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    Default import preset

    I have a small number (4) of import presets which I have created. Of these 4, I use 1 approx 95% of the time. LR (Classic) however always opens with "None" showing as the Import Preset. Is there a way to change the default? I have tried searching the forum but way too many hits for me to...
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    How to create general presets for use when importing files from camera

    I am coming from LR 6.14 to LR Classic. In LR 6.14 I used a general importing preset on all uploads from the camera and then fiddled with the settings a wee bit until I was happy, new image to new image. I have prepared one recent image in the catalog that has all the desired import presets...
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    Import LightRoom Import Preset?

    HI, I am trying to create an import preset for L/R 6, I have everything set except I cannot see how to include a Camera colour profile (made with Colourchecker) to take the place of the Adobe standard profile/s, is this the Treatment (colour) or the Colour options when making a new profile...
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    Import Importing presets into LR

    I’m really confused about the way to import presets folders/packages with the new LR CC updates. It’s been a while since I’ve imported one. Just did today and I finally went back to the old way of just moving the folder from downloads to the develop preset folder within Lightroom. The new way...
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    Change aspect ratio from 16:9 to original with import preset possible?

    I’d be very happy, if anyone could help me .. Beside to print my photos i present them with a TV (16:9). In order to make the picture composition easier, I set my camera to 16:9 format (display and viewfinder show this format). This makes it easier to prevent content to be betruncated or...