1. A

    Workflow from iOS: Capturing Apple keywords

    Hi folks, I am working my way through a back catalog of 150k (very amateur) photos taken over the last 20 years or so. I have a workflow and a system in place by which I star-rate them (1=delete, 2=archive, 3=keep, 4=share, 5=showcase) in offline LRC (on PC). This works great for photos taken...
  2. R

    Workflow with Nikon Z5 and Lightroom Mobile

    Good afternoon all! Whelp, this is my first post here and I'm hoping to draw from the experience of those that have gone before me! I've shot for years using an old school workflow, Nikon D800, memory card reader, import into Lightroom Classic, process, and share via whatever means I choose...
  3. N

    How to share RAW directly from iOS Photos to LR mobile?

    Hello, I had a search and was unable to find any answers to my quandary so am hoping to consult the collective brains here. I’ve even spent a couple hours with Adobe help desk and they were unable to help! I’ve always sent photos FROM my iPhone’s native Photos app to Lightroom mobile: my...
  4. M

    Impossible to upload directly into Classic?

    Probably missing something really obvious, but my understanding is the only way to get photos out of LR on iPhone into LR Classic on MacBook is via the cloud. That's fine with good connections, but when travelling that's not always the case. Instead of the endless tussle of trying to get a...
  5. K

    Beginner looking for some help Please

    I recently purchased an iPad Pro 12.9 inch and purchased a subscription to the Lightroom iPad app. I set Lightroom up to import photos automatically and saw that it was importing all of my photo library. The Lightroom app says it is up to date but it only has 200 photos in the app. I have many...
  6. fbx33

    Confused about LR CC and LR on ios

    I have used LR Classic for some years. Earlier this year I turned on LR on my iPad. Sometime previous to that I had apparently tried and deleted LR CC on my Mac. So now it’s not clear what the 12K photos on my iPad Pro LR are. Are they part of LR CC? Or are they connect to my 25,000 photos in...
  7. jemostrom

    Publishing to for example Flickr or Smugmug

    I’m pretty sure that the answer to my question is “No” but to be 100% sure that I haven’t missed anything I’ve found a workflow that works for me which involves Lightroom CC on laptop/iOS and Classic on my “photo computer”. Assume that I want to publish stuff to Flickr/Smugmug/etc from...
  8. M

    Import Conumdrum

    New to iOS and occasionally struggling with limitations of the OS v Android. So, anyway, I import images from Fuji and these are both raw and jpg versions of the same image. Often the jpg images would be good enough for me, and preserve Fuji's film simulation, so I'd like to import the jpg...
  9. N

    HEIF Apple iOS and Lightroom

    Hi All Just been reading about Apple's intended move from JPEG to HEIF for iOS 11. I understand that iOS will export to JPEG but just wondered if anyone had heard if Lightroom will directly support HEIF? Thanks Jim
  10. braver

    Cannot Shrink Lightroom Mobile Storage on iOS

    I'm using Lr Mobile on iOS from the beginning, upgrading the iPhones every year, and it suddenly swelled inside the 7+, taking 200GB of memory. I've had only one collection marked offline, and doing Clear Cache on it freed up meager 400MB. The Lightroom Photos is the only other collection...
  11. Miscolo

    Deleting from phone also deletes on desktop

    Hi folks, I want to: 1. take raw photos on LR mobile for iPhone 2. sync them to my desktop for keeps 3. remove them from my phone I can't do step 3. If I delete a photo from 'Lightroom Photos' on my phone, it's removed from 'All Synced Photographs' on my desktop. I believe I'm being quite...
  12. Greg Coulombe

    Syncing LR Mobile Photos to non-LR computers?

    Hi all, I'm primarily an iOS/LR Mobile user switching over from being a pure iOS Photos user. So far it's working well for me to import my photos using Apple's SD card dongle and then move them over to LR for editing. The gap I have is how to make the edited photos available on computers other...
  13. B

    IOS Live Photos and LL Import

    I am using a iPad Pro 9.7 and an iPhone SE to take family photos (new great grandson). LL imports all the images and leaves the live photo .mov files sometimes. Sometimes the .mov files are imported sometimes not. Some .jpg images are imported then not marked as imported on the IOS device, some...