1. paulgodard

    How to keep LR title & location metadata when posting on Instagram?

    With your help I have managed to sync images from LR classic to LR mobile. Now I am learning how to post to Instagram & FB. I looked at several tutorials on the subject but I am struggling with the metadata. 1/ It seems that the location metadata are missing in the images synced from LR classic...
  2. pedz

    Instagram / Facebook helper script (zsh and exiftool required)

    I have an export setting for Instagram. Others use a print setting I believe. In any case, I export with all of the metadata and keywords. I add my title and Caption in Lightroom like a good little boy before hand. Add my keywords, etc. In the past, I would then go to Instagram and make my...
  3. pedz

    My new method of posting to Instagram

    I created an export preset (dah) with the "do not enlarge" checkbox set, a width of 1080 and a height of 1350. I think this is what Instagram says will work the best. What I assume this will do will shrink the image down proportionally until both dimensions are within this bound. In my 3:2...
  4. pedz

    Syncing Instagram posts to Facebook

    I have an iPhone with the latest updates everywhere. If I get in Instagram and post a photo from my Photos it properly syncs the new post with a page I manage on Facebook. I've let to be able to get that to work if I start in the Lightroom iOS app. I've tried "Share to..." (top item) and...
  5. 2

    Lightroom mobile export settings

    Hi currently using lr mostly on ios version v5.1.0. As i mostly use the mobile version i find it hard to find the correct settings for instagram. I know about the crop and aspect ratios. Color spce and sharpenning, but my pictures do not upload with the same amount of detail. And i have...
  6. RobOK

    Instagram workflow?

    I am going to be more active on Instagram this year (@RobOK). Can people post their instagram workflows, with consideration for the following... * iphone taken pictures -- do you use LR as the camera app? How do you find it for that? * after your image is in LR mobile, any Instagram specific...
  7. J

    Posting to Instagram

    I am new to Instagram. I was trying to post to Instagram directly from Lightroom mobile, so opened an album, long pressed to select a photo, then clicked share. So far so good. Then I selected multiple photos and clicked share, no more Instagram?? Is there a way to upload multiple images at...
  8. G

    Can't load lrinstagram

    I cannot load lrinstagram plug-in. I have followed plug-in manager instructs, reboot, re-open, upgraded, re-downloaded the app, etc. LR CC 2015. My friends with the same set up have been able to do it. Anybody else have this experience? NuBe Gregde
  9. M


    I publish to various sources some manually and some via plug ins such as flickr and twitter but I don't seem to be able to find one for instagram. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. WildVanilla

    I'm getting quite into this Publish thing

    Hi Publish Services has been something I've largely ignored, for fear of messing things up. But over the Christmas / New Year holiday I've bitten the bullet and gone for it! Here's what I'm now using it for: Hard Drive 1: my local camera club requires competition photos to be 1400x1050 with...
  11. M

    help with developing style

    Hi New to this forum , hope i have the right place for this. I am interested in learning to edit my photos in a particular style. Please can anybody give me any tips about what conisistencies these people's photos (attached) have, and what I should be aiming to do to acheive a similar look and...
  12. dylan

    Why are lightroom settings lost once sent to email?

    I am currently using lightroom 2015 6.1 and while i am able to export my pictures, once i send shots to my email before uploading to instagram all the editing has been undone. I would love any advice on those who have this process down with everything in tact through the stages? I have attached...
  13. C

    is there a way to publish directly to Instagram/

    Is there a way to publish, or export...or whatever, directly to Instagram? thanks a lot....
  14. T

    Anyone would know how to replicate this preset on lightroom?

    @klemenswhite • Instagram photos and videos I stumbled on this instagram profile and really liked the style of it, was wondering if anyone know how to achieve such images. He said that he uses a custom lightroom filter made by him. Thanks!
  15. R

    Faded Hypebeast Preset

    Hi guys I'm very new to lightroom and i have been seeing a lot of people posting on instagram with these hypebeasty feel to it. Does anyone know how to achieve the same look? This is an example of what i am trying to achieve. This is the closest i can get my photo to look like the above...