1. Stephanie Booth

    weird things going on (panel missing, import into wrong folder)

    I'm getting my stepmom back on Lightroom and I have 3-4 weird problems: - although I specify that photos synced from the cloud should be stored in her Photos directory, they go on the external hard drive - when importing photos, I don't have the panel where I should be able to choose the...
  2. N+13

    Keyword transfer

    It seems hit or miss when I export photos as jpg from one catalog and import them with Add to another catalog that the keywords come along. I cannot figure out what is different when they are missing. This has happened to me for many years and many versions of Classic. Any help is appreciated. N+13
  3. C

    Importing and previewing TIF files into LR Classic

    I am experiencing 2 issues with importing and displaying TIF files - maybe the issues are related? LR does not import medium / large size TIF files - when I try to import, LR ignores TIF files larger than approx 5Mb - there are no error messages, it just ignores them. For smaller TIF files...
  4. M

    LR has started importing DNG and JPGs separately

    Hi. I've checked that the "treat jpgs and raw as separate file" box preference is not ticked, but LR has suddenly started importing them separately. What have I done to make this happen (I'm guessing I've pressed something..). Ive spent a while searching, but can't work it out. Any help now...
  5. C

    LR won't use metadata created by LR

    I've been converting some TIFF files to JPGs by exporting TIFFs from LR as JPGs, keeping all metadata, and then importing the JPGs into LR. I've noticed that even if the TIFFs contain information in exif User Comment field and it's included in the exported JPGs, LR won't display it with the...
  6. helen9096

    Importing referenced images (like Aperture)

    If this is already been covered elsewhere, please direct me! I'm trying to import some pics into Lightroom, and I'd like the files to stay where they are, whether that be in a folder on my laptop, or on my storage drive. How do I do that? I'm not really understanding the Lightroom lingo. Does...
  7. Epoch

    LrC 9.3 Import/Export *EX* Slow but LR 6.14 works fine? Hardware conflict?

    Hi guys! Here's the issue: LrC 9.3 will slow to a complete crawl 4 out of 5 times when Importing or Exporting. Yet LR 6.14 will have zero problems importing/exporting the very same files on the same disks. By slow I mean 5 1920x1920px jpegs can sometimes take upto 35 minutes to import. At...
  8. Kevin Sholder

    File Import Order Incorrect

    I'm in the process of importing images that I just shot today and they are not importing in the order in which they were shot. In fact they are not even importing based on any kind of logical order, seems random. It's not capture time, file name, just random. In the past I've always imported...
  9. S

    filter by size for import?

    Is it possible to have LRC only import files over a certain size? I have a backup of lots of lost pictures on an old HDD but of course there are literally hundreds of thousands of little scraps of GIF JPG and PNG on the drive. What I'd like to do is cut back the task by only importing RAW, TIFF...
  10. G

    RAW file converted to black and white on import without instruction

    Question about Lightroom 5. I've been using this software for some time. It is too old to read the raw files (RAF) from my new Fuji camera so I use the Adobe converter to convert them to DNG and then import them into LR5. Yesterday I shot an event in raw + jpeg. I used the windows 10 photos app...
  11. E

    Importing from Nikon D7200

    I think that the answer is "it doesn't" - rather than "you're doing it wrong" ... Is there a way to get Lightroom to import directly from the D7200 - it's set to save the Raw to 1 SD card & a jpg to the 2nd card. When they're both on the same card, it respects the "treat 2 linked photos as 1"...
  12. Fernando Lisboa

    Catalogs Not fill names when type first letter

    I create a new catalog, from file menu i import from old catalog all my photos, all keyword come together, but when i try put a name in face its not fill from 1st letter typed, if i create a new name person all right, works, any idea whats happen? all keyworks are with person type when i try...
  13. R

    Lr 4.4 Mess. Won't Start. Won't Import. Please Help

    I tried importing 2000+ cell phone images from a folder into the same location. The thumbnails only show for the first 50 or so then stop at the first video file. After that, they are all solid grey--NOT DIMMED thumbs. They exist in the folder but are not imported and are not in another...
  14. garantandre

    Import Missing destination panel

    Since the last update I guess I am missing the destination panel with all my drive in the import screen . I only have the last destination as default on top . Is it new or is it a bug? Did a right clic with the mouse to see if he was check but it is not there anymore I have only the 2 first one
  15. hbwilliams22

    How to auto-import mobile photos to YYYY-MM folders?

    Right now when I take images on my iPhone they auto sync with a “Lr Mobile” collection and also end up in an “iPhone” catalog source folder that I manually dump into organized folders when cataloging. The images in this iPhone source folder do not sync when I delete images from Lr mobile...
  16. S

    Import from hard drive to new destination

    I am trying to separate out video files to a different folder within windows explorer but with the same year and date structure as I have within my existing folders in explorer and lightroom. I hoped to be able to use Lightroom import for this? I’ve selected the hard drive I want to import...
  17. M

    When I apply a preset on import, why do I have to select each individual photo afterwards for it to apply?

    So I am importing a bunch of photos and applying a preset upon import. But for the preset to actually load and apply to the photos I have to click through each photo. Each time I move to the next photo it does indeed automatically apply the preset but only when that photo is selected. How can I...
  18. J

    How can I include iCloud photos in library without duplicating them?

    Hi, I am using LR Classic on a PC, and I have a folder in Pictures that syncs with iCloud. I would like to include those photos in my LR catalogue. However, I don't see a way of using auto-import without copying the photos into a separate folder. How can I include them in the catalog and keep...
  19. murali

    Import Add & Move disabled for importing from a USB stick

    I am traveling and before I left I copied a bunch of images into my 256GB USB stick. I want to keep the images where they are but when I tried to import, LR 9.2 only allows me to Copy. Move and Add are disabled. I understand why Copy is the only option for SD cards but not sure why the rule is...
  20. G

    can we import MOV files in lightroom classic

    hello, i have some videos MOV on my iphone 8 i have copied to my win10 laptop. vlc could read them but not win10 but google advised to purchase a microsoft codec and it works, thumbnails in explorer and viewing. But lightroom classic doesn't want to import these videos. I purchased PREMIER...
  21. oliver42

    Import from Canon 6D to Lightroom Classic CC through Wifi ?

    Recently I learned from helpful members of this forum (thangs again, Jim Wilde), that I can import pictures from my iPhone to my Desktop Lightroom Classic CC with the help of the LR Mobile App on my iPhone. Fantastic feature ! Now I wonder, whether I could import pictures from my Canon EOS 6D in...
  22. Ray Thompson

    Adding to a catalog by importing

    I THOUGHT I could add to an existing LRcc catalog by importing additional photos, BUT, it wiped out the photos that were already there! Where did I go wrong, and how do I find the original photos?
  23. oliver42

    How should I import pictures from iPhone 6 into Lightroom Classic ?

    I wonder, what is the correct way to import pictures from my iPhone 6 into Lightroom Classic on a Windows 10 PC. The procedure goes like this: When I connect the iphone by cable with the USB port of my PC and click "import" in Lightroom, no iPhone is listed under available devices. When I...
  24. Stumped

    Not a frequent user and need help in changing options

    So i dont use the program too much and ant remember or find how to make changes to some settings I made from default..... Im on LR version 9. In the import window i cant remember how to change the option i have set to make a copy of file during import ( see screenshot). AND, I have added...
  25. Nicky3540

    Two Persistent Error Messages on Catalina

    Ever since I upgraded to the first release of Catalina, I get these two error messages every time I import images. First, I get this one: Then, in the Import window, I get this one: I work around the second one by using the drop-down list in the Destination section at the upper right of...