1. JordanHamons

    Photos Not Recognized on Import from iPhone to Lightroom

    I am trying to import photos from my iPhone to Lightroom. I've done this in the past with no issues, however, Lightroom is now only recognizing a select few of the photos on my iPhone. Does anyone have any clue why this could be happening or what I can do to fix it? Here's what I am doing: -...
  2. N+13

    Import Preset: Auto Straighten

    I created a new preset to be used automatically during import. Included is auto straighten (in crop and straighten). When I save the preset, I have not found the right box to check to include auto straighten. When I import photos, the preset works for all parameters - except for auto...
  3. 2

    "Missing" photos detected when synchronizing folder

    Hello, I've found a few threads on an issue similar to this scattered around Adobe's official LR forum, but most were old and none seemed to really go anywhere solution-wise—nor did they have as straightforward a scenario as this. I posted a version of this there, but it's all crickets so far...
  4. retina

    Reading XMP sidecar files automatically on import

    Hi folks, is there a way for Lightroom to automatically read an associated XMP sidecar file when importing RAW files? I know that you can select any number of files and use the menu option 'Metadata>Read metadata from file' after importing, but I would like to have the option of doing this...
  5. T

    Trouble tracking down personal pictures in LR import. Sifting through icons and gfx

    Full disclosure: I am fairly advanced in many of the adobe CC programs, with Photoshop cc 2015 being by far my comfort zone. For whatever reason, I never spent too much time in lightroom until recently. My problem is this: 1) Trying to track down all my personal pictures. I have about 6...
  6. C

    Problem creating a new folder

    Hello I'm new to this forum and hoping someone can help me with a recent issue. I'm trying to import some photos to Lightroom and I would normally just select to import to Other Destination, then add a new folder, select that folder and all is well. Now when I click the New Folder button in the...
  7. N

    Lightroom CC - Crashes when import selected

    Hi, Not sure if this is a LR problem or an installation issue but when I select import LR goes to look at the discs on my iMac but then freezes with a spinning ball :( When auto import happens (when a memory card inserted in the machine) the import functions fine Any thoughts or suggestions...
  8. D

    Import question,DNG

    I am going thru the Lightroom ebook quickstart and am working on import. The pictures in the ebook do not exactly line up with what I have in the lightroom program, so I am wondering if I would check the box convert to DNG in the advanced section. I don't see that covered in the book Thanks Doug
  9. D

    Import failed. Video corrupted or unrecognizable

    I copied the photos and videos from my Nexus 5X phone to my PC and then did an import into lightroom using the Add option. All of the JPG images imported but all of the videos failed with the following message: "The video file appears to be corrupted or unrecognizable. It has no audio or video...
  10. D

    Using import from iPhoto library plug in

    Hello I'm new to Lightroom. All my photos are currently in iPhoto on a Macbook. I have tried to use the Import from iPhoto plug in. According to Plug in manager it is enabled. It checks the iPhoto library, asks me if I want to back up my catalogue but then the import button is greyed out...
  11. D

    Transitioning to LR - folders with RAW and JPG

    I am new to lightroom. I've been reading tons of web sites and posts on work flow. I'm still not comfortable that I know how to transition my existing photos into Lr. My folders on my PC are organized by year and within them by "event". Each event folder contains a combination of DNG and JPGs...
  12. Eightysevens

    Prevent Import Highlight of Sub Folders [SOLVED]

    At import, how can I get LR6 to recognise only the images of the selected folder I desire imported, & not the potentially hundreds of images in subfolders of that folder, which I am currently having to go through & de-select everytime I import? This is very time consuming.
  13. P

    Gray Preview Boxes After Import

    Hi LR gurus, I just installed LR 4.4 on a Mac El Capitan OS 10. Upon importing my first session, all the preview boxes are gray and show no images. They do however show in Bridge. I am importing from a PNY compact flash card reader plugged into a USB 4 port dock. Prior to this Mac, I was working...
  14. E

    Exporting from Aperture to Lightroom Manually

    I've been using LR for almost two years and am finally starting to export older files from Aperture into LR. I'm doing it manually because I never keyworded my Aperture images and now I'm going through them folder by folder, deleting the ones that aren't worth keeping and keywording those that...
  15. B

    Manually mark images on iPhone as already imported?

    I recently moved my entire OSX Photos collection to Lightroom. I moved the files in photos on my mac to lightroom on my mac. Moving forward, I will import photos from my iPhone directly to Lightroom. I was using iCloud Photos, so the photos I already moved from Photos on my mac also reside on...
  16. M

    Imported Images show as Not imported

    I go to import two new images, and LR indicates that many more have not been imported, but they are already in LR. Why is that happening? There is no indication on the image already in LR that the link has been broken. It is easy to uncheck everything and import only the two new images, but I...
  17. Kerberos

    User preset settings now shown until viewed in Develop mode

    Hi, I made an import preset where some settings like Clarity, shadows, highlights etc are applied during import. After all pictures have been imported, I can see the 'modified' icon in the right bottom part of all pictures, but previews of modified versions are not visible until I switch to...
  18. R

    Importing Duplicates?

    Does anyone know what criteria LR 6 uses to identify "Suspected Duplicates"? I am finding that it will re-import identical files if they are being imported from outside the Parent Folder where my catalogued photos are actually stored. I normally dump my jpgs and RAW files from the camera memory...
  19. 7GenTX

    LR presets on desktop & laptop

    I want to copy the import and export presets from my desktop to my laptop. I know that these settings are not in the catalog so just copying the catalog will not do the trick. Where are the presets stored and where do I put them on the laptop? Thanks, Kaye
  20. IdahoStat

    Import fail w/2nd backup

    Hello I just had this fail as I tend to make a redundant backup till my primary is back up. Seems this is recent since the 6.4 update, as I found notes on Adobe mentioning this. Temporary work around is to uncheck "Make a second copy to:" box. Anyone have work around? I expect "A" will sort...
  21. S

    Presets Being Added to Import LR Version 5 w/ Canon 5d mark ii but not with Canon T2i. How do I stop

    I have been using Lightroom version 5.0 for about 2 years and within the last 6 months something new has started happening. This problem occurs on RAW import from Canon 5d mark ii, however I also use a Canon t2i and the problem does not occur. I am used to importing RAW files into Lr and after...
  22. E

    Import not working in LR5.7

    I've had no problems with importing from my Canon 6D for 3 years. However, as of this week, LR recognizes the device but when I select the device, it spins and will not show any files to import. Eventually it says the program is not responding and I have to close out of LR. I've tried...