1. S

    Syncing the Collective Keywords from multiple images with a group of images

    I have a group of images that are duplicates of each other, but didn't realize it when I keyworded them. So as a result some of them have more and different keywords than others. I want to sync all the collective keywords from all the images and then will delete the duplicated images. From what...
  2. P

    Keyword Tag clarification please

    Could somebody please clarify the difference between: "Create Keyword Tag inside...." and "Put New Keyword Inside....." when using hierarchical keywording [Lightroom 6.14 *yes, I know, time to update!!* both on Windows and OSX Mojave). I cannot see a practical difference in my finished keyword...
  3. E

    A more advanced Keywords List Panel question

    I have an extensive Keyword List Section and I’m in the process of redoing a vast majority of my keywords, and I have run into a few incredibly annoying problems... The first question is how do you search for compound words? by that I mean how do you search for "WordOne WordTwo"and ONLY show...
  4. A

    Automatically keyword numbers in photos?

    Is there a plugin or a hack to either automatically keyword or at least search (that would probably apply more to LR) by the numbers visible in the photos? This is helpful to sports photographers. Not every shot will show a jersey number clearly, but if a half does and get thus indexed, that...
  5. K

    Keywording auto-complete don't work

    Auto-completing don't work (works only partly) I created en empty new catalog. Importet all images from an old catalog. I did not get any errormessages during the import. Auto-completing worked fine in the old catalog. In the new catalog only some of the matching keywords shows up. Using...
  6. B

    Way to Allow someone else to add Keywords to Photos

    Hello, I am currently photographing and archiving family photo albums that my mother sent me. There are well over 1000 photos to capture and catalog. I have been trying to research a way to allow my mother to add keywords to photos remotely. I am using LRC and see that Lightroom CC does not...
  7. J

    Key Wording Options in LR CC

    I am a keen amateur picture taker. I am contemplating making the move from LR Classic to CC primarily to take advantage of the mobile benefits. I nowadays use my iPhone as my principal camera utilising several apps. I have several concerns, the first is as follows. I presently use keywords in...
  8. P

    Library module Help me think through this keywording issue

    Back story: At one time I had high hopes for custom XMP metadata fields, because Adobe described such fields in their original documents about XMP. But they failed to follow through, and even today Lightroom doesn't natively support custom metadata fields. And even if Lightroom did, no other...
  9. P

    Library module Can auto-tag add-ins work well with a keyword hierarchy?

    Operating System:Win 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 7.2 There are several programs like excire, Excire Search - Find your Lightroom Images fast and intuitive , that automatically add keywords to a photo based on image recognition techniques. it appears that these...
  10. G

    Keyword count and functionality

    Do you think that Adobe will give serious arrention to revamping its handling of keywords anytime soon? They have introduced a count of keywords in a tooltip hover over the keyword entry panel. It tells you how many keywords you have entered. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much...
  11. Newmarket2

    free alternative for storing photos and managing meta data

    I've been using LR for years and love it. We've got a small business and my partner, who isn't familiar with LR and doesn't need most of the LR features associated with post-processing. But we she does need to keep track of images that we receive and then publish in FB posts, ads, on our...
  12. Dano59

    Keyboard shortcuts for keywording??

    We're using LR cc on a mac platform at work. We regularly catalog 1,000+ "snapshots" for projects. Our workflow seems to work well except for keywording... which is often neglected because it tends to be very time consuming. We really only use 6 primary keywords but relevant images are...
  13. M

    Another keyword question.

    When I first started using Lightroom I didn't have the option ticked to write meta data to a sidecar file, I subsequently lost a lot of editing and keywords when the catalogue corrupted and the back up wouldn't work, I now have several thousand images without keywords, obviously I can find these...
  14. M

    Keyword updating question.

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me if changing/updating keywords in Lightroom Library mode, should Lightroom automatically update any previously exported images too? The photographs are not in any collections. Mine doesn't appear to do so.
  15. D

    LR Performance During Keywording

    I've been having performance problems during keywording. Keywording works fine initially, and gets gradually less and less responsive. In addition, selecting photos gets less responsive, and sometimes clicks for selection are ignored. Leaving LR and restarting temporarily resolves the issue...
  16. A

    Importing Partial Filename as Keywords

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to check this thread. I am new here and I look forward to your help ^^;; I use lightroom for a number of things! One of my usage for it is cataloguing about 50k mostly-unique art references. The catalog is kept separate from everything else and...
  17. SteveH

    Exporting Keywords to a second machine

    Hi, my first post here so hope this is correct. I intend to use my 2nd copy of Lightroom on my Macbook for travel photos using the new catalog technique - i.e. import and work on my pics (including metadata & keywording) on my travels and then export / import the catalog into my master catalog...
  18. B

    Smart Collection for people

    Can anyone tell me how to create a Smart Collection based on people's names? If I create one with Keywords > contains all > John Smith (for example), it includes any photo that has a John in it and a Smith in it. What I want is for it to include only photos of John Smith specifically. I hope...
  19. lnicole

    Export files with keywords - to re-import files

    Hi all, I'm running into a problem. I wasn't sure if I should post here or in Workflow, but as it deals mainly with export - I'll post here. I have vintage image scan Photoshop documents that I have keyworded in Lightroom. I need to export these to my assistant to retouch in Photoshop and then...
  20. B

    Less than X keywords

    Hi Is it possible to identify photos that have less than, say, three keywords? (Using a Smart Collection or otherwise.) I have the preset Smart Collection which identifies photos without any keywords, but I was hoping to go a bit further.
  21. D

    Family Photo Keyword Hierarchy

    Hi There, I've completed scanning 7000+ slides of my family and I'm anxious to begin keywording. I've read so much I'm going cross eyed, but I still don't understand what my hierarchy should look like. I've started down the road of a Who, What, Where, When approach, but don't know if this is...
  22. D

    Workflow Thoughts? Your input greatly appreciated.

    Background: Keywording and organizing approx. 7000 photos represents the 2nd half of a project I started years ago where I began and completed scanning my family slide collection. My goal is to provide the photos to my family members (of varying technical ability) on a USB key and online where...