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  1. carlosfandango

    iPadOS - uploading from a card

    Now iPadOS has launched, it's possible for the Files app to read from a card reader via the USB-C port. I was hoping that Lr Cloud would be able to directly import photos from a card this way, but it appears it can only see the camera roll I guess I could move the photos from the card to the...
  2. G

    Export/edit/reimport folder as catalog not reimporting correctly (as expected)

    So I now have a desktop and laptop to work with. I use my laptop when I'm on the road working... I needed to take some of my photos with me from my desktop to work on with a client - this is what I did.. 1. I exported the folder I needed as a catalog to a hard drive, and imported as a catalog...
  3. C

    Import freezing or @ times seeing 0 images on iPhone

    I am pretty frustrated because for probably the past 6 months, I've been having issues with my lightroom 6.14 either not seeing any new images on my iPhone to import, or else seeing them and i select them for import and then about 1/2 way thru it freezes. HELP!! I've googled it and tried so...
  4. A

    Lightroom Reverts To Old Version for Older Photos

    Hi I have a bunch of photos on a hard drive that I had originally imported into LR. | am now importing them into the current LR (Long story why) and have just noticed that if I go to edit them, I get an older version of LR editing options. e.g., There is a slider for fill light. Any idea...
  5. A

    Importing Videos - Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed error

    Any ideas how I can import iPhone 7 and Nikon D500 videos? When I import I get this Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed error and the videos won't import. I am running the latest as of tonight. Just updated. I have rebooted my Windows 10 v 1809 build. The videos will play on my desktop...
  6. R

    Import Importing from multiple cards at once no longer works?

    After using Photo Mechanic for years, I decided to see if I could use just Lightroom Classic to do my importing after finding this article about importing from multiple cards at once: https://havecamerawilltravel.com/lightroom/import-multiple-memory-cards-simultaneously/ It worked by selecting...
  7. S

    Error importing MP4 video files into LR 8.3

    I'm getting an error message importing MP4 video files into LR 8.3 from memory card: 'An unknown error has occurred while reading the video file. Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed' ... followed by the file names of the video files concerned. The video files play fine on the camera, and...
  8. S

    Why local space disk gets occupied by LR while importing to external drive?

    Hello, Want to see if someone can help a bit understanding an issue I'm facing with LR 6.12 on Mac (latest OS). Basically, I did set the main catalog, cache and other elements on an external disk and beside the application and some files attached to it, nothing is stored to the local disk...
  9. CJR

    On import some pics are duplicated by LR

    Good morning to you all, I 've just noted Lightroom is making copies of some photos during the import procedure. LR automatically added 14 duplicated photos to of a batch of 84 pics. The filenumbers of these particular copies have got a "-2" addition to it. So if the original filename reads...
  10. Jim Leask

    Create import keyword with date and time

    How do I create a keyword on import that includes the import date and time? I would like to automatically create a keyword for each import, so I can easily track each time I import photos from a card. I often import multiple cards or cards from different cameras, then want to go back to...
  11. J

    import presets?

    Using my Olympus OMD E1 mk2 recently on holiday iI accidentally took a days photos with the wrong WB setting . I import the SD card to iphone photos then use auto-import to LR ios app - this worked really well on iphone 8+. In LR classic one could apply presets on importing - I can't find his...
  12. N

    Tif files do not import into Lightroom 6.7 (Windows 10 latest)

    I have some tif files that are mostly scanned documents obtained from online databases. These do not import into Lightroom. I have tried opening and saving with Irfanview (compression turned off) to see if that would change the results. It did not. The error message is "The files appear to be...
  13. Ian-DB

    Import Moving from Aperture to LR Classic - file structure

    I’m looking to move from Aperture to Lightroom. My preferred file structure is folders for years with sub folders for months (and no further subfolders as I don’t want it split to days). Can I get LR to import like this or will it have to show daily folders? And what workflow would you...
  14. R

    LR Classic CC import problems. Library side bars appearing when selecting import. Unable to import.

    I am on the road with LR CC on my MacBook Pro running Mojave and the import function has dropped its bundle. When selecting import the Library side bars appear in place of the normal import bars. I cannot import and this is a real problem as I need to work on, and forward, edited images whilst...
  15. M

    Import Can't import photos

    My surface pro 4 recently broke so I'm temporarily stuck with an old Windows 7 lenovo T420 laptop. I recently downloaded all my CC apps again. I opened lightroom and the option under file to add photos AND the + button for adding photos are both grayed out. It does not let me click on them. When...
  16. rctneil

    Importing avi files

    Hello, I am trying to organise some of the older stacks of files I have sat on my file server and i've come across old videos taken on a number of old cameras. They are AVI files. Logically they need to be imported into Lightroom so they can sit alongside the photos taken on the same day...
  17. D

    Import how to import a folder and its subfolders into LR while preserving the folder structure

    Hello all Somehow my Lr catalog lost sight of a folder (call it A) and its subfolders: a, b, c, etc. When I create A in Lr and then try to important from A outside Lr, I get all the pictures but not the folder structure, i.e. they all appear in A, undifferentiated. Is there a way of...
  18. Sashina

    Moving photos from Mobile 'Imported Photos': Creating new date folders in catalog

    Greetings! When importing images from an SD card or similar source, I'm fine with how Lightroom creates appropriate dated folders at time of import. That's all working smoothly for me. But when I import from Mobile (ie moving photos from my 'Samsung XXX' / Imported Photos' folder (photos taken...
  19. S

    Import Importing presets into LR

    I’m really confused about the way to import presets folders/packages with the new LR CC updates. It’s been a while since I’ve imported one. Just did today and I finally went back to the old way of just moving the folder from downloads to the develop preset folder within Lightroom. The new way...
  20. M

    Preview not available or images not recognized on import

    Hi, all. When importing larger files (K1) on especially a larger card (32gb), my Lenovo desktop does not always see the files, often does not display previews, sometimes shows "preview not available" and sometimes works quickly. I've tried restarting, closing other programs and otherwise...
  21. P

    Import - modified date not capture date

    Sorry for posting on what is maybe a repetitive topic but I've been searching Google for hours and can't find ANY decent explanation for this. I have just moved my entire photo library (145K photos) from Lightroom on PC to Lightroom on MAC. This involved reformatting my external drives to HSF+...
  22. D

    importing to different folders in same session

    I know I can tell LR to import into a specific folder, but is there any way to import some photos into one folder, and others into a different folder, all within the same import session? For one of my clients, I sometimes shoot more than one job during one session, with all of the images...
  23. T

    "Copy and Import" function not working

    Hi, After upgrading to the latest version of LR Classic (7.3.1), I am having a lot of difficulties "copying and importing" files. When I select this function, the images copy onto my hard drive (I can see them there in the appropriate folder in the Finder), but they do not import into LR...
  24. N

    Can't import image scans as Lightroom thinks is duplicates

    Is there a way to make Lightroom CC import even if it thinks it's duplicated images?
  25. D

    My import dialog is different

    I’m sure it’s something that I’m overlooking, but when I try and import I get this