1. Cuzzinbrucie

    How to remove keywords derived from filenames?

    How do I remove keywords that were derived from filenames? See screenshot attached. I realize the screenshot is from SmugMug but I can't find a panel in LR that displays these keywords.
  2. Bill Plunkett

    Catalog merge and keywords

    Greetings, I have 2 catalogs, 1 quite large with over 60,000 images and a newer one with only a few thousand. I haven't been able to find any advice about how large a catalog can be so I am going to assume that the upper limit to number of images isn't a problem. My images are extensively...
  3. A

    Importing Partial Filename as Keywords

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to check this thread. I am new here and I look forward to your help ^^;; I use lightroom for a number of things! One of my usage for it is cataloguing about 50k mostly-unique art references. The catalog is kept separate from everything else and...
  4. mkilci

    Fresh Start? Need advice please...

    Hello all. I am a long time LR user with over 100K images. Seperate catalogs for paid work. My main LR library is a mess although I tried to keep things under control, I decided to restart a new catalog. Here is my question, and I know many would have a different approach, but want to hear the...
  5. D

    Keywording problem

    Hi all, this is driving me mad because I should be able to understand what's going on ... Running LR6.3, Win 7 64 bit. I want to create a new keyword, at the top level but whichever way I try to do so, it finishes nested beneath a keyword I'm not even using at the moment. It's always in the...
  6. B

    How to sort your faces/persons from left to right?

    I like the face recognition and ability to tag faces/persons in LR. What I don't like is that the names are added to the keywords sorted alphabetically. I guess there is no way to sort keywords differently? What I would really like is to get them added as Caption/Description, sorted from left to...
  7. B

    Smart Collection for people

    Can anyone tell me how to create a Smart Collection based on people's names? If I create one with Keywords > contains all > John Smith (for example), it includes any photo that has a John in it and a Smith in it. What I want is for it to include only photos of John Smith specifically. I hope...
  8. lnicole

    Export files with keywords - to re-import files

    Hi all, I'm running into a problem. I wasn't sure if I should post here or in Workflow, but as it deals mainly with export - I'll post here. I have vintage image scan Photoshop documents that I have keyworded in Lightroom. I need to export these to my assistant to retouch in Photoshop and then...
  9. B

    Exporting hierarchical keywords

    Hi is there any way to export a list including ie filename and the hierarchical keywords of the selected images? GeneralIy I use LR/Transporter (for importing and exporting) or ListView for exporting - but non of these extensions exports hierarchical keywords - only somehow flat and sorted...
  10. B

    Less than X keywords

    Hi Is it possible to identify photos that have less than, say, three keywords? (Using a Smart Collection or otherwise.) I have the preset Smart Collection which identifies photos without any keywords, but I was hoping to go a bit further.
  11. D

    Keyword filter smart collection seems not to work

    Hi all, I am trying to create a smart collection that will show me all photo's containing a particular keyword and none of a number of other keywords. So the rules for this collection are Show all of the following rules Keyword contains X Keyword does not contain Y Keyword does not contain Z...
  12. P

    Larger Panel to add Keywords

    Besides the individual panels to add 9 keyworks tags is there a way to expand past 9 or maybe some kind of plugin to make adding keywords faster?
  13. D

    Creating smart collections using keywords

    Hi all, Because Apple is discontinuing Aperture I am now looking into LR6, of which I downloaded the trial version. My first impression is not bad and I think I can live with it. Of course some things are handled differently than in Aperture, some are smarter and more complete, other are not...
  14. D

    Family Photo Keyword Hierarchy

    Hi There, I've completed scanning 7000+ slides of my family and I'm anxious to begin keywording. I've read so much I'm going cross eyed, but I still don't understand what my hierarchy should look like. I've started down the road of a Who, What, Where, When approach, but don't know if this is...
  15. J

    keyword help

    when i keyword a picture in a catalog, sometimes i get an asterisk (star *) after the keyword that i type in. what does the asterisk mean?