correction...
  4. Paul_DS256

    "Enable Profile Corrections" Seems to Increase Exposure

    I took some pictures with my Sigma 10-20 lense on my Nikon D5300 for the first time in a long time. When I apply "Enable Profile Corrections" it seems to increase the exposure yet there no change in any of the sliders. I don't remember seeing this behavior before. The attached pictures don't...
  5. M

    Lens profile exists, shown in Library but not in Develop

    Hi - I recently took some photos in my Pentax K5 in full auto mode, and they are thus all JPG. In Lr in the Library module, the lens information is correctly shown, but in the Develop module, unlike with DNG files, it has to be selected manually. However, the lens (an smc DA) is not in the...
  6. T

    Lens correction: how to copy or save into preset

    Hi everybody, I bought manual lens which does not send any communication to the camera, so the exif information imported into Ligtroom CC about lens is incorect. I chose Lens manually from the list and realized that I am unable to copy this specify settings with Lens Correction to more images...