1. M

    Lost and Gone forever?

    In June 2022, we travelled to Spain and France. In attempt to be clever and not bring work with me - I brought my iPad and not a real computer. (Won't happen again). I use Lightroom Import to bring photos over from my SD Card (Olympus ORF) and Images from Apple Photos. Last night I noticed that...
  2. C

    Some edits not syncing from iPad to LR Cloud or iPhone and iMac

    Hello all, I regularly import pictures from SD card into iPad where I cull and edit - normally it works fine and I have no issues. But yesterday I imported approx 40 images from camera SD card into Lightroom on iPad where I rated and culled images - all as normal. Problem: on the iPad I edited...
  3. M

    Turning old iPad into a portfolio

    Hey. I have an old (and currently unused) iPad that I'd like to use to keep in my bag with a portfolio on it. The idea would be to just whip it out and let people swipe left or right through my images. Does anyone here have any experience of doing this? Which software would you recommend to...
  4. D

    Using ipad air 5th Generation for backing up photos and viewing OM-1 RAW files while travelling with limited/no wifi and without syncing later

    I am not very computer savvy but I am about to travel again and have a very minimal weight allowance to meet. I am looking at getting an ipad air, 5th generation, with the M1 chip and a hyperdrive 6-in-1 hub to allow me to back up my photos from the SD card to an external SSD, amongst other...
  5. P

    Lightroom on iPad, want to see file names

    I have a friend with Lightroom on an iPad. He wants to be able to see the filenames of images as he browses. I can not advise since I only use Lightroom Classic CC. Any suggestions or settings that would help.
  6. Juliette

    Troubleshooting iPad Pro Import Issue

    Hi all, when I travel I bring my iPad Pro with me along with a certified Apple USB-C dongle and an external drive. I've noticed that when importing raw images directly into Lightroom, (and it took a while to discover this) a handful of images don't show up in LR. So I decided to test - is this a...
  7. dhein

    Brush broken on latest LR update for iPad

    Anyone else encountered this? I can use all the new masking tools except Brush. It doesn't matter how many times I touch the screen nothing happens. See video for demo. I've also ensured that all assistive touch, haptic touch or touch accomodations have been disabled under accessibilty. Cheers...
  8. H

    Is a full move to the cloud based service really possible?

    Folks, I've been an LR desktop user since it was originally released. I have one very large catalog with over 300,000 images and smaller catalogs that together make up this large catalog. My current workflow is to import onto an Ipad (and this is where most of my editing takes place now too)...
  9. mlondon

    Need advice for professional workflow using LR-Classic with LR-CC for iOS+iPad

    I'm a professional photographer using LR-Classic. I need the flexibility of the desktop based solution rather than LR-CC as I can customize for my specific needs (ability to rename files on import, storage on fast local RAID, advanced developing and printing, etc.). However I would love to be...
  10. N

    Ideal (or least bad...) workflow while on the go ?

    Hi there ! I have just sold my Windows Surface, and replaced it with an iPad Pro 11" 2020 512Gb. Now I'm struggeling with it, trying to find an "acceptable" workflow on the go. I have some special needs, as I often work abroad, shooting MANY photos every day. I think I found a good worflow for...
  11. A

    Managing LR Mobile files on iPad/SSD

    Hi, I am new to this forum and really hoping to find some help. I am traveling long term and taking many many raw photos. I am using an iPad mini to import from SD cards direct into LR Mobile which then backs up the files to Creative Cloud storage. I keep smart previews in LR Mobile so that I...
  12. alec.dann-verizon

    Best workflow for rating and rejecting photos in Lightroom cloud

    I'm working with a student who wants to use his iPad to store and cull his photos using Lightroom (the cloud version) while traveling. The issue I'm having is setting up a good post-import workflow to review, reject and rate photos. In the desktop version of Lightroom cloud, the flags...
  13. R

    Looking for Cloud-free workflow

    Hello everyone. I travel with a 1TB IPad and at home I use Lightroom Classic CC on a Windows 7 desktop. While traveling I use the Apple "Camera Connection Kit" (an SD card reader) to copy pictures to the IPad. I would love to use Lightroom Mobile to cull, rate, and lightly edit pictures WITHOUT...
  14. carlosfandango

    iPadOS - uploading from a card

    Now iPadOS has launched, it's possible for the Files app to read from a card reader via the USB-C port. I was hoping that Lr Cloud would be able to directly import photos from a card this way, but it appears it can only see the camera roll I guess I could move the photos from the card to the...
  15. Luc Desaulniers

    Is this workflow possible/viable?

    Good day. My 2012 Retina MBP is beginning to show its age and I am (still) looking for an upgrade. I am currently using Lr CC Classic to edit along with a few plugins for my monochromatic conversions. I was looking at purchasing a new MBP but am intrigued by the newest iPad Pros. I am trying...
  16. S

    Synch camera roll across iphone/ipad and lightroom

    I am a new user to lightroom cc trying to figure out my new workflow. I usually import all of my photos on a PC (windows 10), that I backup in dropbox. I also backup my iphone photos in icloud. I can't figure out how to keep my photos in synch across the camera roll and lightroom cc. I have...
  17. T

    IPad instead of Wacom Tablet ?

    Can one use an iPad Pro or the newest iPad ( both use a pencil) be used like a Wacom Tablet to do editing task like brush strokes etc? I have not seen or Read this being done but wondering g about it as I comptenpete getting a tablet. I am a Mac user.
  18. asaintpo

    Lightroom download / installation not working on new iPad

    Hi, I just got a new iPad (IOS 11.3.1) and trying to download and install Lightroom CC on it but without success. On the App Store page, circle start to run but not downloading. I have the Photography Plan. Running Lightroom Classic on my Mac desktop and Lightroom CC on my iPhone 6s. I tried...
  19. D

    Is an ordinary 2017 iPad powerful enough to run Lightroom CC?

    Can a 2017 iPad (not the iPad Pro) make full use of Lightroom CC's features and still run smoothly? I am interested in buying an iPad but I'm not sure I'd make use of, or need the extra power of an iPad Pro? I have used the 9.7 iPad and the pro version in store but not with Lightroom CC. The 9.7...
  20. A

    "unsynced" photos remain on my IPAD

    I have turned off the sync marker for several collections in my desktop LR (CC). But the photos still remain on my IPAD LR Mobile. The aren't in individual collections, but in the overall "Lightroom Photos" group. I have tried the "clear cache" command with LR mobile on my IPAD, but these old...