1. jjlad

    LR not letting me import the same image in a different folder

    I have always done this on the fly after the event but I thought having a template I could pull right into LR would save time and keep me organized, so in preparation for a wedding shoot, I made a folder template, with sub-folders using Windows Explorer. There are folders for Raw Images...
  2. S

    Lightroom Classic creates DCIM and xxxCANON folders on import

    I was helping a friend with her Lightroom Classic folders as she had accidentally been importing her photos to her internal drive. I noticed that her Lightroom Classic structure creates DCIM and xxxCANON folders under her intended destination. One other thing that I noticed is that the DCIM...
  3. VictoriaJZ

    Finding things in LRC. [finding and reconnecting the originals]

    I had a LRC catalog & original images on a partition of my iMac but [finally] decided that I really needed a separate computer so have a MacMini running Monterey. My LRC catalog of images [4000] is just fine on that machine but the original images are elsewhere - I now know where but before I...
  4. Minguy

    Adding files from SD card; how to manage "Device Folders", Auto-Add

    Lightroom Android 8.1.2 doesn't see my SD card when attached via USB-C dongle to either my Galaxy Tab S8+ or Galaxy S21FE phone. To add photos I use a file manager to move/copy the files to one of the internal folders listed under "Device Folders". Is that the normal workflow? (That list, by...
  5. johannes.raspe

    Import from CFexpress doesn't show previews

    macOS 13.0 on MacBookPro 14'' 2021 with M1 Max Issue: When inserting a CFexpress card with photos from my Fuji X-H2 the card gets recognized by LR but klicking on the icon in the import from window results in a black screen. The photo on the card ist there, but no preview ist shown. If I...
  6. C

    Synchronize folder sometimes unusable

    I first noticed this problem when I was on LR version 11.14.1 but I've since upgraded to LR 12.0.1. If I know that I have new photos in a folder already known to LR I've been using Synchronize Folder to add the new photos to LR catalog. This is what's happening now when I try to synchronize...
  7. J

    Custom Defaults - Override for Specific Camera

    I'm not sure I really understand what's being described on p.377 of the 3rd edition of "The Missing FAQ." I have an Apple iPhone 13 Pro, and I've set it to take selected photos in "Apple ProRaw" format. I do want Lightroom Classic to apply the camera-specific settings and lens corrections to...
  8. charkenna

    import iphone photos ( are optimized on phone, but have Full Res in Apple photos on mac mini)

    I'm having an awful time importing iPhone photos into Lightroom Classic (mac mini M1 Monterey 12.5 OS ) 1- LR classic could not SEE photos on iPhone 8plus.... so I got a new iPhone 13Pro, and now LR classic SEES the photos when I plug iPhone into Mac (good) BUT photos are OPTIMIZED on...
  9. VictoriaJZ

    Just started using LRC to work with my Aplibraries & want to make sure I understand

    I have a whole bunch of different aplibraries & for the past month or two have been going thru and deleting what I could and merging what I could but I still do have lots of separate libraries. From just a little bit of test using, I gather LRC uses a reference-based system, ie pics stay where...
  10. A

    Import Lightroom, Drives, Ports and External Drive Confusion

    Hello First, I have made absolutely no changes to my laptop, external drive for photo storage etc., since last using Lightroom. I tried importing some photos into a new folder. Lightroom said that the destination folder was unavailable. However, (per forum posts) I created a folder on my...
  11. VictoriaJZ

    Newbie- trying to adapt myself to Lightroom Classic [desktop app, not cloud]

    I have used Apple's Aperture since it first came out and am now trying to transition to using Lightroom Classic. I've read the ebook and been trying to understand and move forward but am having a bit of trouble adjusting. First, I gather that there is no list view, unlike Aperture. That...
  12. C

    .webp import support?

    We have a boatload of external .webp files that we want to catalog in LRc. However, it STILL doesn't support import (or native export) of .webp files. WebP has been around since 2010. Adobe finally added support in Photoshop 23.2 (Feb 2022). Nothing (so far) in LR (and yes, folks submitted...
  13. Q

    Import order based on initial filename

    Hey guys, the following problem has been haunting me for years. It is about the correct file renaming when importing images. I often take more than one photo per second. Therefore, the creation date of some files is identical as the EXIF date only goes done to the second (not to miliseconds...
  14. I

    Importing from iPhone- lots of short videos

    Hi, I've just imported holiday images from our iPhones to add to the images taken with my DSLR and have noticed that most jpgs have a 2s video associated with them. I am pretty sure these are part of the iPhone Live mode but just wanted to check that I was correct and to ask whether anyone...
  15. S

    Any suggestions for workflow for those who use Apple / Mac Photos to import regularly to Lightroom Classic

    I recently subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription, and started re-learning the latest Lightroom Classic after stopped using Lightroom Classic 6 for a few years. I used Apple / Mac Photos in the past few years because I stopped bringing my dSLR/prosumer digital cameras with me, and...
  16. B

    Lightroom Classic on vacation

    Great guidance both in the main book and also the free eBook for using Lightroom Classic on a laptop on vacation - thank you. The only practical issue I find is that after merging the 'travel' catalog back onto the main computer (copying the photos to to the main library in the process)...
  17. jjlad

    How to setup Lightroom to automatically remove Chromatic Aberration and apply the appropriate Lens Profile on import

    I kind of like backlit outdoor images and get minor CA on many of them. Lately the Remove Chromatic Aberration and Enable Lens Profiles in Lightroom, both seem to do an excellent job, so I trust them enough now to want those two steps applied during the import process by default. I read some...
  18. A

    Importing photos from iPhone camera roll to Lightroom Classic on Mac desktop with OS Monterey

    Hi everyone/anyone I recently upgraded my Mac to one with an M1 processor and installed the latest version of LR Classic on OS Monterey. I've also imported my LR catalogue with no problem. Now I want to directly download photos off my iPhone 11 to free up space on it, but when I connect it to...
  19. Juliette

    Troubleshooting iPad Pro Import Issue

    Hi all, when I travel I bring my iPad Pro with me along with a certified Apple USB-C dongle and an external drive. I've noticed that when importing raw images directly into Lightroom, (and it took a while to discover this) a handful of images don't show up in LR. So I decided to test - is this a...
  20. Beebee

    How to import and export directly from/to MacBook Air's "Photos" editing software?

    Hi all, Is it possible to import/export directly from cloud based LR into my Macbook Air Photos software as well as to my flickr account? TIA for your help!
  21. C

    Import Camera 16:9 aspect ratio not consistent in LR

    I'm puzzled. Whilst on holiday I shot a series of images with my Sony A6500 camera set to 16:9 ratio. When I loaded the RAW files to my laptop PC, all images display as 16:9. However, back home, I've loaded the same images from the camera memory cards to my desktop PC and only about 15%...
  22. jjlad

    PDF Files question

    Hi there, I get all my model releases in PDF form, and often get a bio of the model or company I'm shooting for in PDF form as well. For simplicity, I file all those with the images for that particular photoshoot. Sometimes ...for proofing I make a little booklet for the customer that can be...
  23. S

    Best practice with previews???

    I apologise for both my lack of knowledge and lengthy post but I feel this information may be useful to many people in my situation. Any replies will be kindly received. SCENARIO: I want to store all of my photos in one place, catalogue them with keywords to find images quickly and edit to...
  24. E

    Import Can't import from iPhone 12 premix into lightroom classic

    or I can sometimes.....I see the images in library mode but when I click on import nothing happens and I might get a message (after I manually stop it) that the files couldn't be read or the destination folder is not writable. Some times it goes ok???????? big sur 11.5
  25. S

    Not able to 'MOVE' from from MAC to External SamsungT5

    I am relatively new to Lightroom Classic but not photography, I shoot in RAW and use my iPhone occasionally if I don't have my DSLR. I am currently importing all my photos from various places (a bit of a mess) to a neat and well indexed 1TB Samsung T5 External Hard Drive. I am using the...