1. C

    Import Camera 16:9 aspect ratio not consistent in LR

    I'm puzzled. Whilst on holiday I shot a series of images with my Sony A6500 camera set to 16:9 ratio. When I loaded the RAW files to my laptop PC, all images display as 16:9. However, back home, I've loaded the same images from the camera memory cards to my desktop PC and only about 15%...
  2. jjlad

    PDF Files question

    Hi there, I get all my model releases in PDF form, and often get a bio of the model or company I'm shooting for in PDF form as well. For simplicity, I file all those with the images for that particular photoshoot. Sometimes ...for proofing I make a little booklet for the customer that can be...
  3. spikey_dave

    Best practice with previews???

    I apologise for both my lack of knowledge and lengthy post but I feel this information may be useful to many people in my situation. Any replies will be kindly received. SCENARIO: I want to store all of my photos in one place, catalogue them with keywords to find images quickly and edit to...
  4. E

    Import Can't import from iPhone 12 premix into lightroom classic

    or I can sometimes.....I see the images in library mode but when I click on import nothing happens and I might get a message (after I manually stop it) that the files couldn't be read or the destination folder is not writable. Some times it goes ok???????? big sur 11.5
  5. spikey_dave

    Not able to 'MOVE' from from MAC to External SamsungT5

    I am relatively new to Lightroom Classic but not photography, I shoot in RAW and use my iPhone occasionally if I don't have my DSLR. I am currently importing all my photos from various places (a bit of a mess) to a neat and well indexed 1TB Samsung T5 External Hard Drive. I am using the...
  6. N

    OOPS, I dragged and dropped the lrdata files into my Lrc and created a collection to edit images for a customer.

    I am a new freelance editor and made a mistake! I edited the lrdata files and now they do not show in the actual catalog when opened. I am new to lightroom terminology and often get terms confused at this point. So my question: Is there any way to link, sync or rename my files so the edits...
  7. P

    Fuji camera import woes

    I just purchased a Fujifilm X/T 4. I have been looking here in past posts about the Lightroom issue with Fuji raw files. Here in August of 2021, is there any news from Adobe that they will finally address this issue? I have tried Capture One Express but I can't make the switch since I have...
  8. G

    Imported keywords from another catalogue not being found

    Lightroom Classic 10.3, Windows 10. I keep my main catalogue on my home computer. When I travel, I create a new catalogue on my laptop (also Windows 10), import all my then-existing keywords from my main catalogue, then add my new travel photos and new keywords, often place names, into the new...
  9. bill.fischer5

    Keyword list exporting and importing in LRC

    I spent many hours cleaning up my keywords and building a new hierarchy. I accidentally applied a 4 star rating to all 105,000 photos. This wiped out years of work. Unfortunately I backed up my LRC before I realized what I had done. I could not undo the star ratings. I have a previous...
  10. B


    Hi! I hope someone can help. This issue just started this week. When I export the images, they're perfect. I save them in another file when exporting. When I go back into export to look in the saved file, the images look desaturated like this. But the images from all the other sessions from last...
  11. L

    iPhone 12 Pro Max imports two images with two different sizes into LR Classic

    Whenever photos are imported from a recent model iPhone 12 Pro Max, Lightroom imports two versions, with different sizes Here's an example. One has an E added to the name. Is this an Apple problem and/or and Adobe problem? Apple was unable to provide a solution. Is there a way to just limit...
  12. P

    Editing Google motion photos

    Is it possible to import and edit Google's motion photos in Lr? I'm just getting the single image when I import them. Thanks
  13. T

    Import Lightroom internal HD not appearing in Desinations when choosen.

    Greetings, Problem: When I am importing photographs from a card or external HD to light room it won't let me index my drive so I can see the files. I can choose the drive in TO but it won't show up in destinations. Information: I have a MAIN drive for windows and Programs, then a secondary...
  14. A

    Import CRAW Files doubling on conversion to DNG

    I have started using CRAW on my Canon EOS R5 but was surprised to see file sizes around 45mb in Lightroom (i.e. similar to raw files). I took two identical photos, one craw and the other raw. On the memory card they are 18.1mb and 43mb respectively but in Lightroom after conversion to DNG they...
  15. Stefan Aalten-Voogd

    Import photos and metadata (in JSON sidecar files) from Google Takeout?

    I have exported photos taken using my various mobiles devices from Google Photos, using the Google Takeout service ( I now want to import these photos into my Lightroom catalog. Each photo (JPG) is accompanied by a sidecar JSON file which contains metadata, some of which is...
  16. J

    Preset trouble Nikon Z7 & Z6 II

    Hi everyone, I hope not to bother you with this but I really need some advice with the following: I used to photograph with a dual Nikon Z7 setup and I recently added a new Nikon Z6 II to it. I changed my dual camera setup to one Z7 and one Z6 II. I pair the Z7 with a 24-70 and the Z6 II with...
  17. B

    Import - stalled or ...

    After having selected a number of folders (together containing some 35000 images) residing on a NAS, for Copy and Import to another folder on the same NAS, Lightroom tells me that it is "Importing files ...", Number of "Current import" remains at zero, and the progress bar doesn't move and there...
  18. gegjrphotography

    Import Destination

    Ok, this is a really odd if not silly question. Especially since I've been using LRC since the standalone days back to V3. So please be kind if you answer. Anyway, I can't for life of me figure out how to use the import by DESTINATION option or what it is even used for? I tried to use it to...
  19. Kiwi Picbod

    Recent weirdness: Jpegs are importing with Raws, despite unchecking: Treat Jpegs and Raws as separate

    I shoot Raw+Jpeg but exclusively use Raw files. Recently with my Fuji cameras (Xpro2 & GFX50R) the Jpegs are importing and are viewable in Lightroom despite the LR preference, 'Treat Jpeg files next to raw files as separate photos' being unchecked. And to clarify why I shoot Jpeg & Raw: it is so...
  20. E

    trouble with capture time when importing from IPhone

    Hello, I transfer photos from my phone to my PC computer every few months using Lightroom Classic. I use a USB cable and the lightroom import feature. Recently the images in the import dialogue are not in the order in which they were taken, even though "sort by capture time" is checked. For...
  21. L

    Import Photos from iPhone wirelessly

    I've been using LR since the very first version and shooting with an iPhone seriously for 7 years. I'm looking for a new workflow and can use some advice. My workflow has been to import images (shooting RAW now for 4 years) via a USB connection via the import dialogue and use a preset to rename...
  22. J

    Import from Aperture : 0% after 16 hours.

    Below is the dialogue 16 hours after launching the File > Plug-In Extras-> Import from Aperture Library I can see several Collections and Collection Set under LR "From Aperture" collection set. The "From Aperture" collection set seems to map the Aperture hierarchy. However, almost all...
  23. Stephanie Booth

    weird things going on (panel missing, import into wrong folder)

    I'm getting my stepmom back on Lightroom and I have 3-4 weird problems: - although I specify that photos synced from the cloud should be stored in her Photos directory, they go on the external hard drive - when importing photos, I don't have the panel where I should be able to choose the...
  24. N+13

    Keyword transfer

    It seems hit or miss when I export photos as jpg from one catalog and import them with Add to another catalog that the keywords come along. I cannot figure out what is different when they are missing. This has happened to me for many years and many versions of Classic. Any help is appreciated. N+13
  25. C

    Importing and previewing TIF files into LR Classic

    I am experiencing 2 issues with importing and displaying TIF files - maybe the issues are related? LR does not import medium / large size TIF files - when I try to import, LR ignores TIF files larger than approx 5Mb - there are no error messages, it just ignores them. For smaller TIF files...