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  1. M

    12.9 iPad Pro M1 Camera Shutter Button Position

    Lightroom camera module on IOS - on my 12.9 inch iPad Pro it is impossible to reach the shutter button - centre bottom of screen - to take a picture when holding the tablet with both hands at the sides. In my old age I can’t balance the tablet safely on one hand. Can’t use the volume buttons...
  2. D

    Sync Issues with 132 photos, tried everything nothing seems to work

    Hi all, I spent the last month on the road. That whole time I used only my iPad for uploading, culling and editing my images via Lightroom. Yes, all images from the SD cards were also saved to 2 different SSD drives. Got home on on Wednesday of this week and went to my desktop version of...
  3. C

    Tethering Canon R5 with iPad Pro for editing pictures in Lightroom

    Hi, I want to tether my Canon EOS R5 with iPad Pro (12.9’’) for editing pictures in Lightroom as I take it as part of my work flow. I have checked tether tools website but I am unable to find a solution for reviewing pictures in live environment (via tethering) as well as editing in Lightroom...
  4. RobOK

    Adobe cloud / iPad workflow / photo showcase tools

    While it sounds like 3 topics, it is all inter-related. I want to do more with my photos and have my iPad be the hub. I am more and more using my iPad to upload and develop from my Nikon Z6. Generally good luck getting images to cloud, although some slow syncing sometimes. Am waiting on 70...
  5. carlosfandango

    PS cloud documents

    I know this isn't strictly a Lr question, but I'm trying to go all-in on Adobe cloud stuff so... I see PS 2020 has Cloud Documents. These sync with Cloud Documents on the new iPad PhotoShop. So, I'd like to move a bunch of my PSDs over to Cloud Documents, but can't see a way to do it? I...
  6. Jay Clulow

    My workflow - Will 64GB iPad Pro be enough!

    Okay my needs are quite specific here. If you've followed my previous threads you'll know that I've built a 1TB Lightroom library that is cloud focused first and I sync back to my server via CC and or Classic. I want to add an iPad Pro into my workflow but I'm passing up on a lot of 64gb...
  7. carlosfandango

    iPad limitations vs desktop

    Hello. My first post. I'm a long-time, mid-level user of classic Lr and am trying to go all-in on Lr cloud as it's clearly where Adobe are going. The official tutorial videos use the desktop version of the app to demo things, and I'm confused as to how/if they work on the iPad (and even...
  8. nkawoods

    Lightroom Classic Shows 36 Photos Syncing; Preferences Shows Nothing to Sync

    Lightroom Classic on my MacBook is suddenly perpetually showing that I have 36 images to sync. It doesn’t move off that number. When I go into LR preferences and check for mobile sync activity - it shows nothing to sync. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for how to fix? I...
  9. Luc Desaulniers

    Is this workflow possible/viable?

    Good day. My 2012 Retina MBP is beginning to show its age and I am (still) looking for an upgrade. I am currently using Lr CC Classic to edit along with a few plugins for my monochromatic conversions. I was looking at purchasing a new MBP but am intrigued by the newest iPad Pros. I am trying...
  10. F

    Lightroom (Cloud) Noise adjustment

    Anyone else have any issues when making noise adjustments in Cloud LR???, where sometimes Ipad preview shows noise smoothing, but full res export does not? Also when moving between images, going back into a picture after scrolling through other images, the noise adjustments do not show, unless...
  11. C

    Hiding local mask red overlay in LR CC iPad

    Hello All, I’m a user of both LR Classic on Mac & LR CC on iPad. The ‘O’ shortcut on LR Classic allows to hide/show the red overlay when using local adjustments. However, the same shortcut isn’t available on CC/iPad. I love editing locally with the Apple Pencil but the fact that the red...
  12. S

    Migrate Catalog from CC to Classic?

    Hi I'm a Classic user and am considering a 2018 iPad Pro 11" for mobile use, and thus Lightroom CC. Do you know please if step 4 in the following workflow is possible? 1. Import RAW photos from card to Lightroom CC Mobile on iPad 2. Process photos on iPad (selects; edits) 3. Files sync to...
  13. George Burrows

    Google /DXO Nik iPad Pro?

    Operating System:ios Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):cc Using Lightroom CC on iPad Pro. Looking for Nik stand alone app, but new DXO site will not download Nik. Searching for Pro alternative in App Store. Any Nik work around or similar products? Kind Regards, George
  14. George Burrows

    Adobe Cloud vs iCloud and Import

    is wi-fiOperating System: IOS 11 iPad Pro and Windows 10 PC Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC I am adding an iPad Pro 12.9 rather than a Windows Laptop. One of many questions is Cloud storage. Research is telling me that iCloud has...
  15. D

    Is an ordinary 2017 iPad powerful enough to run Lightroom CC?

    Can a 2017 iPad (not the iPad Pro) make full use of Lightroom CC's features and still run smoothly? I am interested in buying an iPad but I'm not sure I'd make use of, or need the extra power of an iPad Pro? I have used the 9.7 iPad and the pro version in store but not with Lightroom CC. The 9.7...
  16. L

    Performance on 9.7 Pro, Pencil and few Questions on Smart Previews

    Hi everyone, I just joined this forum and I am looking forward to all discussions :) So I use LR on my 2013 MacBook Pro but I find it cumbersome (screen resolution) and slow, so I figured I buy the iPad Pro and iMac. a) In your XP has the 2016 9.7 Pro model sufficient performance for LR...