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  1. Riley Walker


    I went to import about 160 photos into my LR catalog last night and it wouldn't work. The import window opened as normal, I selected where the photos would go and hit import, I checked back 5 minutes later and the progress bar hadn't changed, I then cancelled and tried again, but the import...
  2. mikecox

    Add stars on Import

    What is the simplest way to add a star rating to an import set? I'm thinking I would have to create a Preset with star ratings, then select it from the "Apply during import" option! Is that right?
  3. Jiheffe

    Fully customize destination folder name

    I searched the forums but could not immediately find an answer... I've been an avid ImageIngesterPro user for years, but unfortunately, since MacOS Sierra it has become unreliable, and Marc, the author, has announced it's end of life... So I am turning to the LR import module as a replacement...
  4. L

    Moving to new computer and did it all wrong

    Hello! I just bought a new iMac, installed Lr, did not read Victoria's instructions (now have the book at the computer at all times!) and imported the photos from a hard drive. So I have 10,000 previews and a few photos that I just added from my camera. Should I delete all the Lr files on the...
  5. N

    Cannot synchronizing jpg from source file

    Good evening to all ! First of all thanks in advance for your help. I am a happy newcomer and no doubt the forum will be extremely helpful thanks to you guys. Quick presentation : my name is Nicolas, I am a 31 year's old french photographer. Regarding my little bug : Until recent times, I...
  6. braver

    Importing Catalog with its Previews

    I'm considering a workflow where I import travel photos into MacBook Pro with a temporary catalog, following Julianne Konst's excellent tutorial. One thing which seems missing is whether previews will be imported. I like to build both 1:1 previews and Smart Previews in my master catalog, to...
  7. S

    LR wants to import ALL iphoto's?

    For awhile I had been using dropboxes image capture to gather my iphone photos and then once there was enough to worry about I would import them into LR. I stopped using the dropbox capture because they had a glitch (which has been resolved), but now if I plug my iphone into LR it wants to...
  8. A

    import move lost all edit data

    Hello I have a question, I had a collection of photos in a catalogue. I wanted to make a new catalogue so I did did an import / move. However this did not bring over the edit history? So they are just the raw cr2s. How can I recover this?
  9. pedz

    Sorta goofed ... question on moving images

    20/20 hind sight, I would do things differently. I went to the Irish festival and most of my gear was new so I was doing things differently. I copied the images to my hard disk and then asked Lightroom to import them but just "Add". Fine. Now I get home and I want to move those images to my...
  10. N+13


    I work on CC / iMac and when I import I build 1:1 previews. Why is it that 30% - 70% of the time when I change to the next photo the "Loading" message remains for 2 to 6 seconds? The fact it is none or all of the time baffles me. What is it doing? Thanks. N+13
  11. MarkLewis

    Can't Add Photos on Import only Copy as DNG or Copy are available

    I have always Added photos to my catalog and now all of the sudden "Move" and "Add" are greyed out and not an option, I can only Copy as DNG or Copy. What do I need to do to get the Add option back? Thanks, Mark
  12. N+13

    Inadvertent Application of Development Settings on Import

    I use LR CC on an iMac. Development of .dng photos is done in a standard LR catalog. There is "Apply During Import" / "Develop Settings" custom setup used when I load. Upon completion I export as jpgs in a new folder and reimport (using Add) the new files into a much larger catalog of years...
  13. U

    Import fails

    Hi All, My friend and I are having the same problem with importing images to LR6. She has a new Olympus DSLR and I have the Sony RX 100. My LR6 will not import from the Sony and her LR6 won't import from the Olympus. The error message says LR can't recognize these raw files. I've looked for...
  14. W

    File renaming on photo import to Lightroom

    I'm trying to import my first batch of photos. According to the Quickstart e-book, if I check the "Rename Files" box there should be a pop-up where you can create a renaming template. I don't see a pop-up. Am I missing something?
  15. W

    Importing from Dropbox to Lightroom

    I just subscribed and downloaded Lightroom today, and am ready to learn how to use it for the first time. I've found some great tutorials, but I have one problem I need help with: I have several organized folders in Dropbox that contain some landscape photos I've shot in the past year that I'd...
  16. J

    Default Collection for Imported Photos

    I am using Lightroom CC 2015.8 on a Mac and Lightroom Mobile and would like to have all photos I import from my camera's memory card into my LR desktop catalog be automatically available on my iPad. It already works well when I add the imported photos to a Synchronized Collection, but I cannot...
  17. Win

    Copy images from media card manually or let LR do it?

    I've always copied images from media cards over to my computer before importing them into LR. I'm reading Victoria's book and like the way she renames images via LR as she copies them from the media card as I think that would help manage multiple cameras used in one shoot. I guess I've always...
  18. guido.coza

    how to stop LR create sub folder

    As I had to get completely set-up afresh, some settings had to be adjusted. The one I can;t find is how to stop LR to create time based subfolders. I choose a folder and LR creates subfolders within this folder. Drives me nuts!! Otherwise all here, a awesome adventures and positive, venture...
  19. S

    My photos import as "Untitled"

    Any help in understanding why or better yet, how I can get my photos to import as they are described on my external drive and SD card, for example, DNC_4025 imports from my external drive into Lightroom as "untitled_204.NEF", this is not going to be good with all the photos I am taking on my 4...
  20. B

    Due to backup trouble ...

    caused by updating to 2015.8, I was misled to suspect that my catalog was too large. So, I decided to split it into four parts via catalogexports and removals. Three such exports - each one approximately 10K photos - left me with a 'main' catalog containing 65K photos out of the initial 95K...
  21. mikecox

    Unexpected Import results

    There are 3 jpg images in C:\Users\mikec\Documents that I want to import but when I select that folder in the left panel I get dozens of still and as many video images along with the 3 images I want scattered among them, making them difficult to find. I switched the sort to "Capture Time" and...
  22. rooshio

    Specific NEF files won't import

    Hello, I've got a folder of NEF raw files that won't import to LR. When I go to import, LR shows the photos in the import dialog box and begins importing as normal whilst showing the import progress bar. However, the importing progress bar zooms to a finish as if it didn't even attempt to...
  23. guido.coza

    wrong file order on card before import

    Hi all I recently got a second hand 1D x. One of the first thing I did was to format the cf card that came with the camera. I also use one of my old cards from my 1D IV. I use a card reader to import directly to LR. Recently pictures are on the LR import screen not in the order I took them but...
  24. JordanHamons

    Photos Not Recognized on Import from iPhone to Lightroom

    I am trying to import photos from my iPhone to Lightroom. I've done this in the past with no issues, however, Lightroom is now only recognizing a select few of the photos on my iPhone. Does anyone have any clue why this could be happening or what I can do to fix it? Here's what I am doing: -...
  25. N+13

    Import Preset: Auto Straighten

    I created a new preset to be used automatically during import. Included is auto straighten (in crop and straighten). When I save the preset, I have not found the right box to check to include auto straighten. When I import photos, the preset works for all parameters - except for auto...