1. T

    Library module Apply multiple keywords at once with keyword set shortcut?

    Hi there, I am once again trying to optimize my keywording workflow for speed, specifically with keywords that re-occur over and over again, more specifically keywords that re-occur over and over in different combinations. What I have done was to create keyboard sets with the different...
  2. S

    Lost photos

    I have a keyword that shows 100 photos with that keyword. When I selected all the photos with that keyword and removed the keyword in the Keyword list it still shows one photo. I'm sure this has been asked and answered before but I can't find it.
  3. W

    Library module Keyword list hierarchy issue

    LR Classic v. 12.4 The Library Filter Keyword setting is set to "Hierarchy." View > Keyword > Hierarchy I use keyword hierarchies extensively in my historical extended families photos project. See examples in attachments 1 and 2. If I do a Keyword filter search in the Keyword List for...
  4. R

    AI? Smart Tags? Keywords? Adobe ELEMENTS ...stuff??

    Q: Can I "Smart Tags" in LightRoomCC yet? OR am I now (aug. 2023) expected to get Adobe Photoshop and/or Premiere ELEMENTS, to utilize Smart Tagging? Greetings. I've been playing with Lightroom for quite a while, but not seriously. I am not a photographer, but am a Web Designer for 10 years...
  5. robashcroftwales

    Library module New keyword not listed when typing on LRC 12.4

    I have added a new keyword called "pretty" to my existing list of well used keywords. When I use any of the old ones and start to type in the keywording panel after the first one or two characters typed it will prompt me with suggestions for which keyword I might want, which is very useful. But...
  6. E

    Establishing Source Filename Consistency in Lightroom without Losing Information

    Hi All I would like to store all my photos on disk by a simple unique serial number - as there are tens of thousands of them. For example ABX45667, ABX45668, ABX45669 etc However, I have a rag bag of existing filenames on my original photos - they are totally non-systematic but are actually...
  7. WildVanilla

    Search and Replace Plugin: Keywords > IPTC in version 2.0.

    Hi All I'm a big fan and long-term user of @johnbeardy 's Search and Replace plugin. My main use case is to populate location data in Keywords / ~IPTC Location, and then use the Keywords > IPTC facility to copy those details to the Sublocation/ City / State/ Country fields. Just updated...
  8. C

    "Export containing keywords"

    In my Lightroom set up, when a new keyword is created, the box for "export containing keywords" is checked by default. I never paid this much attention, because I didn't use the export function very frequently, and when I did export, I didn't really care if the containing keywords were exported...
  9. L

    Keywords Not Differentiating Properly between Capitalized Words and Non-capitalized Words

    Back in 2020 I asked about this but that thead is closed. I have never found a solution but did just report this as a bug to Adobe. Hoping some unfortunate souls have also been struggling with this issue and have figured out a new solution. Lightroom Classic Version Number: 11.5 and earlier OS...
  10. pedz

    "Naming" a virtual copy

    Instagram (to use a specific example) has a preferred aspect ratio which I rarely use except for Instagram posts. So, I make a virtual copy, resize, and post. Fine. It would be cool if I could "name" the copy. I predict everyone here knew this except me but it turns out that you can add...
  11. S

    Deleted top level keyword hierarchy, HELP

    I accidentally deleted a keyword which was the top level hierarchy of dozens of keywords, representing almost 200K images. My catalog was running slow and I was cleaning up the unwanted keywords I had that had populated from previous imports. LRC was running slow and not responding to the delete...
  12. M

    Auto-complete not working for person keywords

    I recently upgraded computers and imported my catalog into a new catalog on the new machine. Unfortunately, once complete, I noticed that auto-complete on my person keywords no longer works. Given the amount of old-photo archiving that I do, I have thousands of keywords. Does anyone have a...
  13. G

    Imported keywords from another catalogue not being found

    Lightroom Classic 10.3, Windows 10. I keep my main catalogue on my home computer. When I travel, I create a new catalogue on my laptop (also Windows 10), import all my then-existing keywords from my main catalogue, then add my new travel photos and new keywords, often place names, into the new...
  14. R

    Keywords Created on Mobile App Do Not Sync to Desktop...

    Just searched but couldn't find this issue. Have recently started using the mobile app on iOs. Everything syncs fine up to my desktop PC and Classic - except for keywords added. I'm assuming this is deliberately not enabled but cannot see why. It would save considerable time - I often get...
  15. C

    Selecting photos in the map module and applying keyword

    I am struggling with the following: I geotag all my photos and I apply keywords as much as possible. I am running into a problem now when I want to use both. This is the situation: I live close to an old dike that has protected a large part of my country against the sea (The "Westfriese...
  16. bill.fischer5

    Library module What is the character limit for a keyword in LRC & Mac photos. I will be importing from my Mac photos

    When I import my Mac photos into Lightroom I do not want to loose my album's. I am putting keywords in each of he photos in an album with the Prefix "ALB_' then the album name which can get very long. I then plan to create a collections for each album from the keywords. 1. Is this a good...
  17. C

    I'm not sure what this image count is telling me...

    If I understand how the image count in the keyword panel works, what I see below means that there is an image that has the explicit keyword BODIES OF WATER: If I click on the arrow to the right of BODIES OF WATER, the library now looks like this: LR has now found 583 images. BUT, in the...
  18. bill.fischer5

    Catalogs How do I Import Mac Face Tages as LRC people keywords

    I am preparing to import all my Mac photos into LRC. I have a lot of faces identified in Apples Face Tags. Is there an app to convert Mac face tag names to Keywords? Mac does not export face names. I need to make them keywords so i can export them to be imported into LRC
  19. Dirt Napper

    Keywords- slow

    Since the last two updates to LR 10 I find the program is slowing down, having to close and open. Lately, adding keywords is almost impossible. It will start to auto complete and just hang. I have also noticed that when in PS, for no reason I can see, it will go back to LR! I had rolled back...
  20. becksnyc

    Caption photos with lowest level keywords

    I am a visual learner and would like to create a slideshow of hundreds of insects with lowest level keyword as a caption. All of my insects are keyworded with every taxonomical level. I don't want to change the export settings for everything above the lowest level. Is there a way to automate...
  21. R

    Smart collection based on a single keyword

    I'm trying to create a smart collection based on the keyword 'portrait'. I want to find all images that have the keyword ...., portrait, (between the keyword separation commas). But no matter what I set it picks up the word portrait in other keywords, such as 'national portrait gallery'. Is...
  22. C

    "Export containing keywords" doesn't work if synonym is used

    If I assign a keyword synonym to an image, containing keywords are not exported, even if "Export containing keywords" is checked. If I assign the keyword itself (non-synonym), containing keywords ARE exported if that box is checked. This isn't a huge deal, but it does make synonyms less useful.
  23. D

    Online keyword syncing

    I have a large catalog in Lightroom Classic that I need to collaborate with some people to remotely keyword the images. LRCC of course doesn't sync keywords:bored:. I've tried several photo hosting services (smugmug, zenfolio), but I've run into some issues with them. All I want to do is publish...
  24. RobOK

    Syncing Keywords - what is current status?

    Trying to get my head around keywording between LR Classic and LR desktop. I have some, but not enough, tags applied in LR Classic, including People and Locations. Locations are in a hierarchy. Is this what happens: 1. LR Classic keywords sync to Cloud/LR and you can see them and delete them...
  25. N+13

    Keyword transfer

    It seems hit or miss when I export photos as jpg from one catalog and import them with Add to another catalog that the keywords come along. I cannot figure out what is different when they are missing. This has happened to me for many years and many versions of Classic. Any help is appreciated. N+13