keyword list

  1. G

    How to keep keyword list the same across 2 compute

    I'm looking for the best way to keep my Keyword list the same across platforms. an updated. I have lightroom classic installed on 2 computers (laptop & desktop) I tend to make additions to the Keyword list on the laptop as I import new photo. I transfer old parts of my Laptop catalog to...
  2. F

    How do I stop LrC from adding new keywords to my list from imported media files?

    I am using LrC 12.2.1 on Mac Ventura OS. I have created a customised hierarchy of keywords that I don't want corrupted with unauthorised additions. I thought I might get rid of the unwanted additions by simply importing my backup list, but could not figure out how to delete the current keyword...
  3. E

    A more advanced Keywords List Panel question

    I have an extensive Keyword List Section and I’m in the process of redoing a vast majority of my keywords, and I have run into a few incredibly annoying problems... The first question is how do you search for compound words? by that I mean how do you search for "WordOne WordTwo"and ONLY show...
  4. JML

    Keyword list limitation?

    I don't often use the full keyword list, but just discovered that it truncates. On one computer, it stops at "K", on another (with larger display), it truncates at "S". The same if I go into Metadata filter and use the keyword list there. Is there a limitation to the number of keyword being...
  5. P

    Keyword suggestions don't remember recent entries

    Hi. Up until recently LR would remember my recent keyword entries as I typed. So for example, say I have existing keywords Tom Jones Tom Paine Tom the Piper's Son. If I tagged a photo Tom Paine, then moved to another photo and type "Tom", then it used to autocomplete my typing with "Tom...
  6. S

    Editing keyword lists externally and re-importing

    We recently returned from a long vacation and I have several thousand photos to keyword. In the process of doing that I'd like to clean up and revamp my (heirarchical) keyword list - a continuous work in progress. I exported my keywords a txt file, opened it with a text editor and deleted the...
  7. Michael Naylor

    Keyword Hierarchy - which is correct?

    I've recently returned to Lightroom, having wasted so much time believing Media Pro / Capture One would be better - it isn't! However, it did allow me to sort out some of the organisational mess I'd previously created. But now I see a problem and hope someone can shed some light on this...
  8. Light

    Keyword hierarchy

    Hi I have imported an old keyword list into LR Classic 7:2 I have a hierarchy which include "General" as a high level keyword. I no longer want to include this, How can I remove it without losing all the sub-keywords? Can anyone advise me, please?
  9. P

    Remove keyword from keyword list but keep it with photos

    I have some keywords that will never be used again so I want to remove them from the keyword list however I want the keywords to remain with the photo. Is there a way to do this or archive the keyword?
  10. Onflipflops

    How to make a synonym non-exportable in import keyword list file?

    I am creating an extensive keyword list. Now I have tested a few things, and one thing doesn't seem to work properly (at least in my opinion.) Some of my keywords are not supposed to be exported. E.g. location information I do not want to share. Now I know this works with brackets...