1. M

    Keyword updating question.

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me if changing/updating keywords in Lightroom Library mode, should Lightroom automatically update any previously exported images too? The photographs are not in any collections. Mine doesn't appear to do so.
  2. Cuzzinbrucie

    How to remove keywords derived from filenames?

    How do I remove keywords that were derived from filenames? See screenshot attached. I realize the screenshot is from SmugMug but I can't find a panel in LR that displays these keywords.
  3. Bill Plunkett

    Catalog merge and keywords

    Greetings, I have 2 catalogs, 1 quite large with over 60,000 images and a newer one with only a few thousand. I haven't been able to find any advice about how large a catalog can be so I am going to assume that the upper limit to number of images isn't a problem. My images are extensively...
  4. A

    Importing Partial Filename as Keywords

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to check this thread. I am new here and I look forward to your help ^^;; I use lightroom for a number of things! One of my usage for it is cataloguing about 50k mostly-unique art references. The catalog is kept separate from everything else and...
  5. mkilci

    Fresh Start? Need advice please...

    Hello all. I am a long time LR user with over 100K images. Seperate catalogs for paid work. My main LR library is a mess although I tried to keep things under control, I decided to restart a new catalog. Here is my question, and I know many would have a different approach, but want to hear the...
  6. D

    Keywording problem

    Hi all, this is driving me mad because I should be able to understand what's going on ... Running LR6.3, Win 7 64 bit. I want to create a new keyword, at the top level but whichever way I try to do so, it finishes nested beneath a keyword I'm not even using at the moment. It's always in the...
  7. B

    How to sort your faces/persons from left to right?

    I like the face recognition and ability to tag faces/persons in LR. What I don't like is that the names are added to the keywords sorted alphabetically. I guess there is no way to sort keywords differently? What I would really like is to get them added as Caption/Description, sorted from left to...
  8. B

    Smart Collection for people

    Can anyone tell me how to create a Smart Collection based on people's names? If I create one with Keywords > contains all > John Smith (for example), it includes any photo that has a John in it and a Smith in it. What I want is for it to include only photos of John Smith specifically. I hope...
  9. lnicole

    Export files with keywords - to re-import files

    Hi all, I'm running into a problem. I wasn't sure if I should post here or in Workflow, but as it deals mainly with export - I'll post here. I have vintage image scan Photoshop documents that I have keyworded in Lightroom. I need to export these to my assistant to retouch in Photoshop and then...
  10. B

    Exporting hierarchical keywords

    Hi is there any way to export a list including ie filename and the hierarchical keywords of the selected images? GeneralIy I use LR/Transporter (for importing and exporting) or ListView for exporting - but non of these extensions exports hierarchical keywords - only somehow flat and sorted...
  11. B

    Less than X keywords

    Hi Is it possible to identify photos that have less than, say, three keywords? (Using a Smart Collection or otherwise.) I have the preset Smart Collection which identifies photos without any keywords, but I was hoping to go a bit further.
  12. D

    Keyword filter smart collection seems not to work

    Hi all, I am trying to create a smart collection that will show me all photo's containing a particular keyword and none of a number of other keywords. So the rules for this collection are Show all of the following rules Keyword contains X Keyword does not contain Y Keyword does not contain Z...
  13. P

    Larger Panel to add Keywords

    Besides the individual panels to add 9 keyworks tags is there a way to expand past 9 or maybe some kind of plugin to make adding keywords faster?
  14. D

    Creating smart collections using keywords

    Hi all, Because Apple is discontinuing Aperture I am now looking into LR6, of which I downloaded the trial version. My first impression is not bad and I think I can live with it. Of course some things are handled differently than in Aperture, some are smarter and more complete, other are not...
  15. D

    Family Photo Keyword Hierarchy

    Hi There, I've completed scanning 7000+ slides of my family and I'm anxious to begin keywording. I've read so much I'm going cross eyed, but I still don't understand what my hierarchy should look like. I've started down the road of a Who, What, Where, When approach, but don't know if this is...
  16. J

    keyword help

    when i keyword a picture in a catalog, sometimes i get an asterisk (star *) after the keyword that i type in. what does the asterisk mean?