1. K

    Select Subject LR Classic 11

    This new feature appears to work fairly well but I have one problem that may be down to my incorrect usage. If I select subject but it does not quite get it 100% right and I then add to subject to complete the selection I cannot find a way of inverting the whole subject. I only appear to be...
  2. Paul_DS256

    Invert Mask with Subject and Brush Subtraction

    I'm really enjoying the new Mask features. However, I'm having an issue in trying to create an Invert Mask made up of a Subject and Brush Subtraction. I have a picture of my grandson on a swing. When I create a Mask with Select Subject, LrC found my grandson but also associate parts of the...
  3. P

    Adjustment Brush Overlay Mask

    Masks in Photoshop can be quickly inverted. Does anyone using LR (CC) or LR6 know of a way to invert an adjustment brush overlay mask in Lightroom alone?