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  1. P

    Applying a keyword to a collection folder?

    Can I apply keywords to the collection (or smart collection) folder, as opposed to individual photos in a collection? I have a lot of folders of photos that I have imported, and I want a way to prioritize those folders as something like High, Medium, and Low for how soon to DEVELOP the photos...
  2. Birdbrain186

    Is there any point adding keywords to RAW files?

    After recently unchecking the "Automatically write changes into XMP" option within my LR catalog settings (my previous posting refers) so I now no longer generate any .xmp files, I have gone on to review my LR "workflow" and am wondering whether there is really any point in my adding keywords to...
  3. bill.fischer5

    Impossible request: Keyword batch rename

    This time I think I am asking for the impossible. Is their software or a work around that can easily edit and apply large batches of kew words in LRC. I have close to 6,000 photos with dogs in them. I use a naming format that tells me that this is a dog. I put _k9 after the dogs name. I...
  4. bill.fischer5

    Library module Is there a way to quickly expand or collapse the hierarchy tree's in collections, folders, or KW's

    I have a lot of folders , collections and key words. I would like to be able to expand or collapse multiple collections with one command. an example I have a 34 day itinerary with several collections for activities on each day. I made a collections sets for the itinerary. Under that there...