1. phrank

    metadata to hashtags

    hi, i times of social media it’s more and more important to annotate images. in terms of social media to use hashtags. i’m searching for a plugin / script / app to convert automatically IPTC data like metadata like keywords, sublocation, description, headline to hashtags on export. does...
  2. P

    Using Print Module to create a border.

    Hi I have created a white border around selected images using the print module in LR CC 2015.9 I have exported them as jpegs by selecting 'Print to jpeg' in the print job section - my question is - can I export them this way with their associated keywords still attached ? so that when I...
  3. WildVanilla

    Locations enter as metadata or as keywords?

    Hi The subject of this post has been bugging me for ages, but I thought I'd finally try and do something about it! Ever since I've used Lightroom I've been tagging locations onto my photos in two different ways: 1. In the metadata / location box, e.g. ISO: GB, Country: United Kingdom, State /...
  4. M

    Another keyword question.

    When I first started using Lightroom I didn't have the option ticked to write meta data to a sidecar file, I subsequently lost a lot of editing and keywords when the catalogue corrupted and the back up wouldn't work, I now have several thousand images without keywords, obviously I can find these...
  5. MRJJ

    Removing Unwanted Keywords

    When I first began using LR I had created several keywords that were great for that assignment. Now, whenever I begin a new project a couple of those original keywords pop up with an * after them. I have deleted them numerous times, yet they persist. Is there a way to permanently remove those...
  6. guido.coza

    keyword inside keyword not assigned

    Hi All Until now I was under the impression that if I have a picture in loupe view or even grid view in the Library module, and I go to my keyword list right-click it and than choose "create keyword inside ....." this newly created keyword will be assigned to the pictures selected. Now I realize...
  7. B

    Smart Collection for people

    Can anyone tell me how to create a Smart Collection based on people's names? If I create one with Keywords > contains all > John Smith (for example), it includes any photo that has a John in it and a Smith in it. What I want is for it to include only photos of John Smith specifically. I hope...
  8. B

    Less than X keywords

    Hi Is it possible to identify photos that have less than, say, three keywords? (Using a Smart Collection or otherwise.) I have the preset Smart Collection which identifies photos without any keywords, but I was hoping to go a bit further.
  9. P

    Exporting video keywords to Premiere Elements 14 Organizer

    For the last few years I've imported my videos into Lr. Having used Premiere 5.5 I'd like to move up but only go to the Elements version. I see they have an organizer, the keyword structure seems more rigged. I'm not sure if this is too limiting in being able to add all the keywords I want...
  10. Monty

    Capitalising KEYWORDS

    I am trying to add keywords beginning with Capital Letters but LR insists on demoting them to lower case (probably because they already exist in that form). How might I override this please?
  11. D

    How to add keywords from existing hierarchy during import.

    I have a carefully created and maintained Keyword hierarchy and when I import new photos from a card, the import allows one to insert keywords. But these KWs do not get added to my hierarchy, rather they are a new KW on the top most level. My answer to that has been to keyword after the...
  12. Tomas Griger

    Keywords with commas chaos

    I've found lots of duplicated keywords in my photos recently. I figured out the problem is that somehow, keywords appeared in my catalog that actually contain several keywords separated by commas. I don't know how they appeared, it could be via import from external file. This is causing a real...
  13. Antonio Correia

    I am in trouble as I accidently erased all my keywords

    I accidently erased all my keywords. I even do not know how I did it. Of course I clicked the erase button thinking I was erasing a photo from a collection. I have a back up a month old but meanwhile I have not backed-up everything. When I realized I had erased the keywords I did some "un-dos"...
  14. J

    Keyword list a mess

    Hi I have been incredibly disorganised and have a messed up list of keywords. Is there a way I can 'ditch' the current list and start a new one?