installation problem

  1. Y

    Problems to re-install

    I had a version of lightroom 22 classic in my computer and I ran into some registry (not original) issues, Uninstalled it and downloaded some other versions, but none of them worked, any version I try keeo frozen in the start page as image below. Can anyone have an idea of what's happening?
  2. thommy

    Adobe Installer.exe” can’t be found.

    Hi I get an error message during upgrade of LrC to 11.4.1 that “Adobe Installer.exe” can’t be found. Any ideas how to solve that? Thommy
  3. C

    Lightroom CC will not start after update

    I have been a Lightroom user since 3.5 and continuing through all the later versions. I switched to CC about six months ago and it worked reasonably well until a week ago (about September 25) when I installed the latest update. After that LR would not start. I uninstalled that version and...