1. B

    Lightroom deleted thousands of photos and any edits I made in the month of April

    Hi if anyone has any solutions that would be great. All original RAW files are luckily backed up on a hard drive, but I lost every single edit I made. None of the photos are even in the lightroom catalog. I have been using lightroom for years and never had this issue. Every thing from March is...
  2. C

    Map going offline and not reloading

    Greetings! For my first post... I'm been having an issue with the Map module in Lightroom CC. It is continuously going offline and not allowing me to move/drop/relocate images. When it finally lets me place an image, it will not allow me to move the map, pan in or out, etc. and just goes back...
  3. Riley Walker


    I went to import about 160 photos into my LR catalog last night and it wouldn't work. The import window opened as normal, I selected where the photos would go and hit import, I checked back 5 minutes later and the progress bar hadn't changed, I then cancelled and tried again, but the import...
  4. N

    Lightroom and tethered D7200 - metering not working

    Hi all, I have a very odd problem with LR6.7 and a new D7200 in tethered mode (from a Windows PC) In a nutshell metering doesn't seem to be working when tethered. I can take a shot manually in, say, Aperture priority mode and it works fine. Perfectly exposed. Hook up the USB with no further...
  5. S

    Black and White coloring issues

    Hi all! I'm fairly new to Lightroom and absolutely love it, but always seem to have trouble with Black and White coloring. I just tried to color a photo and the Saturation is at -100, but the bg still has a green tint (see photos). I want the whole photo bg to be white, but havent been able to...