keyboard shortcut

  1. P

    Toggle shortcut between Navigation's Adaptive vs fitted VIEWS ( not the Z or Space bar option)

    Anybody knows if there is a keyboard shortcut to toggle between the navigation's Adaptive vs fitted VIEWS ( NOT the Z or Space bar option that is another effect I do know) ? (Sorry I dont have the English nomenclature in mind but free translation from my French interface setting.)...
  2. B

    Using the keyboard to adjust sliders?

    In Lightroom Classic it was possible to select a slider in the Develop module by clicking on it with the mouse and then using the arrow keys to fine-adjust the selected slider. This is no longer working in Lightroom (cloudy / Desktop). What am I missing?
  3. E

    B key causes error

    LR 10.0, Mac OS 10.15.7, iMac Pro, 128gb RAM Suddenly, as of this afternoon, using the B key to add an image to the Quick Collection causes an error. I've tried restarting and that didn't help. I then reset the Preferences and that seemed to fix the problem, but after quiting and later...
  4. M

    Local Adjustments Increase/Decrease brush size didn't work

    Hi all, have Lightroom Classic version: 8.2.1 [ 1206193 ] and the keyboard shortcut [ and ] didn't work like before :( Now they change the rating of the picture and didn't change the brush anymore. In keyboard shortcut list both functions have [/] assigned. So I'm alone or anoybody else have...
  5. A

    Keyboard Shortcut Question

    Hi Is there a keyboard shortcut for this: In the Develop Module Panels (Tone Curve through Camera Calibration panels) is there a shortcut key to turn off/on the effects for those panels - rather than trying to click that little up and down (on/off) slider? For example, I add some sharpening...
  6. Kirby Krieger

    Map of keyboard shortcuts?

    Can anyone point me to a map of Lightroom keyboard shortcuts? I have the Lightroom Queen's handy list as a PDF — I'm looking for a way to determine the key bindings by key (rather than by function). I will use it to assign plug-in shortcuts as sensibly as possible, while not over-riding or...
  7. mikecox

    Keyboard shortcut Alt-P fails in Win ver of Lr

    I'm trying to write a macro using keyboard commands. Alt-E opens the Edit menu, Alt-M; Metadate, Alt-F; File but Alt-P does note open the Photo menu. Is this a bug, does it fail with others?
  8. B

    One shortcut that would save me a lot of time...

    Hi all - hoping someone can help me find a shortcut which would save me a ton of time... My workflow involves viewing 4-5 images side by side in 'survey mode' and making my selections from there. What I've been trying to find out for a while now is whether there is a keyboard shortcut for...