1. D

    hardware requirements

    As LR is cloudbased, what are the system requirements for use on a laptop? The adobe site is offering specs for LR classic. Are the requirements less for LR? Also if using LR web, are there no requirements on hardware for a laptop? I was looking at an dell latitude 7390 with an i5 8th gen...
  2. Ian Farlow

    Laptop and Desktop Options with Lightroom Classic

    As I see it, there are two basic options if I want to use Lightroom Classic with both a desktop and a laptop: I would have a master catalog on the desktop where all of my images reside, and a secondary (or "temporary") catalog on the laptop for use when I am away from the desktop. If I import...
  3. Suzanne015

    LR CC in Windows, sharing with Mac

    I'm just on the edge of purchasing a powerful Windows 10 computer. BUT....I currently do most of my work on an iMac...the LR is downloaded onto this, but all the photos it accesses are saved on an external hard drive. Occasionally, when I travel, I take my laptop with and use the same EHD. My...
  4. H

    Workflow for desktop and laptop with LR6.1

    Hi! I’m starting as a novice user to LightRoom6.14 even though I’ve played with LR for around a year. I saw a thread on the forum “Vacation Workflow” with LR6. I read that and thought I could use it as a basis for my general workflow yet…. The general conclusion was to use a single portable...
  5. J

    Transferring edits of a single image

    There are times when I want to just take the edits I've done in LR on my laptop where the image file is on a portable hard drive and just transfer them to my desktop which already has the image file but does not have the edits of that specific file. How do I transfer my edits?
  6. J

    Computer bonk, reinstalled LR 6 (CD), what now?

    I have LR 6 on my laptop and desktop. My laptop bonked and only way to save was to wipe it and start fresh. However, my data was saved. I had to re-install LR 6 on my laptop. Now what? I believe my edits/catalogs were saved on my hard drive on my laptop but now how do I import photos and...
  7. Win

    Laptop Recommendations - PC

    I get to order a new computer for my work and I need it to be beefy enough to run Photoshop well. I also need it to be a laptop and a PC (not a Mac). I would love input on what brands, types, and minimum specifications I should be requesting so as to have a computer that will be powerful enough...
  8. G

    Sub $1000 laptop

    I'm looking for a laptop under a grand for light gaming and medium Photoshop/Premiere Pro work. Very little if any 4k work. I am going to go to college this fall. I plan on going for graphic design or some other graphics intensive major. I need it to be acceptably usable for the next few...
  9. mayhsiu

    copyright symbol, windows 10, no numeric keypad laptop

    Hi, I just got a new Dell laptop without numeric keypad running Windows 10, and I am having a hard time adding the copyright symbol. I tried both the ALT + 169 and ALT + 0169 (this one is what works on my desktop) using the number keys on the top row of the keyboard) and it just beeps. Please...
  10. emi eden

    choosing a laptop for travel

    Hi all, I wonder if someone could please help me with regards to choosing a budget laptop for travel (india) and Lightroom. Unfortunately I have 5 days to find one and have it sent (my previous laptop broken), and I am also at this point unable to afford a Mac. I found an Asus for 329 which had...
  11. 7GenTX

    LR presets on desktop & laptop

    I want to copy the import and export presets from my desktop to my laptop. I know that these settings are not in the catalog so just copying the catalog will not do the trick. Where are the presets stored and where do I put them on the laptop? Thanks, Kaye