1. W

    Replicating keywords - master image to jpg derived from Export functionality

    I often have to produce a jpg from a raw file (CR2) and I want to know how I replicate the keywords that are already assigned to the raw file to the jpg file as the jpg is produced from the Export funtionality. I do this so that the jpg will appear in a Collection set together with the raw file.
  2. K

    About Security

    Hi guyzz, im kinda new to lightroom and starting to build up catalog for my 40k archive, so, one things i cant really understand is, where are catalog settings, such as pick flags, color labels, stars and keywords are stored, to back it up on hdd, because I decided to use smart collections...
  3. S

    Keywords - issue - can't re-arrange keywords.

    Hello everyone- I'm knew to the group, and was wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue. I'm using LR 5.7.1. At this point I really didn't have any reason to upgrade to a newer version. I was trying to re-arrange some of my keywords in my list. However, for some reason I am not able...
  4. B

    Synching keywords from LR to PS CC

    (When using LR, I have metadata saved to XMP files.) I have many photos that were originally processed using Bridge/PS CC. These images were imported to LR. When viewing the images using LR, all the keywords and other metadata seem correct. Now I have discovered that the Bridge...
  5. A

    Export keywords as watermark

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out a way to have my keyword show up on the picture like a water mark. This would happen upon export to jpg. Any ideas? Hoping to have it look like this in the end.
  6. Gronlund I

    How to purge Keyword hierarchy?

    Hi! I was trying to merge two catalogs by Importing from another catalog ( B, smaller to A, bigger), but because I have a simple keyword hierarchy, alphabets A,B,C,D... as parent keywords it leaded to a "keyword mess". So can the hierarchy somehow be purged from catalog B before merging?
  7. Stephanie Booth

    Syncomatic not working (fix? alternatives?)

    I've been trying to get syncomatic to work for days now, and though it seems to work once after opening a catalog, it doesn't after that. I'm trying to merge keywords. I've tried both identical filenames (and create a test case for that to makes sur) and capture time. No luck. Another option I...
  8. MarkNicholas

    Sync Syncing virtual copies from Classic to LRCC

    I would like to share my recent experience. Years ago (pre-LR) I scanned many printed photos. I did this by putting (usually 4) photos on a the flatbed scanner and scanning to produce a high resolution TIFF file. A few years later after I started using LR I imported all these scanned files...
  9. T

    Merging Keywords

    Dear All In order to clean up large database, i want to remove duplicates, but before (or while doing it) i need an extra feature : merging keywords of duplicate files. Real case : Original : i have some pictures in a folder / collection, tagged with keywords such as “ Project, Hotel...
  10. S

    Keywords appeared with the < character

    Hello. I had a long single list of keywords in Lightroom and found I was unable to scroll down to the bottom of the list. The forums told me this was a bug and there is no fix currently. As a cirumvention the advice was to create hierarchic keywords so I simply created A-Z and put all my...
  11. B

    Collection images and Key-worded images missing

    I recently moved my images to a new drive with a new path. I used the OS (OS X 10.13.3) to make the move. Then I imported the entire batch of images to a fresh catalog. Now many of my collections are only partially populated. As well my keywords no longer bring up the images either. The images...
  12. G

    Keyword count and functionality

    Do you think that Adobe will give serious arrention to revamping its handling of keywords anytime soon? They have introduced a count of keywords in a tooltip hover over the keyword entry panel. It tells you how many keywords you have entered. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much...
  13. NJHeart2Heart

    Questions about LR for Android..

    Mobile Operating System: Android Desktop Operating System: macbook pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5 classic I have not read much about the LR app - I have been too busy rebelling against the idea of a subscription- but I suddenly have discovered a few reasons which are...
  14. C

    Keywords in LR Web (or Portfolio)

    Operating System: Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] I'm working on scanning in many (3,500 so far) old photos from 1910 on from various family albums. Many have names transcribed from the albums and entered as Keywords. IN...
  15. J

    Lightroom crashes when I try to add keywords using a comma to separate

    Operating System: MacBook Pro, High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC After the first couple done successfully,, Lightroom crashes my computer when I try to add keywords, using a comma to separate them. Anyone else having this problem or have an...
  16. R

    Keywords won't delete from Keyword List

    Operating System:Mac High Sierra 10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic 7.0.1. Keywords won't delete now. Highlighting and Right-Clicking doesn't work, using the "-" symbol up top doesn't delete either. I have tried renaming the Keyword, that doesn't solve it...
  17. PeteGB

    Library module Smart collection when there are duplicate keywords

    Operating System: W10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC2015.12[1125239] I’ve got an extensive keyword structure and make use of collections and smart collection. I’m trying to create a Smart collection containing pictures of my new Grandaughter named Skye. Unfortunately...
  18. D

    Keywords and Keyword Sets

    Hello This question has most likely been asked before, so please forgive me if I am re-hashing questions already answered. I just built a new system, transferred over my catalogue, and most seems to be fine. I need to import?/add metadata presets to new system (copied file over from other...
  19. J

    Catalog merge and keywords missing

    Operating System:Mac Lightroom Version: 6.7 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I have imported my catalog from an external drive to another drive and kept my keywords intact but now they have disappeared? Any...
  20. Brian Scantlebury

    How do I recover last keywords

    Hi I have just tried to do a metadata update. That is I went to the metadata edit area and edited the metadata to try and get the copryright of appear on all image matadata. Having done that I went back to the folder I was working on and found all my keywords missing. Other folders seem ok. I...
  21. P

    Keyword import?

    I have been using Lightroom for 8+ years and I just managed to accidentally delete all my keywords. The keywords were on around 100,000 images and I am just devastated. I was importing some images to my catalog that someone had already keyworded. But of course, everyone keywords a little...
  22. W

    Multi criterion keyword filter

    Hi I want to be able to filter my photos on more than one keyword, for example, all leopards seen in Africa. If I click on the RHS of the keyword "leopards" it displays the African ones and ones I've seen elsewhere. Is there a way I can select the two keywords "leopard" and "Africa"? Thanks in...
  23. S

    Just allocated every keyword to every image.

    Says it all, really, I wasn't concentrating, selected all images, thinking it was just one particular folder and somehow managed to do what I said in the title. If it's taught me one thing, it's that I need to prune my keyword list! Is there anything I can do, or do I have to remove them all...
  24. NoelHSydney

    Keyword Management

    Hi everyone After using LR-CC for some time and now going through the photos and assigning Keywords to them I now have the need to control a little more what is exported out (and attached to the images). I can see that there is the ability to have one keyword, and one or more Synonyms. I know...
  25. Mark Lethlean

    Collapsing the Keyword Hierarchy

    Hi, I have a Keyword Hierarchy of all Australian birds down to subspecies. Is there a simple way of collapsing the hierarchy display down in stages. The only way I can achieve this at the moment is if I work on another parent word such as EVENTS or PEOPLE and the go back to my parent Keyword...