1. gYab61zH

    Keywords added out of nowhere ...

    When I started my LRC this morning I suddenly noticed a large number of non-hierarchical keywords had been added to my catalogue. I use hierarchical keywords so the new ones stand out like a sore thumb. Also, none of the added keywords have any images attached and they look as if they come from...
  2. woodini254

    Can't Seem to be Able to use Keyword Search

    On my mobile I have assigned keywords to some of my photo's but when I go to either 'search' or 'Keyword' search it comes back with no hits am I doing anything wrong. I had no problems with keywords in LR Classic or LR V5.
  3. A

    webgallery with search possibility

    Hi I want to find a LR-gallery template to my website where my customers can search my lightroom keywords to find specific images. Is this possible? Best regards Ole
  4. murali

    Keywords are missing in the exported catalog

    To test, I exported my small catalog (50 pictures each with one keyword). Automatically write changes into XMP in Catalog Settings is checked. When I open the exported catalog on the same machine, the keywords are missing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  5. D

    Migrated catalog – lost keywords

    Can anyone help? Bought a new computer, and migrated my Lightroom Classic setup to the new desktop. Followed all the rules, and in fact Lightroom finds my several thousand photos. There they are, in the LR library folders. But keywords have all been removed from my photos! No keywords at...