1. Kevin Sholder

    Library module Keywords -> Synonyms

    In addition to photography, I've got a larger than average collection of family photographs used for genealogy research that are in various stages of having Keywords added to them. I'd like to clarify what I think is true about Keywords and Synonyms if possible. Please feel free to confirm...
  2. S

    Keyword confusion

    I have a catalog of about 45,000 photos and a fairly extensive keyword hierarchy. One keyword I have is "Oilwell". If I browse the keyword hierarchy I can see that I have 7 photos tagged with the keyword Oilwell. If I go to the library filter and go to the "Text" tab and enter the criteria Text...
  3. Jim Leask

    Create import keyword with date and time

    How do I create a keyword on import that includes the import date and time? I would like to automatically create a keyword for each import, so I can easily track each time I import photos from a card. I often import multiple cards or cards from different cameras, then want to go back to...
  4. Skippermark

    Auto Advance When Keywording Photos

    Hi. Is there a keyboard shortcut to auto advance to the next photo in the "film strip" at the bottom? I keyword all my photos after editing and after keywording one of them, I don't like having to move the mouse to click on the next photo I want to keyword. If there was a keyboard shortcut so I...
  5. B

    Library module Keyword within Library Module not working correctly

    Hi there. Need some help with strange behaviour in Keyword Filtering I have worked with LR for about 5 years and I'm very happy with it. (former Aperture :D ) Since a few days I have trouble in filtering out some of my pictures based on a sett of Keywords. With the Smart Collection the same...
  6. Michael Naylor

    Keyword Hierarchy - which is correct?

    I've recently returned to Lightroom, having wasted so much time believing Media Pro / Capture One would be better - it isn't! However, it did allow me to sort out some of the organisational mess I'd previously created. But now I see a problem and hope someone can shed some light on this...
  7. S

    convert obsolete video and preserve keywords

    Operating System:Win 8 Home premium Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.7.1 PROBLEM: Old video entries (in obsolete MOV format) have keywords associated with them. I want to import new versions of those videos ( transcoded to MP4 format) and attach the keywords to those new...
  8. G

    Keyword count and functionality

    Do you think that Adobe will give serious arrention to revamping its handling of keywords anytime soon? They have introduced a count of keywords in a tooltip hover over the keyword entry panel. It tells you how many keywords you have entered. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much...
  9. O

    Library module People Keywording confusion

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Hi All, I have a problem in understanding people keywording hierarchy. Lets say my people section looks like below; #people (not exported) P1 P2 Family P3 P4 Friends P5 P6 P1 to P6 are assigned by tagging faces with face...
  10. Ian.B

    deleting old keywords from hard drive

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Win 10 sorry; another i may have asked here before On1 is picking up ALL old unused, deleted from Lr keywords; even some I have not seen for years Is there a way to safely remove keywords from the hard drive? Cheers
  11. OogieM

    Library module Keyword Philosophy for people?

    Operating System:Mac Os El Capitan Lightroom Version: latest CC Question or Description of Problem: More of a philosophy question. How do you keyword people's names? Initially I started with firstname_lastname but quickly realized that was not particularly useful when looking at the list of...
  12. C

    Keyword Heirarchy

    Operating System:Win 7 64 bit Lightroom Version: CC (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: Cannot add to parent from child. If I drag a photo to a child keyword (Heron) it isn't added to the parent (Bird)
  13. P

    Remove keyword from keyword list but keep it with photos

    I have some keywords that will never be used again so I want to remove them from the keyword list however I want the keywords to remain with the photo. Is there a way to do this or archive the keyword?
  14. L

    Personal metadata vs Public metadata

    Very often I want to add metadata to an image that is personal like where I was and who I was with when I took a photo, or how I was feeling. But I also need a caption that is appropriate for stock use or for when the metadata is accidentally exported. Is there some way to do this, to have two...
  15. Cuzzinbrucie

    Can't remove LR keyword synonym from SmugMug keyword search list

    A while back I added a keyword synonym DB19451216 to a person's name keyword in LR. I decided to remove it so I double clicked the person's name in the keyword list and removed the synonym. Then I re-published all my images to SmugMug. The synonym DB19451216 still appears in the SmugMug keyword...
  16. M

    Another keyword question.

    When I first started using Lightroom I didn't have the option ticked to write meta data to a sidecar file, I subsequently lost a lot of editing and keywords when the catalogue corrupted and the back up wouldn't work, I now have several thousand images without keywords, obviously I can find these...
  17. M

    Keyword updating question.

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me if changing/updating keywords in Lightroom Library mode, should Lightroom automatically update any previously exported images too? The photographs are not in any collections. Mine doesn't appear to do so.
  18. Cuzzinbrucie

    How to remove keywords derived from filenames?

    How do I remove keywords that were derived from filenames? See screenshot attached. I realize the screenshot is from SmugMug but I can't find a panel in LR that displays these keywords.
  19. B

    Catalog merge and keywords

    Greetings, I have 2 catalogs, 1 quite large with over 60,000 images and a newer one with only a few thousand. I haven't been able to find any advice about how large a catalog can be so I am going to assume that the upper limit to number of images isn't a problem. My images are extensively...
  20. A

    Importing Partial Filename as Keywords

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to check this thread. I am new here and I look forward to your help ^^;; I use lightroom for a number of things! One of my usage for it is cataloguing about 50k mostly-unique art references. The catalog is kept separate from everything else and...
  21. mkilci

    Fresh Start? Need advice please...

    Hello all. I am a long time LR user with over 100K images. Seperate catalogs for paid work. My main LR library is a mess although I tried to keep things under control, I decided to restart a new catalog. Here is my question, and I know many would have a different approach, but want to hear the...
  22. D

    Keywording problem

    Hi all, this is driving me mad because I should be able to understand what's going on ... Running LR6.3, Win 7 64 bit. I want to create a new keyword, at the top level but whichever way I try to do so, it finishes nested beneath a keyword I'm not even using at the moment. It's always in the...
  23. B

    How to sort your faces/persons from left to right?

    I like the face recognition and ability to tag faces/persons in LR. What I don't like is that the names are added to the keywords sorted alphabetically. I guess there is no way to sort keywords differently? What I would really like is to get them added as Caption/Description, sorted from left to...
  24. B

    Smart Collection for people

    Can anyone tell me how to create a Smart Collection based on people's names? If I create one with Keywords > contains all > John Smith (for example), it includes any photo that has a John in it and a Smith in it. What I want is for it to include only photos of John Smith specifically. I hope...
  25. lnicole

    Export files with keywords - to re-import files

    Hi all, I'm running into a problem. I wasn't sure if I should post here or in Workflow, but as it deals mainly with export - I'll post here. I have vintage image scan Photoshop documents that I have keyworded in Lightroom. I need to export these to my assistant to retouch in Photoshop and then...