1. G

    Jpeg vs tiff vs original RAW file

    I have been using Canon for about 10 or 13 years now and just switched to a Sony this June. I kind of wished I'd picked the Canon R whatever instead of the a73, but that isn't part of this post... Since I changed cameras, the file type changed and the files are more than twice the size. I just...
  2. J

    Library module DNG+JPEG

    Lightroom shows files names like "P1030088-2.DNG+JPEG" in the corner of a preview thumbnail but in the computer's file system that file is actually "P1030088-2.DNG". There are also cases where Lightroom reports a file of "P1040011.dng" and in the computer's files system it shows the same name...
  3. Laura Smith

    Develop module Identifying JPEGs in the develop module/loupe

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.2 I'm trying to come up with a work-around to clearly remind me when I'm looking at or editing a JPEG. I have presets for raws that I wouldn't want to use on JPEGs and vice-versa, so I'd like to be reminded what...
  4. H

    Export to jpeg problem

    I suddenly see a new problem that didn't occur before. After export to jpeg I can't open the jpeg picture. Example: Archive "continued.gif" could not be opened because you have no permission. And next: Archive "continued.png" could not ....and so on. What has happened?
  5. N

    Cannot synchronizing jpg from source file

    Good evening to all ! First of all thanks in advance for your help. I am a happy newcomer and no doubt the forum will be extremely helpful thanks to you guys. Quick presentation : my name is Nicolas, I am a 31 year's old french photographer. Regarding my little bug : Until recent times, I...
  6. D

    sudden change in vibrance in previews of raws taken on canon 77d

    I've just upgraded from a Canon 450d to 77d and from Lr5 to Lr-CC. I shoot raw and import raw (.cr2) images which Lr converts to DNG. I'm used to my raw previews in Lr seeming duller than the corresponding jpegs (on the rare occasions I shoot in jpeg) *until* I edit the image (though I still...
  7. J

    Imported folders, but only RAWs and standalone JPGs show in catalog

    Hi, I am new to Lr, but a convert from (experienced in) Br and Ps. I imported my last half years photos to start off my catalog consisting of RAW files, JPEGs (and maybe a few Ps and MOV files). In my Lr catalog, I do not see the JPEGs which were already converted by Ps, but I do see my...
  8. G

    JPEG Compression to under 200k

    Hi All, I have a client that needs their Jpegs compressed to under 200k. The smallest I can get the files down to from Lightroom is about 2mb. That is with a dpi setting of around 72 and a quality setting of 10. The raw files are around 80mb each. It seems I can not compress them enough from...
  9. M

    separating RAW and JPG, two computers, keeping ratings

    I am new to lightroom. I set up folders for trips, ie Spain 2016, then folder for each SD card, imported like that into lightroom, evaluated photos and ranked 1-5 stars. That was on PC, and I want to use lightroom on Mac Book laptop as well, but only with the JPG's. I don't mind changing the...
  10. A

    Does Adobe Stock Publish Service auto-convert to JPEG

    G'day first post here. I'm wanting to start uploading to Adobe Stock using the Lightroom Publish Service. All my photos are in either DNG or TIFF so do I need to convert these to JPEG before dragging them into the Publish Service or will it convert to JPEG when I publish? I use...
  11. N

    Jpeg vs TIFF for editing

    Hi, I'm wondering about editing files in Lightroom, specifically the difference(s) between jpeg and TIFF. To explain my question, a little background first. Here is what my workflow currently looks like: - Use View NX 2 to convert NEFs to TIFF and import TIFFs to LR (keeping all NEFs backed...
  12. C

    File Size on export

    So, I captured a image in jpeg and Nef at the same time. I imported the Nef image into Lightroom and imported the jpeg onto Dropbox. I then exported the Nef file from Lightroom to Dropbox as a JPEG. The original Jpeg was about 3mb and the exported JPEG (shot in Nef) was 1.4mb. My question is...
  13. Des Waterfall

    Export to JPEG in book module only does 22 pages

    I was wondering if anyone can answer this. I have created a book which is 195 pages with images and text. I have sent it to Blurb and received my book which I am pleased with. I need to get the cost down since it will be a charity book so I decided to export as PDF and JPEG which will give me...
  14. E

    Raw looks nothing like Jpeg on back of camera!

    Very sorry if this issue has been raised before but I can't find the thread in the forums (I am new!) I shoot in Raw (Nikon D750) and the Jpeg image it renders on the back of my camera looks exactly how I want it. But then I import the raw into lightroom and the pics suck! It takes me ages to...