1. C

    "Export containing keywords" doesn't work if synonym is used

    If I assign a keyword synonym to an image, containing keywords are not exported, even if "Export containing keywords" is checked. If I assign the keyword itself (non-synonym), containing keywords ARE exported if that box is checked. This isn't a huge deal, but it does make synonyms less useful.
  2. D

    Online keyword syncing

    I have a large catalog in Lightroom Classic that I need to collaborate with some people to remotely keyword the images. LRCC of course doesn't sync keywords:bored:. I've tried several photo hosting services (smugmug, zenfolio), but I've run into some issues with them. All I want to do is publish...
  3. RobOK

    Syncing Keywords - what is current status?

    Trying to get my head around keywording between LR Classic and LR desktop. I have some, but not enough, tags applied in LR Classic, including People and Locations. Locations are in a hierarchy. Is this what happens: 1. LR Classic keywords sync to Cloud/LR and you can see them and delete them...
  4. N+13

    Keyword transfer

    It seems hit or miss when I export photos as jpg from one catalog and import them with Add to another catalog that the keywords come along. I cannot figure out what is different when they are missing. This has happened to me for many years and many versions of Classic. Any help is appreciated. N+13
  5. D

    Need advice on cleaning up my keyword list

    Probably know the answer but... After 10+ years of using Lightroom and now with a library of over 50K images, I suddenly get the brilliant idea to clean up my keywords. I've looked at doing it in the past, but it was such a daunting task, I always put it off until 'later.' So, a few days ago...
  6. lbeck

    Is it possible to merge keywords to a more recent catalog?

    For months I've been actively editing my Lr catalog to both 1) delete photos and 2) enhance my "keepers". I've successfully updated my catalog by eliminating about 7000 photos and have done a decent job of editing the ones that I want to keep. Unfortunately, I haven't kept track of keywords in...
  7. L

    Auto Complete Not Working in Keywords Field

    Suddenly this morning when I try to enter a keyword in the auto complete field nothing is working - no suggestions. No list pops up of keywords already in the system of which there are thousands. I just did the latest update to the program so wondering if this got broken in the latest update...
  8. G

    Library module Sample Pictures Keywords: You may not want them

    I'm still new at Lightroom Classic so I've only entered a few keywords and assigned them to a few hundred images. No hierarchy. I wanted to unstack all of my images and to be sure I then did a Select All. The Keywords Tags list on the right has hundreds of keywords I didn't enter and many I...
  9. L

    Fixing my Keywords so they are all "Included on Export"

    I have a couple thousand keywords. Somehow a percentage of them are not marked to be included when I export image files. Do I have to individually select each keyword, right-click, select "Edit Keyword Tag," then choose "Include on Export?" And do this a couple thousand times. Or is there a...
  10. Stephen Powell

    Library module Key words suggestion for location detail

    We have been doing major landscaping at our home. I wanted to have quick access to work in progress to various locations. I divided up our block into a grid. Added a grid reference like A, 2 or G, 6 to the images. Keyword search with Landscaping and Grid location finds all images.
  11. G

    Unable to Create a Keyword

    Hi. I have been using Lightroom for many years and thought i understood most of it, but I have recently switched over to Classic and cannot create a new keyword. I select the + sign by the keyword list header and get the create keyword tag window. I put in a new name and select create, but the...
  12. Terributlerphotography

    Searching synonyms in Lightroom Classic

    I decided to finally clean up my keywords. I had over 2200 of them and as I'm a windows 10 OS user, I'm obviously challenged by the LR Adobe bug that only allows me to display 1600 rows of them in the keyword panel (this is a known bug for over 8 years that Adobe is unwilling to invest the...
  13. P

    SmugMug Smart Albums and lost keywords

    I'm getting started on creating some new albums in SmugMug using the plugin, but I can't figure out how to get all my keywords to upload. Some of the photos have some of the keywords, but for the most part they're missing. I've searched far and wide on the web for hints, but no pages I've...
  14. N

    Replacing an image in place with a new better scan, while retaining edits, orientation, crops, keywords, and collections?

    I have an unusual problem: I scanned a few thousand slides, and imported them into Lightroom Classic, fixed orientations, created some collections, did some edits, etc. I also retained the RAW scanner output - which isn't actually useful in Lightroom - it's scanner-specific, and LR doesn't...
  15. Cyndi25

    How do I get Lightroom to keep two words together?

    If I put in a street address, 1234 Main Street, Lightroom does the following: 1234, Main, Street I used to be able to do this, I think. I can't seem to find out how to do it now. In the example, I left out the apostrophes. They aren't germane to my question. Please help.
  16. W

    Replicating keywords - master image to jpg derived from Export functionality

    I often have to produce a jpg from a raw file (CR2) and I want to know how I replicate the keywords that are already assigned to the raw file to the jpg file as the jpg is produced from the Export funtionality. I do this so that the jpg will appear in a Collection set together with the raw file.
  17. K

    About Security

    Hi guyzz, im kinda new to lightroom and starting to build up catalog for my 40k archive, so, one things i cant really understand is, where are catalog settings, such as pick flags, color labels, stars and keywords are stored, to back it up on hdd, because I decided to use smart collections...
  18. S

    Keywords - issue - can't re-arrange keywords.

    Hello everyone- I'm knew to the group, and was wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue. I'm using LR 5.7.1. At this point I really didn't have any reason to upgrade to a newer version. I was trying to re-arrange some of my keywords in my list. However, for some reason I am not able...
  19. B

    Synching keywords from LR to PS CC

    (When using LR, I have metadata saved to XMP files.) I have many photos that were originally processed using Bridge/PS CC. These images were imported to LR. When viewing the images using LR, all the keywords and other metadata seem correct. Now I have discovered that the Bridge...
  20. A

    Export keywords as watermark

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out a way to have my keyword show up on the picture like a water mark. This would happen upon export to jpg. Any ideas? Hoping to have it look like this in the end.
  21. Gronlund I

    How to purge Keyword hierarchy?

    Hi! I was trying to merge two catalogs by Importing from another catalog ( B, smaller to A, bigger), but because I have a simple keyword hierarchy, alphabets A,B,C,D... as parent keywords it leaded to a "keyword mess". So can the hierarchy somehow be purged from catalog B before merging?
  22. Stephanie Booth

    Syncomatic not working (fix? alternatives?)

    I've been trying to get syncomatic to work for days now, and though it seems to work once after opening a catalog, it doesn't after that. I'm trying to merge keywords. I've tried both identical filenames (and create a test case for that to makes sur) and capture time. No luck. Another option I...
  23. MarkNicholas

    Sync Syncing virtual copies from Classic to LRCC

    I would like to share my recent experience. Years ago (pre-LR) I scanned many printed photos. I did this by putting (usually 4) photos on a the flatbed scanner and scanning to produce a high resolution TIFF file. A few years later after I started using LR I imported all these scanned files...
  24. T

    Merging Keywords

    Dear All In order to clean up large database, i want to remove duplicates, but before (or while doing it) i need an extra feature : merging keywords of duplicate files. Real case : Original : i have some pictures in a folder / collection, tagged with keywords such as “ Project, Hotel...
  25. S

    Keywords appeared with the < character

    Hello. I had a long single list of keywords in Lightroom and found I was unable to scroll down to the bottom of the list. The forums told me this was a bug and there is no fix currently. As a cirumvention the advice was to create hierarchic keywords so I simply created A-Z and put all my...