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  1. bill.fischer5

    Keyword legal characters. which ones can I use?

    I can't to find the rules for which characters are legal to use when creating Keywords. I take lots of pictures of dogs and try to keep track of the dogs name it's. The format I like to use is "Dog name_k9-Owner name". When I don't know the owner's name I would like to just put a question...
  2. bill.fischer5

    Import Importing MAC video's with keywords

    Is there a workaround to import the videos in Mac Photos with keywords into LRC? I am still using Mojave and could put them in Aperture if that would help. LRC 10.2 no longer has an plug-in too importing from Aperture.
  3. R

    iPhoto Events

    I am currently mourning the news that iPhoto will be no more. I love the ease of it. I love the batching capabilities and I love the way I can quickly scroll up and down my Events screen without having to go in and out of folders. I can easily see the images (key photo) on each folder and...