1. life+wild

    Ghost keywords keep haunting me

    Greetings - I've just become a new member and scoured your forum for information about my issue. It appears that at least a few others have experienced the phenomenon of ghost keywords in Lightroom Classic before, and I have been getting them for the last few weeks. But all of the old...
  2. M

    Can not import Keywords exported from am existing Catalogue to a new Catalogue

    Hello all. I am trying to import keyword exported from a lightroom catalog to a new catalog on the same Lightroom Classic but I am getting the error "only text files encoted with ASCII or Unicode UTF-8 are supported when importing keywords" Do note that I can re-import the keywords to the...
  3. J

    Reorganizing keywords--capture date messed up

    I've been undertaking a long-postponed task of reorganizing my keywords into a hierarchy. It's a pain, as I expected. What I didn't expect is that when I move a keyword into a new place in the hierarchy, the "capture date" shown in the Metadata panel on the right side of LR will occasionally...
  4. sgandy

    Is there documentation on the various choices for keywords in Smart Collections?

    I read a really good thread here that discussed that a space is considered an "OR" in a multiword-keyword and how that can bite you because you'll get images returned that have the any of the individual words. ....but it would be nice to see all the choices in the smart collection environment...
  5. Nessus


    Due to being laid off, I am trimming my budget wherever I can. Lightroom Classic 11.4 for Windows is one of the casualties. Nearly all of my images are DNG. How can I ensure that all of the pictures retain their keywords when I export/save them as DNG? I have until July 20th before my plan...
  6. A

    LrC and LR synching woes

    Great original content, great forum, thank you, Victoria. I feel I have wasted too much time trying to find answers on my own or going to the semi-official Adobe support forum. I see that there is an LrC and an LR subforums. There should be one for "Trying to live in LrC and LR at once and...
  7. bill.fischer5

    Keyword Counts in a hierarchy

    My keywords are in a hierarchy: WHAT>DOGS>Dog_Name. Each named dog may have several photos. I would like to know the number of individual dogs. The count for the DOGS keyword is too high so there must be som photos with the keyword "DOGS" I have close to 200 named dogs and a total of about...
  8. all2alb

    search for a keyword without containing keywords

    Hi everybody. I would like to search for a keyword without also having in the results the containing keywords. I make an example, hoping to clarify the issue. I have a photo (A) with the keyword BUILDING and another one (B) with the keyword SCHOOL. The keyword SCHOOL is nested under the...
  9. thommy

    Organize my keywords hierarchically

    Hi I have a looooong flat list of keywords and want to bring some order in the chaos with just a few top " keyword holders". Like WHO? WHAT? WHERE? etc... What is the best way to reorganize? Any helpful plugins or tips how to do this? I rather not want to drag and drop in this loooong list of...
  10. A

    Can't find a keyword hierarchy option

    Hi all! I recall recently selecting a keyword option so that everything within a keyword hierarchy (ie, all the sub-levels) shows when searching the keyword list - not just the keywords from the search. It's been really handy whilst organising my hierarchies better. However, I'd like to...
  11. bill.fischer5

    Keyword list exporting and importing in LRC

    I spent many hours cleaning up my keywords and building a new hierarchy. I accidentally applied a 4 star rating to all 105,000 photos. This wiped out years of work. Unfortunately I backed up my LRC before I realized what I had done. I could not undo the star ratings. I have a previous...
  12. A

    A keyword bug?

    Hello all: I've noticed for some time a strange keyword. "Exercise" shows up all over the place, even though it's not in my keyword list. Also, it sucks up other keywords and nests them under it. When I click on a image and see Alcatraz<exercise, there are no check marks next to anything but...
  13. R

    Keyword blunder

    Hi, Folks -- I have Lightroom Classic and have (so far) imported about 30,000 photos, stored in different media, taken over the last 10 years. At the time of each import, I entered keywords at least for the location and sometimes for people, types of buildings, animals, etc. Somehow -- I can't...
  14. B

    Library module Searching combined keywords

    Occasionally, I have a need to search (among all or within selected) for photos with criteria based on 'combinations' of keywords. Assume that K1 and K2 are two different and used keywords. How do I find photos having: - K1 AND K2? - K1 XOR K2? - K1 AND (NOT K2)? - (NOT K1) AND...
  15. T

    Integration of Lightroom classic and Alamy

    Hi I'm looking to start publishing images on alamy so looking for some advice Is there are current working plugin to upload and manage images? If i use the lightroom hierarchical keywording structure do all the levels get pulled through just like they do on export depending on what you have...
  16. I

    Is there a shortcut to select a Collection and all its images

    When I click a Collection the view switches to the images of the Collection with 1 Selected image. Is there a way to click a Collection which switches to the images of the Collection but also selects all the images in the Collection. Currently I have to use Ctrl-A, which whilst not a huge deal...
  17. I

    Library module Face Recognition and Keywords - In a pickle

    I have got into a bit of a pickle with peoples names and keywords. I have read elsewhere of Lightroom 'hijacking' a keyword to use it as a People keyword. In the people module I have 2052 images identified as my son. The keyword of my sons name has 2137 identified images. I have found that I...
  18. H

    View all keywords

    Is there a way to view a list of all keywords that are used in my library, in the Lightroom CC desktop app? I have expanded the keywords panel but it only displays the keywords that have been applied to the selected photo(s).
  19. nIkedoni1a

    How to check for Keywords Already assigned to an image

    Is there a simple way to see what keywords have already been assigned to an image?
  20. Kevin Sholder

    Library module Keywords -> Synonyms

    In addition to photography, I've got a larger than average collection of family photographs used for genealogy research that are in various stages of having Keywords added to them. I'd like to clarify what I think is true about Keywords and Synonyms if possible. Please feel free to confirm...
  21. S

    Keyword confusion

    I have a catalog of about 45,000 photos and a fairly extensive keyword hierarchy. One keyword I have is "Oilwell". If I browse the keyword hierarchy I can see that I have 7 photos tagged with the keyword Oilwell. If I go to the library filter and go to the "Text" tab and enter the criteria Text...
  22. Jim Leask

    Create import keyword with date and time

    How do I create a keyword on import that includes the import date and time? I would like to automatically create a keyword for each import, so I can easily track each time I import photos from a card. I often import multiple cards or cards from different cameras, then want to go back to...
  23. Skippermark

    Auto Advance When Keywording Photos

    Hi. Is there a keyboard shortcut to auto advance to the next photo in the "film strip" at the bottom? I keyword all my photos after editing and after keywording one of them, I don't like having to move the mouse to click on the next photo I want to keyword. If there was a keyboard shortcut so I...
  24. Bandita FIlm

    Library module Keyword within Library Module not working correctly

    Hi there. Need some help with strange behaviour in Keyword Filtering I have worked with LR for about 5 years and I'm very happy with it. (former Aperture :D ) Since a few days I have trouble in filtering out some of my pictures based on a sett of Keywords. With the Smart Collection the same...
  25. Michael Naylor

    Keyword Hierarchy - which is correct?

    I've recently returned to Lightroom, having wasted so much time believing Media Pro / Capture One would be better - it isn't! However, it did allow me to sort out some of the organisational mess I'd previously created. But now I see a problem and hope someone can shed some light on this...