1. mikecox

    Best Pref/Interface for visually impaired

    I've looked at the IF preferences and worry that I may change too many options, or get the wrong combinations and end up forgetting what I changed. yada yada Can someone suggest a set of changes to the IF that will make the text very WHITE and the background very Black as well as a way to make...
  2. T

    LrC side panels text - how can I max the contrast or colour on the text

    I'm getting very frustrated with LrC dim text on side panels when working LrC on some older screens. On my laptop with OLED and maxed brightness the legibility is good But on older monitor screens, especially where they have been calibrated (ie brightness not maxed out) the LrC font in the LHS...
  3. B

    Gradient guidelines jagged

    My 8 year old Chillblast desktop PC is still going strong, now running W10 Pro latest. My original Radeon 6950 2GB graphics card stopped getting driver updates some time ago, and wasn't supported for GPU acceleration in Lightroom Classic or Photoshop, but worked fine. I recently replaced the...
  4. Stephanie Booth

    weird things going on (panel missing, import into wrong folder)

    I'm getting my stepmom back on Lightroom and I have 3-4 weird problems: - although I specify that photos synced from the cloud should be stored in her Photos directory, they go on the external hard drive - when importing photos, I don't have the panel where I should be able to choose the...
  5. J

    Filename almost unreadable

    I find it very difficult to read the filenames under each thumbnail because the text is almost the same tone of grey as the background. I haven't noticed much complaints about this, so is there anyone else out there who feels the same, or is it just me? And, is there a way to increase contrast?
  6. mikecox

    Menu and panels text size

    My Surface has a screen resolution of 3000 x 2000. When I open Lr on it the text in the menus and panels are so small they can't be read. I went to settings/interface and changed Font size to 200%. That helped with the panels but it didn't change the text size in the menus, which I need the...