1. G

    "pairing" RAW and JPG/HIF

    Hi, I have LR to treat RAW and JPG files as one. I am aware of the respective "general settings" option in LR and hhis also works fine when important photos from my cameras except in two use cases: - HIF-files: I recently changed camera system and do now shoot in RAW and HIF rather than JPG...
  2. M

    Lightroom for iOS October 2022 enhancement

    Adobe appear to have built in a useful little trip wire to help slow you down in the latest downgrade. Before, when accessing the UW camera on iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it didn’t matter that you had set the file format as DNG, as the UW lens, when selected, would also change the file...
  3. B

    Jpg compatibility

    I do my editing primarily on my iPad Pro in Lightroom. I have tried exporting my jpgs to files, to photos, even straight to the flash drive that i will be giving to my clients. And every time I/they put it in a pc, the files show up as far as listing and even recognize that they are jpgs, but...
  4. Paul_DS256

    Why Lens Profile Availability Varies for RAW vs JPG?

    I have a JPG image from a 3rd party. It was shot with a Canon camera but the only metadata lens details are that the it was a 10-17mm. I'm guessing that this is a Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fish-Eye 10-17mm since this is a popular lens for underwater photography which makes sense since we were on a...
  5. C

    LR won't use metadata created by LR

    I've been converting some TIFF files to JPGs by exporting TIFFs from LR as JPGs, keeping all metadata, and then importing the JPGs into LR. I've noticed that even if the TIFFs contain information in exif User Comment field and it's included in the exported JPGs, LR won't display it with the...
  6. Paul_DS256

    Colour Space Questions - Camera RAW and LR Printing

    And yes, the 'U' in colour is the proper way to spell it. ;-) A couple of questions around colour spaces and LR: Does the colour space you set in your camera affect the RAW or just the JPG rendering? I ask because supposedly RAW is undeveloped sensor data and colour space does not seem to...
  7. reidthaler

    Image Quality, iPhone 11: DNG vs JPG vs HEIC

    I've always been a pretty dedicated raw shooter, and was really excited when it became available on the smart phone a few years ago, and have been shooting with it pretty much exclusively. A few days ago, I got an iPhone 11, and just thought I'd do some tests, especially since I'm teaching...
  8. W

    Replicating keywords - master image to jpg derived from Export functionality

    I often have to produce a jpg from a raw file (CR2) and I want to know how I replicate the keywords that are already assigned to the raw file to the jpg file as the jpg is produced from the Export funtionality. I do this so that the jpg will appear in a Collection set together with the raw file.
  9. J

    Library module DNG+JPEG

    Lightroom shows files names like "P1030088-2.DNG+JPEG" in the corner of a preview thumbnail but in the computer's file system that file is actually "P1030088-2.DNG". There are also cases where Lightroom reports a file of "P1040011.dng" and in the computer's files system it shows the same name...
  10. C

    JPG to DNG

    I'm new to photography, new to LR and new to this forum so here goes with a very basic question. My camera only shoots JPG images and I wonder whether it matters whether I choose to Copy As DNG or just Copy. I now know that DNG is designed for RAW files but in my case, with JPG, what would the...
  11. B

    Import issues with RAW+JPGs and failure to generate smart previews

    Ive been using LR happily for a couple of years or so and am suddenly experiencing import issues. I've set my camera to take RAW+JPG and want to view them both in LR. Last week they uploaded fine, just as expected. Yesterday I got a mix of some RAW+JPG uploading but other files on the same...
  12. N

    Cannot synchronizing jpg from source file

    Good evening to all ! First of all thanks in advance for your help. I am a happy newcomer and no doubt the forum will be extremely helpful thanks to you guys. Quick presentation : my name is Nicolas, I am a 31 year's old french photographer. Regarding my little bug : Until recent times, I...
  13. D

    sudden change in vibrance in previews of raws taken on canon 77d

    I've just upgraded from a Canon 450d to 77d and from Lr5 to Lr-CC. I shoot raw and import raw (.cr2) images which Lr converts to DNG. I'm used to my raw previews in Lr seeming duller than the corresponding jpegs (on the rare occasions I shoot in jpeg) *until* I edit the image (though I still...
  14. B

    Workflow LR tiff pictures converted to jpg including improvements

    I have scanned many thousand slides into tiff format, 45-50Mb each. The slides are from 1980 to 2007. What is a good workflow to convert them to jpg at 5Mb each, second I need an automatic improvement in color and sharpness? I can not analyze each photo individually. I realise that a fair...
  15. Adrian Mustapha

    strange issue

    I have a problem if I click on a jpg image - even though windows photo viewer is set to the default program type then Lightroom is starting up. Then I have to waste time closing it down. Is this a Lightroom issue?
  16. D

    Colours Change/Darnken when exporting to JPG

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I have a question about exporting photos from LR to JPG files. When I export photos with saturated colours/high dynamic range (i.e. photos of sunsets, etc) to JPG files, the exported photos look darker and some colours are lost. However, the photos without...